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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Robert Barnard

1Descendants of Robert Barnard, The Essex Antiquarian Vol. 6, p. 125 (1902).
"ROBERT BARNARD1 was a yeoman, and lived in Salisbury, 1642-1644; in Andover, 1645-1663; and on the island of Nantucket the remainder of his life. He married Joan Harvey; and died in 1682. She survived him, and died in Nantucket March 31, 1705.
2--I. JOHN2, b. 2: 1 mo: 1642, in Salisbury; lived in Nantucket; m. Bethia Folger; and they were drowned June 6, 1669.
3--II. HANNAH2, m. John Stevens June 13, 1662.
4--III. STEPHEN2, b. about 1649. See below (4).
5--IV. MARY2, b. April 8, 1658, in Andover; m. Nathaniel Barnard (no. 3, page 120) of Nantucket; and d. there March 7, 1717-8.*.".

Governor Benedict Arnold

1William Richard Cutter, New England Families, Genealogical and Memorial: a Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of . . ., Vol. 1, p. 45 (1915).
"(V) Governor Benedict Arnold, eldest son of William and Christian (Peck) Arnold, was born in December, 1615. He became one of the earliest settlers of Newport, and in 1637 he became one of the thirteen heads of families who signed the agreement for majority rule. In 1654 he was made assistant for the town of Newport, and in 1657 joined Coddington in the purchase of Quodnoquat Island, and the same year he was elected president of Rhode island as successor to Roger Williams, who had resigned the office, and he was reelected in 1662-63. Under the royal charter he became the first governor of the colony of Rhode Island, 1663-66, and was reelected to that office four times successively, and under his administration, 1669-78, friendly relations were established with the Providence Planatations. He married, December 17, 1640, Damaris, daughter of Stukely Westcott, of Salem, Massachusetts. She was born in 1592, died in 1679. Governor Benedict Arnold died June 20, 1678. Their children were: Josiah, Benedict Jr., Godsgift, Freelove, Lester, Caleb, mentioned below; Damaris, Priscilla, Penelope, John Golding, Elizabeth, Absalom.
(VI) Caleb Arnold, son of Governor Benedict Arnold, was born December 19, 1644, died February 9, 1719. . . .".