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Mary Edwards

1William Stowell Mills, The Edwards Family of Wenham, Prior to 1715, NEHGR Vol 56, pp. 61-62 (Jan. 1902).
"3. BENJAMIN2, b. about 1662 (aged 18 in 1680); m. Mary Gaines, 14-5-1681. The births of four of his children are recorded at Wenham, viz.: Nathaniel, b. Oct. 20, 1695; Abraham and Sarah (twins), b. Oct. 22, 1699 (the latter died young); Sarah, b. Oct. 5, 1701. These are all recorded as the children of Benjamin and Mary. John Gaines, of Ipswich, and his wife Mary (Treadwell) had daughters, Mary, b. 1660, and Martha, b. 1661. Benjamin may have married Mary Gaines as a second wife, though there is no proof that he did not marry some other Mary. Benjamin2 Edwards d. Sept. 29, 1723, and his wife Mary d. Oct. 20. the same year. Three days after Mary's death, Benjamin's children entered into an agreement to "acquit" their brother Benjamin Edwards for their brother Nathaniel's portion of "our honored father, Benjamin Edwards' estate." The children signed as follows: John Edwards, Rice Edwards, Abraham Edwards, Thomas and Esther Tarbox, and Samuel Lamson.
. . .
Marriages at Wenham
. . .
Mary Edwards and Samuel Lamson, of Ipswich, Nov. 23, 1709.
. . .
The parentages of all named Edwards in the foregoing records cannot be stated with certainty, but the following may be considered nearly conclusive: --
. . .
Mary, who m. Lamson in 1709, and John Jr., who m. Perkins in 1709, were children of Benjamin2. John was designated "Jr.," as John, the son of the first John, was his senior. Mary (Edwards) Lamson evidently d. before 1723, the date of her father's death.".