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Bonaventure Co. and Restigouche Co.






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To make their home and our heritage,

For us they faced the unknown,

For us they laboured and toiled,

their endurance is our prosperity.

Their struggle is our freedom,

Their dream is our reality.

Their dawn is our day.




My name is Darlene Campbell and I was born in Dalhousie, New Brunswick to John Campbell (of Dalhousie) and Jean Astles (of New Carlisle).  I have been researching my roots for about four years now, and have found that those roots lay deep in Bonaventure Co., Quebec, and Restigouche Co., New Brunswick. Canada  ... and back to Scotland in most instances.  I have managed to compile a database of approximately 31,000 individuals (this number grows on a daily basis) and would like to share the results of this work with others wanting to discover more of their family history


You will find links to my master database, other personal databases, and a number of links to genealogy websites I have found particularly useful, interesting and/or entertaining, as well as some genealogical poetry and humour for your enjoyment.


Happy hunting! And I'd love to hear from you.  Please sign my guestbook and/or email me.







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