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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Experience Mitchell

1Robert Charles Anderson, The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England 1620-1633, Vol. I-III, pp. 1270-1272 (1995).
ORIGIN: Leiden, Holland
MIGRATION: 1623 on Anne
REMOVES: Duxbury by 1639, Bridgewater between 1684 and 1689
. . .
BIRTH: By about 1603 based on estimated date of marriage.
DEATH: By 14 May 1689 when his inventory was taken.
MARRIAGE: (1) By about 1628 Jane Cooke, daughter of FRANCIS COOKE. She died before 1641, and perhaps some years earlier.
(2) By about 1641 Mary ____. She died after about 1662 (birth of last child).
With first wife
i ELIZABETH, b. Plymouth say 1628; m. Plymouth 6 December 1645 John Washburn [PCR 2:94], son of JOHN WASHBURN.
ii THOMAS, b. Plymouth say 1630. In 1936 Merton Taylor Goodrich argued at length that this Thomas Mitchell was the same as a man of that name who appeared on Block Island by 1678 and had a family there [TAG 12:93-99; see also NEHGR 82:457-58, which does not make this claim]. Others who have agreed with this position are G. Andrews Moriarity [TAG 19:226] and Robert S. Wakefield [MD 38:187-89].
iii MARY, b. Plymouth say 1632; m. (1) Plymouth 24 December 1652 James Shaw [PCR 8:14], son of JOHN SHAW; m. (2) John Jenny {BrLR 3:61].
With second wife
iv SARAH, b Plymouth about 1641 (aged "about ninety years" December 1731 [Plymouth County Court Records 2:125]); m. by April 1661 John Hayward.
v JACOB, b. say 1643; m. Plymouth 7 November 1666 Susanna Pope [PCR 8:31], daughter of THOMAS POPE. (On 5 March 1677/8 Experience Mitchell, Edward Mitchell and Joseph Bartlett were appointed guardians of the children of Jacob Mitchell [PCR 5:188, 252].)
vi EDWARD, b. say 1645; m. (1) about 1668 Mary Hayward ("and lived with her forty yrears without children" [TAG 59:31]); m. (2) Plymouth 26 August 1708 Alice Bradford [PVR 89].
vii JOHN, b. say 1650; m. (1) Duxbury 14 December 1675 Mary Bonney; m. (2) Duxbury 14 January 1679[/80] Mary Lathrup; m. (3) Duxbury 24 May 1682 Mary Prior.
viii HANNAH, b. say 1662; m. by 1682 as his third wife Joseph Hayward (eldest child b. Bridgewater 20 March 1682/3).
. . .".

John Clarke

1Donald Lines Jacobus, Thomas Clark(e) of Plymouth and Boston in the Line of Nathaniel3 of Lyme, Conn., The American Genealogist, Vol. 47, p. 7 (1971).
"2. John2 Clark (Thomas1), born at Plymouth about 1640; settled in Boston and had a wife Sarah whose identity remained undetermined. His history is difficult to disentangle because there were four other John Clarks in Boston prior to 1700, and the Second Church records of baptisms fail to name the parents of children baptized. On Sept. 8, 1686, John and Sarah Clarke sold their house in Boston [Suffolk County Deeds 13:373] and removed. In the past he has sometimes been erroneously identified with John Clark of Rochester, Mass., but John Insley Coddington has proved that the Rochester man was a different person [TAG, supra, 43:19-26].
John had a married sister living at Barnstable, and he may have gone there or to some other town in that locality, or even to Nantucket, though as yet no record of him has been found in Nantucket. He is sometimes said to have married second, in 1695, Mary Benjamin. Her husband was a John Clark of Yarmouth, Mass., a school teacher who died ther 16 Aug. 1705 aged 60; and unless this is a "round figure," that John was hence been about 1645, while ours was born about 1640.
Children, born at Boston:
i. Alice3, b. 11 Nov. 1668.
ii. Thomas, b. 22 Sept. 1670, d. young.
3 iii. Nathaniel, b. 22 Sept. 1672.
iv. Thomas, b. 22 Feb. 1674; bapt. 28 Feb. 1674; d. at Nantucket 18 Nov. 1740; m. 13 Dec. 1700, Mary Church and had seven children born at Nantucket. One of them, Abigail4, b. 20 Aug. 1714, m. 15 Oct. 1741, Eleazer4 Clark [her first cousin], son of Nathaniel3 of Lyme.
v. Sarah, b. 17 Jan. 1676; bapt. 2 Feb. 1676; d. young.
vi. Mercy (probably), bapt. 21 Sept. 1679.
vii. John, bapt. 5 June 1682; is said to have m. Hannah Challing, by whom he had two children at Nantucket, Nathaniel (1706) and Sarah (1707?). Apparently he had a second wife Mary and had nine children by her at Nantucket born 1714-1730, two of whom were given the family names of Thomas and Mercy.
viii. Sarah, b. 9 July 1685.".