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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Thomas Osborne +

1Donald Lines Jacobus, Ancestry of Thomas Osborne of New Haven, Conn., and East Hampton, Long Island,The American Genealogist, Vol. 12, pp. 253-255 (1935).
"3. THOMAS OSBORNE, baptism not found, but born probably 1594-5, as his cousin Thomas (baptized 4 Apr. 1595), son of his uncle John, was probably the "nephew Thomas Osborne the younger" named in Jeremy's will. Jeremy's son Thomas was therefore probably a trifle older. The question is whether it was this Thomas or his cousin who was the emigrant. The circumstantial evidence favors the son of Jeremy. John Osborne was a tanner, but we do not know whether his son Thomas followed that trade or not. We do know from Jeremy's will that his son Thomas was a tanner. The names which Thomas bestowed on his sons are evidential. If he was son of Jeremy, the eldest son was named Thomas for himself, the next Jeremy for his father, the next Richard for his brother, the next John, perhaps for his uncle, the next Stephen, a favorite Puritan name, and Joseph, his last child born in England, for his brother. If the father of these sons was the son of John, he waited until his fourth son to name one for his father.
Thomas Osborne married at Ashley,* 18 Jan. 1621/2, MARY GOATLY, whose parentage has not been learned. After 1636, the family disappears from Ashford. When Richard Osborne made his will in 1646, he provided for his own children, and made children of his brother Joseph his contingent heirs. Probably that was because Joseph was his eldest brother. he did not mention his brother Thomas or the children of Thomas. That may be explained by the removal of Thomas to New England.
Thomas Osborne was an early but not original signer of the Covenant at New Haven. He was the Colony tanner in 1643.
. . .
Children, six baptized at Ashford, three at New Haven:
i. Thomas, bapt. 24 Nov. 1622; d. at East Hampton, 23 Sept. 1712 ae. 89 (gravestone), or 25 Sept. 1712 ae. about 90 (church record); m. MARY BOND, b. about 1642, dau. of Robert and Jane. Sons: Joseph and Daniel.
ii. JEREMY or JEREMIAH, bapt. 20 Mar. 1624/5; d. at New Haven, 26 Apr. 1676; m. MARY ------, who d. in 1695. Sons: Jeremiah, Thomas and Joseph.
iii. RICHARD, bapt. 15 July 1627; bur. 20 Jan. 1628/9.
iv. JOHN, bapt. 31 July 1631; d. at East Hampton about 1687; m. and had sons: Thomas, John, Ephraim, Caleb, Edward, and probably James.
v. STEPHEN, bapt. 24 Feb. 1633/4; d. at Elizabeth, N. J., in 1698; m. SARAH STANBOROUGH. Sons: Jeremiah and Josiah.
vi. JOSEPH, bapt. 4 Dec. 1636; m. PRISCILLA ROBERTS [N. J. Archives, 21-31].
vii. REBECCA, bapt. 23 Oct. 1642.
viii. INCREASE, bapt. 5 Feb. 1642/3; no further record.
ix. BENJAMIN, bapt. 3 Jan. 1646/7; d. at East Hampton, 27 Feb. 1721/2 ae. about 75 (church record); his wife d. 7 May 1718 ae. about 69. Sons: Thomas and Benjamin (the latter of Litchfield, Conn.).
* see 13:63.".

Jeremy Osborne +

1Donald Lines Jacobus, Ancestry of Thomas Osborne of New Haven, Conn., and East Hampton, Long Island,The American Genealogist, Vol. 12, p. 253 (1935).
"2. JEREMY OSBORNE, a tanner, baptized at Ashford, Kent, 4 Feb. 1570/1, buried there 8 Feb. 1620/1; will 3 Sept. 1620, proved 12 Apr. 1621; had an uncle Robert Hunt; married first, 17 Jan. 1592/3, JOAN WYBORNE; married second, CONSTANCE -------. Children, probably by first wife:
i. JOSEPH, b. [say 1593]; m. 30 July 1622, JUDITH HATCH. Children:
(1) Jeremy, bapt. 3 Dec. 1626.
(2) Anna, bapt. 3 Aug. 1628.
(3) Thomas, b. [say 1630]; named in uncle Richard's will.
(4) Elizabeth, bapt. 20 May 1632.
(5) Joseph, bapt. 2 Mar. 1633/4.
(6) Mary, bapt. 13 Mar. 1635/6.
(7) Isaac, bapt. 31 Mar. 1639; bur. 7 Oct. 1639.
(8) Isaace, bapt. 13 Sept. 1640.
3 ii. THOMAS, b. [say 1595].
iii. RICHARD, b. [say 1598]; d. 1646/7; will 20 Aug. 1646, proved 17 feb. 1646/7; had 'brother," Vincent Benskinne, gent.; m. ELIZABETH -------. Children:
(1) Edmund, bapt. 16 Sept. 1627; bur. 18 Dec. 1640.
(2) Thomasin, bur. 25 Nov. 1634.
(3) James, bapt. 14 Oct. 1632.
(4) Sarah, bapt. 20 Mar. 1635/6.
(5) Rebecca, bapt. 30 June 1639.
iv. ISAAC, bapt. 24 May 1604; bur. 27 Dec. 1613.
v. DAUGHTER, bur. 7 Aug. 1608.".