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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Captain Robert Harrington

1William Richard Cutter, Historic Homes and Places and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, Vol. 1, p. 343 (1908).
"HARRINGTON Robert Harrington (1616-1797) (sic), the immigrant ancestor of Edward Eugene Harrington, of Malden, Massachusetts, was born in England in 1616, came to New England and settled at Watertown on the Charles river, where he accumulated during his lifetime six hundred and forty-two and a half acres of land valued at £717. He appears as a proprietor on the list made out 1642-44. He was married October 1, 1649, to Susanna George (1632-1694), and was made a freeman May 27, 1663. He held various town offices, and was the owner of a grist mill. His death occurred May 11, 1707, when he was ninety-one years of age, The children of Robert and Susanna (George) Harrington were: 1. Susanna, born August 18, 1649, married (first) John Cutting in 1671; married (second) Eliezer Beers in 1690,and hr died in 1690; married (third) Peter Cloyes, of Framingham, in 1704. 2. John, born August 24, 1651, died August 24, 1741. 3. Robert, born 1653, died in infancy. 4. George, born 1655, fell while fighting against the Indians at Lancaster, February 16, 1676. He was one of the first twenty men impressed from Watertown in November, 1675, for the defence of the colonists against the active hostilities of the Indians under the leadership of Philip. His heirs obtained a grant of land in Westminster in consideration of his services and his brother John who served in the same emergency also secured a like grant. 5. Daniel, born November 1, 1657, became a freeman April 18, 1690, and died April 19, 1728. 6. Joseph, born 1659, took the freeman's oath April 18, 1690. 7. Benjamin, born 1661, died 1724. 8. Mary, married John Bemis, about 1680, and had fourteen children. 9. Thomas, born April 20, 1665, see forward. 10. Samuel, born 1666. 11, Edward, born 1668-69. 12, Sarah, born 1670-71, married, November 24, 1687, Joseph Winship., Jr., of Cambridge; she died 1710. 13. David, born 1673, died 1725.".