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Benjamin Parker

1L. W. Densmore, The Hartwell Family: An Account of the Descendants of William Hartwell, of Concord, Mass., (1636-1895) p. 34 (1895).
"Sarah Hartwell2 Hartwell m 18 April, 1661. Benjamin2 Parker, son of Robert1 and Judith, b. 6 June, 1636, d 17 Jan. 1671-2. His father, Savage says, came with Governor Winthrop, possibly from Woolpit, Bury St. Edmunds, Mdx., Eng., was a member of the Boston church 1634, of Cambridge 1638, d in 1685, ae 83, w d 1682, ae 80. He was one of the subpurchasers of the Dudley farm in Billerica, probably never lived there, held a proprietor's right. Benjamin Parker in 1660 had a grant on the south slope of Bare Hill, his house standing west of the old Woburn road. [Hazen.]
Benjamin3, b 29 June, 1662, d 23 Dec. 1733. Samuel3, b 9 Nov. 1664. (John3, b. 3, d Dec. 1663.) John3, b 17 Mar. 1667-8, d 1 Jan. 1698-9. Samuel3, b 26 Sept. d 1 Dec. 1670.
Benjamin Parker m. 11 Oct. 1684, Mary Trull, dau. John and Sarah (French), b. 22 July, 1662, d 15 Sept. 1694; m 10 Nov. 1697, 2d w Abigail French, dau John and Hannah (Burridge), b 6 Dec. 1665, d 13 Mar. 1722-3; m 23 Nov. 1726, Mary Poodney of Woburn.
Mary4, b 26 Jan. 1685-6. Sarah4, b 2 Dec. 1687. Benjamin4, b 26 Oct. 1689. Abigail4 b 11 Sept. 1698. John4, b 17 Dec. 1700. Bethiah4, b 17 Sept. 1705.
Mary Parker m 3 Dec. 1705, Philip Priest of Concord."

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Mary Parker

1Lindsay S. Reeks, Mary (Parker) (Priest) Sweeney of Killingly and Simsbury, Conn., The American Genealogist, Vol. 40, pp. 31-32 (1964).
"The will of Mary Sweeney, widow, of Simsbury, who died 26 May 1748, provided for son Benjamin Sweeney, daughter Sarah Sweeney, daughter Patience Alderman, granddaughters Patience Alderman and Amey Johnson, daughter Mary Lilly, son John Priest, and son Aaron Priest. Son Benjamin Sweeney was named executor. [Manwaring's Digest, Early Conn. Probate Records, 3:667.] It would appear from her will that Mary Sweeney was married at least twice, first to a man named Priest, and second to a man named Sweeney.
On 17 Feb. 1745/6, Mary Sweeney was living in Killingly, for on that date Mary Sweeney of Killingly, widow, gave land of husband, Philip Priest, late of Killingly, deceased, to John Priest of Killingly and Aaron Priest of Simsbury [Killingly Deeds, 5:32].
. . .
Barbour's Church Records for Killingly indicate that Philip Prist was deceased in 1717, in which year his "widow Mary" owned the covenant. Killingly Probate Records show that an inventory of Philip Priest's estate was taken 17 Mar. 1718, the ages of his children being then stated as John, 12, Mary, 9, and Aaron, 3. These three were baptized at Killingly 31 May 1719, when Mary was shown as a widow.
. . .
Who is this Miles Sweeney? No other Killingly deed mentions him, so far as is known. There is no record of baptism of any of the Sweeney children, nor is any death record of Miles Sweeney found, as yet, in Killingly. There is no record of Mary Priest's marriage to a Sweeney, although perhaps it can be approximated. It is known that Mary Sweeney's daughter Patience married William Alderman on 3 July 1739 at Simsbury. William Alderman was born in Simsbury 17 Apr. 1719, and we may guess that his wife, Patience Sweeney, was born 1720-22. It would thus appear that Mary Priest married a Sweeney, most probably Miles Sweeney, between 31 May 1719, when she was last referred to as a widow, and circa 1721, the suggested birth year of her daughter Patience Sweeney. Since Mary Sweeney's husband is not mentioned in her will of 1748, we are safe in assuming that he was then deceased.
But what of Mary Sweeney's ancestry? The Concord, Mass., Vital Records supply the answer, for they show that on 3 Dec. 1705 Philip Priest married Mary Parker of Billerica. Further investigation, in the Billerica Vital Records, reveals that she was born 26 Jan. 1685/6, the daughter of Benjamin Parker and Mary Trull, who were married at Billerica on 11 Oct. 1684.".