The Leonard and Sarah Kimbrough Brown Family

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          This page is devoted to research about
          the descendants of Leonard and Sarah Kimbrough Brown. It is possible only because of the sharing of numerous interested researchers from across the United States. I offer my most sincere thanks to everyone who has sent me information and who will contribute to the expansion of these pages.

          My hope is that every interested Leonard Brown researcher will contribute information that can be shared with others.  If you would like to add your branch of the family to these pages, please contact Danene Brown Vincent Gray at [email protected]

          My interest in the Brown family began many years ago when I listened to family stories told by my grandparents. In 1991, I began the search in earnest and was fortunate to locate the book Our Family: The Descendants of Leonard Brown with Collateral Lines, written by Charles Sidney Brown (1984). Since that time, I have continued to expand on Mr. Brown's research and have gathered much new information. My intention was eventually to publish an expanded version of the Brown book. However, with the growing popularity of the Internet, this seems a much better way to share lots of information with many people.

          This site is new and will be under construction for some time. I will continue to add Leonard Brown family information as often as I can. In the meantime, please enjoy!

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          The site is dedicated to the memory
          of our dear friend and cousin, Dr. Margaret Green
          (March 27, 1917 - December 18, 1999),
          who spent many, many years researching the
          Leonard Brown line. We will miss you, Margaret.


          Brown Family History


            Biographies of the Children of Leonard and Sarah Kimbrough Brown
              (Children are listed in presumed birth order.)

            • Eleanor Brown, b. ca 1763
            • Elizabeth Brown, b. ca 1764
            • Daughter Brown, b. ca 1766?
            • William Brown, b. ca 1767
            • Thomas Brown, b. ca 1769/1775
            • Susannah Brown, b. ca 1770/71
            • Solomon Brown, 1772
            • Robert Brown, b. ca 1774
            • Sarah "Sally" Brown, b. ca 1776/1780
            • Leonard Brown, Jr., b. ca 1785

            Genealogy Reports on the Children of Leonard and Sarah Kimbrough Brown


          Items of General Interest


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          Cemetery Listings
          Deeds & Land Patents
          Family Photos
          Military Records 
          Wills & Estates

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