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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


David Carver

1William Jones, Robert Carver of Marshfield, Mass., and Some of His Descendants, NEHGR Vol. 88, p. 220 (Jul 1934).
"6. DAVID3 CARVER (John,2 Robert1), of Weymouth and of Canterbury, Conn., born at Marshfield about 1669, died at Canterbury 17 Sept. 1727. He married first, at Weymouth, 16 Dec. 1696 (Lincoln's History of Hingham, vol. 3, p. 288), RUTH WHITMARSH, daughter of John and Sarah (Harding) Whitmarsh of Weymouth; secondly, at Weymouth, in 1709, HANNAH DYER, probably the Hannah Dyar who was born at Weymouth 13 Feb. 1683 [1683/4], daughter of Joseph and Hannah Dyar (Weymouth Vital Records); and thirdly (intention recorded at Chelmsford, 14 Jan. 1721/2, Chelmsford Vital Records) SARAH BUTTERFIELD, who shortly after his death married (intention recorded at Chelmsford, 20 Apr. 1728, ib.) Richard Hildreth.
David Carver went from Marshfield to Weymouth with his mother, upon her second marriage in 1681, and lived there until 1718, when he sold his estate, 28 Apr. 1718, for L600, to Benjamin Dyer, and moved to Canterbury, Conn., where he held many town offices and was a deputy to the General Court of Connecticut for three terms, in 1721 and 1722. (Colonial Records of Connecticut, vol. 6, pp. 233, 304, 328.)
Children by first wife, born at Weymouth:
i. RUTH,4 b. 14 Dec. 1701 (Weymouth Vital Records).
ii. SARAH, whose birth is not recorded at Weymouth, but she may have been identical with Ruth (cf. Lincoln's Hingham), d. 9 Aug, 1731; m. 2 Mar. 1720 REV. SOLOMON PAINE (1698-1754), b. at Eastham, Mass., lived at Canterbury, Conn., minister of the Separatist Church (Paine Family Records, vol. 1, p. 161).
17. iii. SAMUEL, b. 4 Nov. 1704 (Weymouth Vital Records).
Children by second wife, born at Weymouth (Weymouth Vital Records):
18. iv. JONATHAN, b. 13 Apr. 1710.
19. v. DAVID, b. 14 Sept. 1713.
vi. HANNAH, b. 25 Oct. 1717; m. DAVID FRENCH.
Child by third wife:
20. vii. BENJAMIN, b. at Canterbury, Conn., 10 Dec. 1722, and bapt. there 16 Dec. 1722 (Congregational Church records).".

Daniel White

1John Bartlett White, A Genealogical Record of the Family of White, p. 7 (1878).
"Daniel White, the son of Peregrine, married Hannah Hunt of Duxbery in 1694(sic). Their children were John, born 1675; Joseph, born 1678; Thomas, born 1680, died in Boston, 1772; Cornelius, born 1682; Benjamin, born 1684; Elaror, born 1686; Ebenezer, born 1691. Gideon was the great grandson of Peregrine White, and was the son of Cornelius White, who married Hannah Barstow, and was born July 13, 1718. He married Joanna Howland, 1743, and moved to Plymouth, and died March 3, 1769, aged 62 years. His wife, Joanna, was great grand-daughter of John Howland who arrived in the Mayflower. She died Sept. 23, 1710 aged 95 years. . . .".