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John Otis

1Horatio N. Otis, Genealogical and Historical Memoir of the Otis Family, NEHGR Vol. 2, pp. 282-284 (Jul. 1848).
" (1) JOHN1 was born in Barnstable, Devonshire, England, 1581, vame to Hingham, New England, and drew house lots in the first division of lands in that town, 1635, and is the first ancestor of whom we have any knowledge. Tudor in his life of Otis says, he with his family came from Hingham in Norfolk, England, in company with Peter Hobart. . . .
. . .
A minute of the baptism of Mary Otis is made in the Manuscript Journal of Rev. Peter Hobart; "Mary Otis was baptized May 1st, 1653." The Journal proceeds. "Tabitha Lyon being scalded in a kettle of water at John Oattisses house, died a few hours after."
Mr. Otis was married to his first wife, Margaret, in England, and she died at Hingham, "June, 1653," according to Deane, but "July 9, 1654," according to Tudor. He then removed to Weymouth, and married a second wife who survived him, but her name does not appear. . . .
. . .
The children of John Otis were,
(2) I. John,2 who, born in Barnstable, Devonshire, England, 1620, accompanied his parents in their emigration to New England, and settlement of Hingham. The family residence was at "Otis Hill," where he resided until after his father's death, and is mentioned on the Records of Hingham, as being a landholder there, 1668-9. The name of his first wife is not known. In 1662-3 he married Mary, daughter of Nicholas Jacob, who came over in 1633.
. . .
In 1678 he went to Barnstable, and settled on land called "Otis farm," opposite "Hinckley lane." near the Marshes, west Parish. He left there his son John, returned and deceased at Scituate, 16 January, 1683. . . .
(3) II. RICHARD,2 went with his father to Weymouth about 1654, and in 1662, settled at Dover, N. H. He made his will before he left weymouth, which is recorded in the Boston Probate records. The accounts given of him by Tudor and deane, that he was carried captive to Canada, are incorrect. He was killed at Dover, on the Cocheco, by the indians, 1689. His son Stephen was killed at the same time; and his wife and child were captivated, and sold to the French in Canada. The French Priests educated this child in the Romish religion, baptized her by the name of Christina, and she married a Frenchman, by whom she had two children. In 1714, being a widow, she returned to New England, abjured the Romish faith, and married Capt. Thomas Baker, who had been taken at Deerfield in 1704. She lived in Dover, where she was born, till the year 1773. She was the occasion of the masterly letter of Governor Burnet. "to a Romish Priest."
Richard Otis had sons, Richard, Stephen, who m. Mary Pitman, 16 April, 1674, and was killed by the Indians in 1689; Solomon, b. 1663, and d. 1664; Nicholas, killed 1696; Experience b. 1666; and perhaps others. On the 26 July, 1696, some Indians in ambush shot upon the people, returning from meeting, when Nicholas Otis was killed, Richard Otis wounded, and Nicholas Otis, Jr., captivated and carried to Penobscot, from whence he soon found his way home.
Descendants of his are living in New Hampshire and other places.*
(4) III. MARGARET,2 m. Thomas Burton of Hingham.
(5) IV. HANNAH,2 m. Thomas Gill of Hingham. He received, 1635, a grant of house-lot now corner of Main and South street; and they had eleven or more children, from 1643 to 1661. She d. 24 jan. 1675-6.
(6) V. ANN.2 (7) VI. ALICE.2.".