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Peleg Barlow

1Notes, NEHGS Vol. 68, pp. 105-106 (Jan 1914).
"BARLOW RECORDS. -- Among the records of Mrs. Rachel Ward (Hurd) Allerton, who was born at Amenia, N. Y., 2 July 1822, was married there, 25, Jan. 1845, to David Allerton, and died at Binghamton, N. Y., 24 Oct. 1909, a small manuscripot book was found, containing a partial list of the descendants of Peleg Barlow of Sandwich, Mass., and of Amenia, N. Y. It is not possible now to say positively by whom this record was written; but from the paper, penmanship, and general appearance, it must have been prepared about seventy-five years ago, and there is some reason for believing that the compiler was one of the children of Thomas Barlow by his second wife, Lucy Allerton. From the fact that in all cases where it has been compared with other records it has been found to be correct, it should undoubtedly be accepted as a valuable contribution to the history of the family.
The paretage of Peleg Barlow has bot been definitely ascertained. He was, however, probably a son of Moses Barlow, of Sandwich and Rochester, Mass. Mrs. Allerton, the former possessor of this record, was herself a descendant of Peleg Barlow, being a daughter of Hebron and Eliza (Barloe) Hurd (vide infra). The record is given below as it was written, except that some additional details enclosed in brackets, have been supplied.
Peleg Barlow, born at Sandwich, Mass., Feb. 25, 1692, died at Amenia, N. Y., Oct. --, 1759. Married [at Sandwich, 25 July 1717] Elizabeth Perry, born at Sandwich, July 15, 1690, died at Amenia, May --, 1759 (daughter of Samuel and Esther (Taber) Perry. Their children were:
Thomas, born at Sandwich, [date illegible]
Nathan, born at Sandwich, May --, 1726.
Moses, born at Sandwich, Nov. 25, 1728.
Nathan married Joanna Swift, sister of Judah Swift, of Sandwich.
Thomas and Nathan died at Duanesburg, N. Y.
Peleg Barlow and his sons moved from Sandwich to Amenia in 1756.
Moses Barlow married [at Sandwich, 23 Nov. 1749] Sarah Wing, born at Sandwich [13 July 1730], died at Amenia [21 Nov. 1815, daughter of John and Mary (Knowles) Wing]. Moses Barlow died at Amenia, March 18, 1799. Their children were:
Elisha, born at Sandwich, July 23, 1750.
Sylvania, born at Sandwich, Jan. 20, 1752.
Elizabeth, born at Sandwich, March 30, 1754.
Mehitabel, born at Amenia, Aug. 11, 1756.
Elizabeth, born at Amenia, March 13, 1759.
Jemima, born at Amenia, June 25, 1761.
Thomas, born at Amenia, July 10, 1764.
Sarah, born at Amenia, Sept. --, 1766.
. . .".