Dan at Bongrae Waterfall on Ulleung Island in the East Sea off Korea Dan on East Dokdo Island in the East Sea of Korea
Ulleung Island, Korea, August 18, 2007East Dokdo Island, August 18, 2007
Indian crow at the window of Armaity Gowadia Antia in Bombay Catholic church I attended in Bombay
Crow in Bombay, December 2007Catholic church in Bombay, December 2007
Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin
Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, December 2007
Dan at Tiananmen Square in Beijing during 2008 Olympics Worship service in Beijing protestant
Tiananmen Square in Beijing, 2008 OlympicsChristian worship in Beijing, 2008 Olympics
The Charles Markle house in Northampton, Ma Back(L-R)Raymond, George, Bert, Mary Doering; front(L-R) Edith, Christian, Christina Koeber,Charles
Markle house 134 Riverside, Northampton, MaMarkle family, Abt. 1915
Back(L-R)Edith, Mary A., Lillian Markle, Christian, front(L-R)Charles, George 'Bonnie', Phyllis, Nicholas with grandaunt Mary Markle
Markle family, 1911The Foits in Ann Arbor, MI, abt 1944
Danny, Lois, Billy, and Mary Rogers in front of the Libby Elementary School William E. Rogers swings in Libby backyard next to the woodshed
Libby, Mt. Elementary School, Abt. 1952Billy swings in Libby, Mt. backyard, Abt. 1951
Henry T. Rogers(dad) on Dishman Hills(Dishman, Wa.) nature hike Lambert, Mt. High School, dad's first teaching job (1947-48). Notice the tube fire escape on the left side
Tom Sr., nature hike in Dishman Hills, Abt. 1980 Lambert, Mt. High School, Abt. 1947
(L-R) Zenobia, Dan, Dinaz, Diane R., Chris, Susanne, Gordon Bischoff
Wedding: Diane Rogers and Christopher Bischoff