Geneva NY Directory 1857-58 C-D
Cary, Jane - wid of William dress-maker h. Seneca e Main
Coan, John tinsmith boards with Mrs. Coan
Clark, Mary - wid of Byron
h. Jay w Main
Cheney, Charles E. college student boards at J. Smith's
Clemmens, Charles with S. Willson 86 h Main w Johns
Chambers, William artist boards at Mrs. Howe's
Cornell, M. college student boards at John Smith's
Cavanaugh, D. H. college student boards at John Smith's
Carson, Medical student with D. Beatty b'ds at John Smith's
Curtis, J. C. laborer h. High w of Poultney
Carter, William W. M. D. boards with Mrs. Dr. J. Carter
Carter, Mrs. - wid of Dr. James
h. Main s of Washington st.
Campion, Richard boot and shoe maker for J. Savage h. Main w of Castle st.
Carroll, John laborer h. Water, south of Franklin House
Counsel, Henry works at planing mill boards Geneva H.
Carter, Misses
h. Main st. south of Trinity church
Cobleigh, Andrew A. teacher of music h. s of park w of Main
Crow, Rev. Moses D. D. Meth. Episcopal at the Water Cure
Canfield, L. with A. B. Hall boards with the same
Casey, Patrick grocer Main south of Castle st. house same
Casey, Owen laborer house Main north of Castle st.
Cannon, Rev. F. D. D.
house Main north of Castle st.
Carr, Martha - wid of Robert
house Main north of Jackson st.
Critchell, William tin smith for W. E. Hays h. Genesee n Castle
Cleveland, S. C. carpenter and joiner h. Warren w Washington
Coddington, Edward moulder for Dunning & Tillman boards with Mrs. Lerkemby, Lee's Alley, west of Water st.
Compton, Trasey shoe maker for J. Savage h. Hamilton w Main
Criss, David blacksmith house Poultney north of Hamilton st.
Curry, Rev. William agent for the gas company h Poultney west of William
Crothers, Rodney cabinet-maker h. Madison west of Hamilton
Cook, William H. gardner h. Washington west of Madison st.
Cobb, Miss cl'k for S. S. b'ds at Franklin House
Crouchen, Thomas carpenter h. Grove w of Washington st.
Crandall, Ambrose livery stable Water s Lake; h. Tillman w of Water st.
Crandall, George
h. Tillman w of Water st.
Croshaw, Israel moulder for Dunning & Tillman; h. Tillman w of Water st
Chipps, William prop'r Geneva H. cor of Water and Lake sts
Calkins, Horace grocery and shoe shop Lake e of Water st
Clement, John moulder for T. D. Burrall & Co.
Cortelyou, William gentleman h. Water n of Castle st
Carroll, Francis confectioner Water n of Castle st.
Chapin, Daniel D. grocer Water south of Castle h. the same
Chapin, Deborah - wid of Silas
bd's with Daniel C.
Compton, Gurnsey boat captain boards at Mansion House
Carpenter, Clinton furnaceman for T. D. Burrall h. Water Teall's Block south of railroad
Clute, George undersheriff of Ontario county and proprietor of the Mansion House; office at Mansion House
Clear, Timothy hackman boards at Mansion House
Cormac, Mrs. milliner and dressmaker Seneca e Main h. same
Crane, Philip book store of W. H. Smith & Co. Seneca e Main; h. Castle w of Water
Church, J. C. Eclectic physician No. 10 Seneca upstairs h. No.7 William w of Main St
Chew, Alexander firm of Prouty & Chew h. Main s Washington
Cadden, Miles cartman house on Water st north of the railroad
Condit, Joseph
h. on Castle w of Elm st
Coon, Cynthia - wid of George
h. Castle w of Main st
Colburn, Lydia - wid of Robert
h. Castle w of Main st
Colburn, James
boards with Lydia Colburn
Curry, Dominick rectifyer of whiskey h. Water s Washington
Cool, James carpt. and joiner w of Water and Washington; h. Washington w of Water st.
