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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Bigod Eggleston

1Robert Charles Anderson, The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England 1620-1633, Vols. I-III, pp. 620-623 (1995).
ORIGIN: Unknown
REMOVES: Windsor 1635
. . .
BIRTH: Baptized Settrington, Yorkshire, 20 February 1586[/7], son of "James Eggleston" [TAG 10:198]. [Rosalie Eggleston and Linda Eggleston McBroom have identified the mother of Bigod Eggleston as Margaret, daughter of Miles Harker of Settrington [TAG 69:193-201].)
DEATH: Windsor 1 September 1674 "near 100 year old" (but actually eighty-seven)[Grant 35; also CVTR 28].
MARRIAGE: (1) By 1612 ____ ____; not seen in any record.
(2) By about 1634 ____ ____; on 5 June 1645 "Baggett Egleston, for bequeathing his wife to a young man, is fined 20s." [CCCR 1:127; RPCC 34]; living on 13 November 1673 when named in her husband's will.
With first wife
i JAMES, bp. St. Margaret's, Norwich, Norfolk, 14 April 1612; bur. there 20 August 1613.
ii MARY, bp. St. Margaret's, Norwich, Norfolk, 19 January 1613/4; no further record (but see COMMENTS below).
iii JAMES, b. say 1620; m. by 1656 Esther Kelsey, daughter of WILLIAM KELSEY (eldest child b. Windsor 1 January 1656[/7?] [Grant 36; Manwaring 1:300]) [TAG 68:208-15]. After the death of her first husband Esther married James Eno and then John Williams, so that (as George McCracken put it) "she was surnamed Williams at her death, not, as so often claimed, at her birth" [TAG 35:21].
With second wife
iv SAMUEL, b. say 1634; m. by 1663 Sarah Disborough, daughter of Nicholas Disborough (eldest child b. Middletown 6 March 1663; the inventory of "Nicholas Disbrowe," dated 31 August 1683, carried the names of his four children, including "Samuel Eglestone's wife" [Manwaring 1:298; TAG 38:209-10]).
v MARY, b. say 1636; m. Windsor 7 June 1655 John Denslow [Grant 33]. (He was not son of NICHOLAS DENSLOW.)
vi THOMAS, b. Windsor 26 August 1638 [Grant 35]; no evidence that he married. Thomas Eggleston died in May 1697, and on 2 September 1697 the court ordered distribution to "Benjamin Eglestone, brother, and to the wife of Jno. Pettebone senior of Simsbury, a sister of the deceased"; on 28 August 1701 distribution was made "to Benjamin Eglestone, to John Pettebone, to John, to Thomas, to Nathaniel, to Isaac Eglestone" (Manwaring 1:553-54].
vii MERCY, b. Windsor 29 May 1641 [Grant 35]; d. there 1657 [Grant 88; see also TAG 37:152 and NGSQ 57:255].
viii SARAH, b. Windsor 28 March 1643 [Grant 35]; m. 16 February 1664 John Pettibone [Grant 62].
ix REBECCA, b. Windsor 8 December 1644 [Grant 35]; bp. there 18 June 1648; m. 14 October 1669 John Osborn [Grant 54].
x ABIGAIL, b. Windsor 12 June 1648 [Grant 35]; bp. there 18 June 1648; m. 14 October 1669 John Osborn [Grant 54].
xi JOSEPH, bp. Windsor 30 March 1651 [Grant 35]; in his will of 13 december 1673 his father bequeathed to Joseph 40s. "should [he] come and demand a portion," indicating that he lived at a distance. Stiles claims that Joseph married, resided in the area of South Stonington, and had three sons and "several daughters" [Windsor Hist 199,201]. One of the supposed sons had children born in the 1750s and later and another had children born in the 1770s and later; these are more likely descendants of a much later generation who have not been properly located among the known branches of the family, and should not be credited to Joseph, for whom no record has been found beyond his father's conditional bequest.
xii BENJAMIN, b. Windsor 18 December 1653 [Grant 35] m. Windsor 6 March 1678 Hannah Shaddock, daughter of John Osborn and widow of Elias Shaddock ("Elias Shadduck" died at Windsor 26 may 1676 leaving a wife and one child, and John Osborn left a will dated 27 october 1686 naming daughter "Hanna" [surname not given] and "my grandchild Hana Shadduck" [Manwaring 1:232, 345]).
. . .".

Sergeant Jacob Perkins

1Some Notices of the Family of Perkins in America, NEHGR Vol. 10, p. 215 (Jul 1856).
"Jacob2 was the youngest child of John the elder, and inherited by will all his father's real estate in Ipswich. In 1761 his house was struck by lightning on the Lord's day, while many of the people wer there to "repeat the sermon." In 1694 he described himself as "Serjeant Jacob Perkins, senior, and as having grown old, and given to each of his children their respective parts of his estate." His wife Elizabeth d. Feb. 12, 1685, aet. 56. He d. Jan. 29, 1700, aet. 76. Ch.: Elizabeth,3 b. April 1, 1650. John,3 b. July 3, 1654, d. 1705; Judith,3 b. July 11, 1655; Mary,3 b. May 14, 1658; Jacob,3 jun. born Aug. 3, 1662, m. Oct. 15, 1684, Elizabeth, dau. of John Sparks, who d. April 10, 1692. Ch.: Jacob,4 b. Feb. 15, 1686; Elizabeth,4 b. March 18, 1691; John,4 and others.
Matthew3 b. June 23, 1665; m. a daughter of Lieut. Burnham; b. 1755, aet. 90. Ch.: Abraham,4 Matthew,4 and others. Matthew, as is supposed, was the grandfather of the well known inventor and mechanic, Jacob Perkins, who was born in Newburyport, and died in London, July 30, 1849, aet. 83.
Joseph3 and Jabez,3 the youngest sons of Serjeant Jacob,2 settled early in Norwich, Conn., where they married and left many descendants, noted as physicians, clergymen, and lawyers. [See the excellent and interesting History of Norwich, by Miss Caulkins.".