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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Sir Benjamin Carr

1Edson Irving Carr, The Carr Family Records:Embacing the Record of the First Families who Settled in America and Their Descendants,p.9 (1894), Rockton, Illinois, Herald Printing House.
" I. BENJAMIN CARR was born in London, Eng., Aug. 18, 1592. He married Martha Hardington, in London, Sept. 2, 1613. They both died in London. Their children were:
2x1. Robert Carr, b. October 4, 1614.
3x2. Caleb Carr, b. December 9, 1616.
4x3. Richard Carr, b. January 5, 1621.
5x4. Andrew Carr, b. December 5, 1622."

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