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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Roger Mowry

1William A. Mowry, Mowry: A Unique Family Monument, NEHGR Vol. 52, pp. 207, 211 (1898).
"Roger Mowry registered in Boston, Mass., after his arrival from England, May 18, 1631. He lived in Plymouth for several years, and later in Salem from about 1635 to 1649. He then removed to Providence, Rhode Island, where he resided till his death, Jan. 5, 1666.
He married Mary, daughter of John Johnson of Roxbury, Mass. She died Jan. 1679.
Roger, died young.
Jonathan, born in 1637.
Bethiah, born in 1638.
Mary, born in 1640.
Elizabeth, born in 1643.
NATHANIEL, born in 1644.
John, born about 1645.
Mehitable, born about 1646.
Joseph, born in 1647.
Benjamin, born in 1649.
Thomas, born in 1652.
Hannah, born in 1656.
. . .
The records of the church in Salem show that his oldest son, Jonathan, was baptized April 2, 1637, and the other children as follows: Bethia, 1638, June 17; Mary, 1640, June 16; Elizabeth, 1643, January 20; Benjamin, 1649, May 20; between Elizabeth and Benjamin were four other children as given on the north side of the monument and no record is found of their baptism. In August, 1658, in open Town Meeting, at Providence, Roger Mowry testifie that his three youngest children, Benjamin, Thomas and Hannah, were born in Providence. It is supposed that the Salem pastor, when on a visit in 1649 to the members of his church then residing in Providence, found the infant Benjamin, baptized him there and entered the record upon the Salem Church book on his return home. The original records of that period of the Salem Church have been lost, although some of them were copied and kept in a later book which has been preserved. The above facts are gleaned from that book.".