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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Captain Jonathan Holmes

1James Taylor Holmes, , The American Family of Rev. Obadiah Holmes, pp. 79-97 (1915).
JONATHAN HOLMES, the second child of Obadiah and Katherine Hyde Holmes, was born near Manchester, England, in 1633-4. His older brother John died in infancy, June 27, 1633. He came with his parents to America in 1638 and shared the fortunes of the family from the landing at Boston, through the settlement and life at Salem doen to 1646, through the experiences at Rehoboth, down to the removal and final settlement of the family at Newport, Rhode Island, in the fall of 1650. He was, at this last removal, a boy of fifteen, the oldest of eight boys and girls, who listened with awe, in August, 1651, to the strange story fold of his father's arrest, trial, sentence and imprisonment, on the visit to Salem and Lynn; who waited and doubtless worried over the end of it all, and who wept over the story of the merciless lashing, which Puritan justice administered to that father on Saturday, the 5th day of September, 1651.
. . .
In the year 1664-5, Sarah Borden became the wife of Jonathan Holmes, when he was approximately thirty years of age.
. . .
Captain Jonathan was again a deputy May 1, 1706, the Assembly sitting at Newport.
. . .
His brother, Lieut. John, was chosen a deputy for that next year and the name of Captain Jonathan Holmes disappears finally from the legislative records of the Colony, which have come down to these days. Born in 1633-4, when he walked out of the Colony House at Newport, free from his office as a deputy, on the 6th of May, 1707, he was in his seventy fourth year, "living on borrowed time."
. . .
It would be unjust not to mention the credit due to the faithful wife. New England had no better blood than flowed in the veins of the Bordens and the flavor of a strong, helpful, charming life, in the relations of wife, mother, neighbor comes down to us through more than two hundred years, clinging about the memory of Sarah Borden Holmes. Her husband owed her much; she was a help-meet, indeed.
The names of their children, mentioned by him in his will, made in 1705, were Obadiah, Jonathan, Samuel, Sarah, Mary, Catharine, Martha, Lydia and Joseph.".

William Slade

1J. H. Beers & Co., Representative Men and Old Families of Southeastern Massachusetts, Vol. 2, p. 649 (1912).
"(II) William Slade, son of Edward, born in 1662, in Wales, came to this country and appears at Newport ; was made a freeman in 1659. He is said to have come from Newport in 1680 in company with other young men, among them Jonathan Bowers, to that part of Swansea (Mass.) now Somerset, and where lie settled was called after him, Slade's Ferry. Of the company Bowers and Slade only remained and founded the settlement -- Somerset. Mr. Slade became a large land owner in that vicinity and portions of his estate are still owned by his descendants. He married about 1684 Sarah Holmes, born in 1664, daughter of Jonathan and Sarah (Borden) Holmes, and granddaughter of Rev. Obadiah Holmes, of Rehoboth. Slade's Ferry was kept in the family upward of 200 years. William Slade died March 30, 1729, aged sixty-seven. His wife died Sept. 10, 1761, in her ninety-seventh year. Children : Jonathan, who died when about eighteen years old; Sarah, born in 1687; Mary, born in May, 1689; William, born Nov. 20, 1692; Edward, born June 4, 1694; Elizabeth, born Dec. 2, 1695; Hannah, born July 5, 1697; Martha, born Feb. 27, 1699; Phebe, born Sept. 25, 1701 ; Jonathan, born Aug. 3, 1703; and Lydia, born Oct. 8, 1706.".