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William Briggs +

1Gale Ion Harris, William1 and Mary Briggs of Boston and the Connecticut Valley, NEHGR Vol. 151, pp. 87, 91-93 (Jan 1997).
"William and Mary Briggs are first mentioned in a curious double entry of their daughter Hannah's birth in Boston. The first entry informs us that "Hannah of Wm Briggs [was] born and buried 28 day (6th) month [August]" 1642, but on the next page we find, as an apparent correction, that "Hannah of William and Mary Briggs [was] born 6th month," 1642.[1] Some years later, in 1648, her father bought from Henry Pease, Sr. a house and lot located at the junction of lanes that eventually became Hanover and Portland streets.[2]
. . .
1. WILLIAM1 BRIGGS was born about 1605 (aged 61 in June 1666[37]) and was living at Lyme, Connecticut, on 5 February 1680/1 when he sold property there to his son John.[38] His wife MARY _____, in Boston by 1642, was living on 15 December 1670 when she consented to her husband's deed of meadow land in Lyme, but she had perhaps died before 4 January 167[0/]1 when a mortgage of their land in Middletown did not include her consent.[39] They moved from Boston to Wethersfield in 1665, resided briefly there and just across the town line in Middletown, then settled in Lyme about 1670.
Children (perhaps others):[40]
ii. HANNAH BRIGGS, b. at Boston 28 Aug. 1642;[41] d. at Lyme 6 Feb. 1687[/8].[42] She m. (1) at Boston, 10 Sept. 1657, JOHN HARRIS,[43] who was living in Wethersfield (modern Glastonbury), Conn., in March 1659/60[44] and who prob. had sons Walter and Thomas Harris with a former wife.[45] Hannah m. (2), prob. at Wetherfield by Sept. 1664 (first child), WOLSTON1 BROCKWAY, b. "not far from 1638,"[46] though he deposed in July 1714 that he was aged "70 years or thereabouts."[47] He d. at Lyme before 11 Nov. 1717,[48} a son of WilliamA Brockway and his wife Bridget (Waller) of Norwich, Norfolk, England, who m. at Saint Giles Without Cripplegate in London on 28 Jan. 1628/9.[49] Wolston m.(2) at Boston's Old South Church, 29 Nov. 1705, Sarah (_____) (Curtis) Briggs,[50] widow prob. of Thomas Curtis and of John2 Briggs (No. 3). Sarah died son, and Wolston m. (3), by 12 March 1707/8, Hannah ____, who as "my now wife hannah," was living in May 1717.
. . .
3. iii. JOHN BRIGGS, b. ca. 1643; m. MARY ____, (2) SARAH (____) CURTIS, who became the second wife of Wolston Brockway (no. ii).
iv. ? MARY BRIGGS, the witness at Lyme in 1680/1 when William1 Briggs sold property to his son John.[66].".