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Captain Jonathan Bangs

1Glade Ian Nelson, Identifying Mercy, Wife of Thomas Hinckley of Harwich, Mass., as Mercy (Bangs)(Hinckley) Cole, NEHGR 162:215-218 (2008).
"The Bangs Family and the Collins Connection

CAPT. JONATHAN2 BANGS (Edward1) was born about 1640, son of Edward and Rebecca (_____) Bangs.[148] He died, probably at Harwich, Massachusetts, 19 November 1728 at age 88 and was buried in the Old Burial Ground, now located in Brewster, Massachusetts.[149] He married first at Eastham, Massachusetts, 16 July 1664, MARY MAYO,[150] daughter of Capt. Samuel and Thomasine (Lumpkin) Mayo.[150] She died on 26 January 1711 in her 66th year and was buried with her husband.[152] Jonathan married second SARAH _____, who died 11 June 1719[153] in her 78th year and was buried with him.[154] He married third, with intentions at Eastham dated 23 July 1720, RUTH (COLE) YOUNG,[155] born at Eastham 15 April 1651, daughter of Ruth (Collier) Cole, and widow of John Young.[156]
According to the Bangs genealogy, Jonathan probably settled at what was then Eastham, now Brewster, "about 1694, inheriting his father's lands between Santucket river and Nanskeket. he was also some time Town Treasurer of Eastham. He was a military man and captain of militia, and he always had the term 'Capt." Applied to him."[157]
Capt. Bangs likely never lived in Truro, although he was an early proprietor and extensive land speculator there.
Children of Capt. Jonathan2 and Mary (Mayo) Bangs, all births recorded at eastham, Massachusetts:[158]
i. CAPT. EDWARD3 BANGS, b. 30 Sept. 1665; d. 22 May 1746[159] in his 81st year, bur. near his father in the Old Burial Ground in Brewster;[160] m. (1) ca. 1690 RUTH ALLEN,[161] d. 22 June 1738 in her 68th year, bur. with her husband,[162] daughter of james and Elizabeth (Partridge) Allen;<sup[163] m. (2) Eastham 16 Jan. 1738/9 Mrs. RUTH MAYO,[164] who d. 17 Aug. 1747.[165] He was one of the eight founders of the Harwich, Mass., church 16 Oct. 1700.[166] His first wife Ruth was likely the Ruth Bangs admitted to the Harwich church 22 June 1701.[167] His will, dated 14 April 1746 and proved 11 June 1746, provided that his wife Ruth was to have "all the goods she brought with her."[168]
ii. REBECCA BANGS, b. 1 Feb. 1667.
iii. JONATHAN BANGS, b. 30 April 1670; d. Eastham 11 May 1670.[169]
iv. MARY BANGS, b. 14 April 1671.
v. JONATHAN BANGS Jr.R., b. 4 May 1673; d. probably Harwich between 3 Feb. 1736/7 (date of will) and 6 March 1736/7 (date will proved);[170] m. (1) before 1696 ELIZABETH _____;[171] m. (2) EXPERIENCE BERRY,[172] daughter of John BERRY.[173]
vi. HANNAH BANGS, b. 14 March 1676; perhaps the Hannah who m. before 1704 JOHN CROSBY, b. Eastham or Harwich 4 Dec. 1670, d. 25 May 1714, son of Thomas and Sarah (_____) Crosby.[174]
vii. TAMSON/THOMASINE BANGS, b. 5 May 1678; m. JOSEPH BURGESS,[175] son of John and Mary (Worden) Burgess of Yarmouth, Mass.[176]
viii. CAPT. SAMUEL BANGS, b. 12 July 1680; d. 11 June 1750[177] in his 69th year, probably at harwich, bur. near his father;[178] m. (1) Harwich 13 jan. 1704 MARY HINCKLEY, b. Barnstable, Mass., 22 july 1678, d. probably Harwich 7 Jan. 1741 in her 64th year, bur. with her husband,[179] daughter of samuel and Sarah (Pope) Hinckley (see Part 1 of this article). Two of Mary Hinckley's brothers married two of Samuel's sisters: Thomas Hinckley married Mercy Bangs and Shubael Hinckley married Lydia Bangs. Samuel Bangs m. (2) Harwich 1 April 1742 MARY (____) RIDER.[180] His will, dated 6 June 1750, was proved 25 June 1750.[181]
ix. MERCY BANGS, b. 7 Jan. 1682; d. Eastham 27 March 1747; m. (1) ca. 1705 THOMAS HINCKLEY, d. probably Harwich before 4 Oct. 1710; m. (2) Harwich 5 oct. 1715 JOSEPH COLE (see Part 1 of this article).
x. ELIZABETH BANGS, b. 16 May 1685. Apparently she eloped and was married in Boston without her parents' approval; she "made her publick acknowledgement, with expressions of repentance, and was accordingly forgiven and accepted by ye chh" on 21 Dec. 1729.[182] However, no record of her marriage has been found.
xi. SARAH BANGS, b. Aug. 1687;[183] d. probably Truro, Mass., 2 April 1759;[184] m. Truro 8 Jan. 1707 BENJAMIN COLLINS,[185] b. Eastham 6 feb. 1687,[186] d. Truro 23 Dec. 1756,[187] son of Joseph and Ruth (Knowles) Collins.[188[
. . .
xii. LYDIA BANGS, b. 2 Oct. 1689; d. Harwich 18 May 1715;[190] m. Eastham 17 April 1712 SHUBAEL HINCKLEY, b. Barnstable 1 May 1690, d. after 23 Nov. 1766, probably at Truro, son of Samuel and Sarah (Pope) Hinckley (see Part 1 of this article). Two of Shubael Hinckley's siblings married two of Lydia's siblings: Mary Hinckley married Samuel Bangs and Thomas Hinckley married Mercy Bangs.".

Benjamin Young

1Mrs. Charles L. Alden, The Snow Genealogy, NEHGR, Vol. 49, p. 202 (Apr. 1895).
"23. SARAH3 SNOW (Joseph,2 Nicholas1), born in Eastham April 30, 1677; died after 1717; married Feb. 15, 1699-1700, Benjamin Young, son of John and Ruth (Cole) Young, grandson of John Young, the first settler in Eastham. Benjamin Young's mother was the sister of John Cole, who married Ruth2 Snow (Nicholas)."

This is one of many sources proving that John Young, not Job Winslow, married Ruth Cole.
This also shows the parents of Benjamin Young.