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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Isaac Johnson III+

1Connecticut Vital Records to 1870 (The Barbour Collection) Middletown Vital Records, p. 254-266 (1927).
Content,d.Isaac & Margery,b.Mar.3,1709/10 Vol. LR1 p. 31
Hannah,d.Isack & Marg[a]ret,b.Aug.31, 1718 Vol. LR1 p. 31
Henery,s.Isack &Marg[a]ret,b.Feb.24, 1708/9 Vol. LR1 p. 31
Isa[a]ck,Jr.,m, Marg[a]ret Miller,Sept.12,1695 Vol. LR1 p. 31
Isa[a]ck,s.Isa[a]ck & Marg[a]ret, b.Apr. 19, 1703 Vol. LR1 p. 31
John,s.Isa[a]ck & Marg[a]ret,b.Aug.26,1698 Vol. LR1 p. 31
Marg[a]ret,d.Isa[a]ck & Marg[a]ret,b.Mar.26,1700 Vol. LR1 p. 31
Mary,[twin with Tabatha],d.Isaac & Marg[a]ret,b.Feb.9. 1715/16 Vol. LR1 p. 31
Sarah,d. Isa[a]ck & Marg[a]ret,b.Aug.16, 1696 Vol. LR1 p. 31
Stephen,s.Isa{a]ck & Margery,b.Feb.8,1713/4 Vol. LR1 p. 31
Tabatha,[twin with Mary],d.Isaac & Marg[a]ret,b.Feb.9,1715/6 Vol. LR1 p. 31
Thomas,s. Isaack & Marg[a]ret,b.Mar.17,1705/6 Vol. LR1 p. 31
William,s.Isa[a]ck & Margery,b.Mar.19,1711/12 Vol. LR1 p. 31.".

George Hubbard +

1Samuel H. Parsons, copier, Record of the Births, Marriages and Deaths of the First Proprietors of Lands in Middletown, Ct., NEHGR Vol. 14, p. 66, (Jan 1860).
"George Hubbard, lands recorded Sept. 5, 1654, vol. 1, p.13. He resided at Wethersfield, thence he removed to Milford, then to Guilford, and afterwards to Middletown,where he died March 18, 1684-5. Children by his wife Elizabeth,---Mary, born Jan. 16, 1641, Joseph, b. Dec. 10, 1643; Daniel, b. Dec., 1645; Samuel, b. May, 1648; George, b. Dec. 1650; Richard, b. July, 1655; Elizabeth, b. Jan. 15, 1659; Nathaniel, Dec. 10, 1652.".

2William Richard Cutter and William Frederick Adams, Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of the State of Massachusetts, Vol. 4, pp. 2377-2378 (1910).
"(I) George Hubbard, immigrant ancestor of this family, was born in England in 1601 probably in the eastern or southeastern part. He settled before 1639 in Hartford, Connecticut. Another George Hubbard, who settled in Wethersfield, Connecticut, was doubtless a relative, but not his father. William Hubbard and Thomas Hubbard, also of Hartford, among the early settlers seem also to be closely related. George Hubbard came with the first settlers overland from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. He was given six acres of land "by courtesy of the town, with privilege of wood & keeping cows on the common," and resided on a lot adjacent to the land of James Ensign and George Graves on a road that ran parallel with the Connecticut river, from South Meadow to George Steele's place. In 1640 he married Elizabeth, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Watts, and was then assigned a home-lot and and land on the east side of the Connecticut river. In 1649 Hubbard was fined ten pounds for exchanging a gun with an Indian, it being against the law to furnish arms or ammunition to the savages. He moved in March, 1650-51, with about fifteen other settlers and their families to Mattabesit, later called Middletown, Connecticut. He was licensed as an Indian agent and trader as early as 1650; in 1654 was admitted as a freeman. He owned much land on both sides of the river, living on what is now Main street. He. Thomas Wetmore and two others gave land for the second meeting house. He was the first sexton of the first meeting house and his son Joseph used to beat the drum to call the people to meeting or to warn them against hostile Indians. His will is dated May 22, 1681, and it states his age as eighty years. His inventory is dated May 13, 1685, and it states that he died March 18, 1684. His widow died in 1702. One record says that "he was highly respected and marked of integrity and fairness." Children: 1. Mary, born at Hartford, January 16, 1641-42; married, May, 1659, Thomas Ranney. 2. Joseph, born December 10, 1643, mentioned below. 3. Daniel, baptized December 7, 1645; died November 9, 1704; married, February 24, 1669-70, Mary Clark; married (second) October 16, 1675, Sarah Cornwall. 4. Samuel, born May, 1648; died November 4, 1732; married August 9, 1673, Sarah Kirby. 5. George, December 15, 1650; died unmarried, 1675. 6. Nathaniel, December 10, 1652; died May 20, 1738; married, May 29, 1682, Mary Earle. 7. Richard, July, 1655, died July 30, 1732; married, March 31, 1692, Martha Cornwell. 8. Elizabeth, January 15, 1659, died December 6, 1725; married, February 20, 1684, Thomas Wetmore.".

John Earle +

1James Savage, John Farmer and Orlando Perry Dexter, A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England: D-J, Vol. 2, p. 91 (1860-2).
"EARLE, JOHN, Northampton 1662, had come to Boston 1656, aged 17, in the Speedwell from London, at N. liv. a. 15 yrs. but rem. to unkn. place, after hav. there m. 24 Mar. 1663, Mary, d. of the first John Webb of the same, and had Noah, John, and three ds. of wh. Mary, k. by the Ind. 14 Mar. 1676, was, perhaps, one. He may have been one of the townsmen of Dartmouth in 1686; or this man may have had s. of the same name to dwell there.".

Jonathan Burr

1William Richard Cutter, New England Families, Genealogical and Memorial: a Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of . . ., Vol. 4, p. 1730 (1913).
"(III) Jonathan, son of Samuel Burr, was born in 1679. He settled early in Middletown, and married Abigail Hubbard, who was born in 1686, daughter of Nathaniel Hubbard, and granddaughter of George Hubbard, of Middletown. He died January 1, 1735. Children: 1. Mary, born March 18, 1708. 2. Ebenezer, January 24, 1711. 3. Jonathan, March 21, 1713. 4. Nathaniel, March 23, 1717; mentioned below. 5. Elizabeth, April 23, 1719. 6. Abigail, March 12, 1724. Thankful, twin of Abigail. 8. Hannah, April 23, 1723.".

Samuel Wetmore Jr.

1William Richard Cutter, New England Families, Genealogical and Memorial: a Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of . . ., Vol. 4, p. 1730 (1913).
"(III) Samuel, son of Samuel Wetmore, was born in Middletown, Connecticut, March 13, 1692, and died December 30, 1773. He was a member of the Middlefield Society and removed with his family to Winchester, Connecticut, on election day, 1771, where he purchased land. He was the first person interred in the old Winchester burying ground. His farm in Winchester remained in the family for many generations. He married, June 21, 1722, Hannah Hubbard, born July 21, 1700, died June 4, 1794. Children, born in Middletown: 1. Deacon Samuel, born December 24, 1723; died September 22, 1804. 2. Hannah, born December 18, 1725. 3. John, born Oct. 27, 1727. 4. Rev. Noah, born April 16, 1730; died March 9, 1796. 5. Mehitable, born August 5, 1732; died 1816. 6. Sarah, born March 31, 1734; died 1803. 7. Lois, born March 6, 1736. 8. Joel, born March 9, 1738; mentioned below. 9. Milicent, born September 15, 1739. 10. Maru, born July 23, 1741.".