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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Edmund Freeman Jr.

1Josiah Paine, The Freemans--the Eastham Branch of the Sandwich Family--Major John Freeman, NEHGR Vol. 20, p. 59 (Jan 1866).
"Edmond Freeman came over from London in the ship Abigail, Capt. Hackwell, in 1635, and with his family went to Lynn; and from thence to Sandwich in 1637, with others from the same place, and commenced the settlement of that township. He soon rose to distinction in the town and colony, and occupied many important positions. He was chosen an Assistant in 1640, and re-elected several years. he died at the ripe old age of 92, in 1682; and his wife Elizabeth, February 14, 1672, aged 76. Between him and Samuel of Watertown there was no known connection.
1. Edmond(sup>1 Freeman, by wife Elizabeth, according to best authority, had: -- (2) Alice2 born in England, in 1618, m. Dea. William Paddy, Nov. 24, 1639. (3) Edmond,2 born in England, 1620, m. Rebecca, dau. of Gov. Prince, April 22, 1646. (4) John,2 born in England, in 1622, m. Mercy, dau. of Gov. Prince, Feb. 14, 1649. (5) Elizabeth, born in England, in 1623, m. John Ellis. (6) Cycella,2 ("probably his daughter,") born in England, in 1631, died young. (7) Mary, "probably born in this country," m. Edward Perry.*
* For authority in regard to the children of Edmond,1 see notice of Edmond Freeman's family, article No. civ. in Barnstable patriot, by the able genalogist, Amos Otis, Esq., of Yarmouth Port, some part of which varies from the account given of them in Freeman's History of Cape Cod."

The next source(2) and another not quoted here show that all the children except Mary were borne by Bennet Hodsoll.

2Homer Worthington Brainerd, Prence Freeman of East Hampton, Connecticut, The American Genealogist, Vol. 17, pp. 88-89 (1940).
"EDMUND FREEMAN, born about 1570; buried in Pulborough church June 6, 1623; married (date not found) Alice Coles, bapt. (date not found); buried at Reigate, county Surrey, Feb. 14, 1651/2; sister of George Coles of Amberley, county Sussex.
. . .
Children: Edmund, bapt. July 25, 1596, m. Bennett Hodsoll, second Mrs. Elizabeth Perry; William, bapt. 1598?, m. Christian Hodsoll, second Mrs. Jane Gratwick; Alice, bapt. at Pulborough April 15, 1601, m. John Beauchamp; Eleanor, bapt. Aug. 25, 1603 at Pulborough, buried there April 7, 1618; John, bapt. Jan. 24, 1606/7, at Pulborough, was there in 1623, probably emigrated to Sudbury in New England; Elizabeth, bapt. Aug. 27, 1609 at Pulborough, m. John Cuddington.".