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Genealogies & Historical accounts of the Darling Families of New England and Beyond


Genealogy & History of the Darling Families

Thomas, Marjorie and Anna Darling

Welcome to the Darling Family Genealogy and History site. I hope you will find many things here which will aid in your research. Here you find a large Genealogy & Research Library and searchable genealogy databases. While this site is dedicated to research of the surname Darling, you will find many Related Lines in the databases and in the genealogy library, so even if you're not sure if you're related to a Darling you may find some information which will help you, especially if you're researching lineage in the New England states with ties back to England, Scotland and Ireland.

The first place you'll want to check out is the The Genealogy and Research Library. This section currently contains more than 300 text files for easy download. You can read about the Darling surname it's history and origins. You will find many valuable resources for your research such as Vital records, land records, census records, city directories and more listed by State. Currently there are 43 states represented here plus Washington, DC and some Canadian information. You will also find pension and war records for the Revolutionary and Civil War in the War Records section of the library. Other wars are also included here. There is the Town Histories Section where you will find excerpts from published town histories and family genealogies as they pertain to the surname Darling.

Currently, there are two searchable genealogy databases contained within this site. Both databases were last updated on

July 2, 2003

The first Darling and Related Lines database is Descendants of George Darling . This database contains my personal family lines. I am descended from George Darling born between 1615-1620 in the Midlothian region of Scotland and died in 1693 in Salem, Massachusetts. He was married to a woman by the given name of Katherine. My line runs through their son Daniel Darling(2). You will find information on many descendant lines of George and Katherine in this database.

Currently, this database contains more than 4,100 individuals. I have done my best to throughly research these lines. If you're looking for source information for any of these lines please look through the Resource Library carefully before e-mailing me. Almost all of my source material can be found in the library.

The second database contains Other Darling Lines.
At present this database contains more than 2,100 individuals. This database contains information on the descendants of;
1) Denice Darling and Hannah Francis. Denice Darling was born around 1640 and died January 24, 1717 Mendon, MA.
2) John Darling and his first wife, Mary Bishop. John Darling was born about 1633 and died in 1713 in Salem, Massachusetts.
Also contains scant information on the lines of;
3) John Darling, possibly brother to Denice above, and his wife Elizabeth Downham/Downam.
4) Richard Darling and Abigail Messenger/Messinger.

In my research I have been able to fill in some of my family lines back to the early 1600's and some even earlier. For those of you who aren't necessarily researching the surname Darling but are looking into ancestry in the New England states, New York as well, you may wish to check out the Related Lines. ancestry and descendancy charts. This portion of the site has been updated to include genealogy reports for the surnames; BEEBE, BRYANT, BLOOD, GOWING, ROGERS,WILLARD,KING--2 lines, DAYTON, WARD, PERKINS WHITTIER, and TOWNE. If any of these lines are of interest to you, after reading over the genealogy reports I suggest you check out The George Darling database for notes and source files on the individuals which interest you. You may also like to download the Vital Records information for the specified states and areas which are located in this section. These records pertain to the Darling as well as other surnames, in some cases entire towns are listed here.

If you have anything you would like to donate to this collection please e-mail me

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