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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Thomas Parke Jr.

1Frank Sylvester Parks, Genealogy of the Parke Families of Connecticut, Including Robert Parke, of New London, Edward Parks, of Guilford, and ..., pp. 34-35 (1906).
"9. THOMAS PARKE (Thomas, Robert), was born at Wethersfield, Conn., April 18, 1648. In 1667 he lived in Stonington, where the town record dated Jan. 31, 1667, has the following: " One hundred acres of land laid out to Thomas Park Jr." Again on June 18, 1667: "It was voted that young Thomas Parks shall have his hundred acres where it may be found after all the other grants are perfected that were before him." He married Mary Allyn, of Norwich, Jan. 4, 1671-2. She was a dr. of Robert Allyn. She was born at Salem, Mass., Nov. 19, 1648. In 1681 he was a Constable of the town of New London, and in 1686, without any change of residence, he became a Constable of Norwich. When Preston was laid out his farm was included in that town. He probably died before 1699, as "Mary Park, widow," joined the 1st Church, of Preston, in that year.
Children: ^^^^^^^
22 Samuel*, b Nov. 26, 1673.
23 Thomas*, b Jan. 20, 1675-6.
24 Mary*, b Jan. 28, 1677-8. Jonathan*, b April 6, 1679; d unmarried.
25 Deborah*, b Dec. 1680; m John Clark. Children: Deborah, Dorothy, John, Joseph and Jerusha Clark.
26 Eleazer*, b about 1682.
27 Hannah*, b in Preston; m Amos Woodward. He b June 5, 1693, at Woburn, Mass; son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Dana) Woodward. Children: Dorothy, Jacob, Hannah, and Ebenezer Woodward."

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John Borden Sr.+

1Robert C. Anderson, A Note on the Gay-Borden Families in Early New England, NEHGR Vol. 130, pp. 35-39 (1976).
"Among the many English emigrants who prepared for the voyage to New England in 1635 was the John Borden family. On record is a certificate of conformity, dated 12 May 1635, from the minister of Beneden, county Kent, which lists John Borden, 28, Joan Borden, 23, Matthew Borden, 5; and Elizabeth Borden, 3.1 This family of four arrived sometime that same year in America on the Elizabeth and Anne.
Investigators have tried to place this family in New England and have unanimously agreed that John Borden was a brother of Richard Borden who appeared with a family in Rhode Island about 1638.2 John and Richard were sons of Matthew Borden of Headcorn, county Kent.3 But when these same investigators attempted to follow the later history of John Borden and his family, differences in their interpretation of evidence arose. G. Andrews Moriarty stated that the John Borden of New London and Lyme, Connecticut, in the years from 1660 to 1684 was the same person as the emigrant John Borden, while James Savage and Hattie B. Weld believed that he was the son of the emigrant.4
This conflicting information was known to me during my investigation of the John Gay family of Dedham, Massachusetts, where curiously spelled names and anomalous scraps of evidence excited my interest. Combing this Gay data with the known Borden material had led me to the conclusion that John Borden the emigrant died soon after his arrival in America and that his widow Joan or Joanna married John Gay. The Connecticut John Borden was thus a son of the emigrant, born in New England about the time his father died.
. . .
A brief sketch of the history of the family of John Borden of Beneden, County Kent, can now be drawn, utilizing the various bits of evidence presented in this note. John Borden arrived in New England in the summer of 1635, with his wife and two or three children. Within a year John Borden had died, and a son, also named John, had been born. (The older son Matthew may have died young, as no further record of him has been found.) By 1638 the widow Joanna Borden had married John Gay, by whom she had ten children; the two surviving children by John Borden grew up in Dedham in this family. The younger John Borden was apprenticed to Charles Chadwick of Watertown during the mid-1650s, but by 1660 had removed to the New London area, where he married and had seven children. In 1660 Elizabeth Borden/Gay also married and had her seven children in Boston. She died in 1673, and the younger John Borden in 1684, and thus Joanna Gay survived the children of her first marriage and remembered two of their children in her will in 1688. Her sons by the second marriage were appointed guardians of these grandchildren. The web of connections seems to hold John, Elizabeth, the Bordens, and the Gays together as a family.".

Deacon William Hough +

1William W. Hough, Samuel Hough and Hannah Orvis of Connecticut, Related by Marriage but not Their Own, Connecticut Nutmegger, Vol. 39, pp. 516-517.
"Genealogical Summary for William Hough, immigrant, and his sons Samuel and Jonathan
WILLIAM HOUGH, son of EDWARD HOUGH, was born abt. 1619 in Chester,Cheshire,England, and died August 10, 1683 in New London, CT. The name of his mother is not known. He married SARAH CALKINS, daughter of HUGH and Mrs. ANN CALKINS on October 28, 1645 in Gloucester, MA,. She was born bef. May 06, 1627 in Waverton, Cheshire,England, and died aft. October 1670. The maiden name of Mrs. Ann Calkins is not known.
i. HANNAH2 HOUGH, b. July 31, 1646, Gloucester, MA; d. bef. 1684; m. JOHN BORDEN, February 11, 1661/62, New London, CT; b. 1649, Kent county, England.
ii. ABIAH HOUGH, b. September 15, 1648, Gloucester, MA; d. February 21, 1714/15, New London, CT; m. WILLIAM DOUGLASS, December 18, 1667, New London, CT; b. April 01, 1645, Boston, MA; d. March 09, 1724/25, New London, CT.
iii. SARAH HOUGH, b. March 23, 1650/51, Gloucester, MA; d. February 20, 1714/15; m. (1) DAVID CARPENTER, New London, CT; b. 1647, Farmington, CT; d. 1700; DAVID CARPENTER was the oldest son of Mrs. ELIZABETH CARPENTER ORVIS BRUNSON and the older half-brother of HANNAH and MARGARET ORVIS, subjects of this article, m. (2) WILLIAM STEVENS, November 24, 1703, CT; b. 1629, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, England; b. February 26, 1703/4. Killingworth, CT.
1. iv. SAMUEL HOUGH, b. March 09, 1652/53, New London, CT ; d. March 14, 1717/18, Wallingford, CT.
v. JOHN HOUGH, b. October 17, 1655, New London, CT; d. August 16, 1715, Norwich, CT; m. SARAH POST, January 27, 1679/80, Norwich, CT; b. November 06, 1659, Saybrook, CT.
vi. WILLIAM HOUGH, b. October 13, 1657, New London, CT; d. April 22, 1705, New London, CT; m. (1) ANNE LATHROP, abt. 1679, New London, CT; b. August 7, 1657, New London, CT; d. November 19, 1745, Norwich, CT; m. (2) MARY JAMES, August 16, 1685.
2. vii. JONATHAN HOUGH, b. February 07, 1659/60, New London, CT; d. prob. Farmington, CT.
viii. DEBORAH HOUGH, b. October 21, 1662, New London, CT.
ix. ANN HOUGH, b. August 29, 1667, New London, CT.".