Cole, John farmer h. Catharine s of Castle st
Cole, James musician boards with John Cole
Cole, Charles teamster boards with John Cole
Cole, George blind-maker h. Geneva n of Castle st
Cole, Ira J. blacksmith for D. W. Baird boards with same
Cole, Benjamin wood dealer h. Water s Washington
Cole, Mrs. H. - wid of Alva
h. Poultney s of Castle st
Cole, Edward partner S. Wilson h. Washington e of Grove st
Colvin, Delos of Lewis & Co.'s livery rear Franklin House h. Water s Franklin House
Colvin, Miss Nancy
boards at Mrs. Howe's Main st
Colvin, Miss M. E.
boards at Mrs. Howe's Main st
Cobb, S. S. dealer in dry goods No. 26 King's Block b. Franklin
Coddington, Charles T. carpenter and joiner b. Eagle Hotel
Clark, C. W. dealer in clothing Water s of Castle st h. Main south of Hamilton st.
Clark, Robert hat store Water n of Seneca st h. Genesee near North Park
Clark, D. L. gentleman h. Main south of college
Clark, William M. attorney at law h. Main s of college
Clark, Gains wagon-maker h. Hamilton w of Poultney st.
Clark, P. telegraph operator at R. R. depot
Clark, S. J. carriage-maker for D. W. Baird h. Grove n Wash'n
Cooper, James laborer h. Grove south of High st.
Corkin, Allen boiler-maker for Dunning and Tillman h. Grove south of High
Condle, Samuel (col) shoemaker h. High e of West st.
Condle, William (col) laborer h. High e of West st.
Cathern, Daniel C.
h. on Elm n of Castle st
Chester, Rev. M. agent for the A. B. Society h. Elm Wood Place w Poultney
Chadeayne, C. A. hatter h. Elm s of Lewis st
Cleaveland, Daniel agent for Roch. Nursery h. No. 9 William st
Comes, William carpenter and joiner h. William w Poultney
Cone, George blacksmith h. on Grove s of High st.
Crawford, Thomas brick-layer h. Geneva n of Castle
Crawford, William brick-layer h. John w of Genesee st
Culberth, R. M. D.
h. Genesee e Johns
Cawfield, Thomas boiler-maker b. West w of William st
Cawfield, shoemaker for Mitch. & Hay. h. Genesee n Castle
Clark, Ezekiel boat cap't b'ds at Mrs. McQuiggins Water st
Dorsey, Frank (col) waiter D. D. Chapin
Devendorff, C. A. college student
Davenport, M. Sanford livery stable Lake e Water h. Water n Lake
Davis, Martha tailoress h. Castle cor. Main
Davis, Joseph bar-keeper New England House boards at same
Davis, John shoemaker h. Main n Park
Davis, Elias
h. Water s Castle
Dorsey, William A. grocer Water st h. Seneca e Main
Dewit, C. clerk for W. A. Dorsey boards with same
Dorsey, Revo clerk for W. A. Dorsey boards with same
Dorsey, Frank (col) waiter New England House
Dey, Mrs. Mary prop't'r saloon and livery stable w side Water s Seneca
Dey, John S. constable b'ds at Franklin House
Demerest, James foreman for W. Judson b'ds at John Smith's
Devanny, John laborer h. north rail road east side
Denney, Silvenas cooper for W. H. Hill boards with same
Dickinson of R. D. Swift & Co. dealer in wood and coal Water st. s of Washington; boards at Swift's
Dillon, Patrick meat market Water n Seneca h. same
Deyo, Peter teamster h. Castle e Poultney
Dey, Richard carpenter for Smith & Gaylord h. Madison s Washington
Dennison, Hugh boot and shoe store Seneca e Main h. Washington w Poultney
Devine, George laborer Water n of railroad
Delancey, Rev. W. H. Bishop of the P.E.C. of W.N.Y. h. Main s of Washington
Dwight, Rev. Henry
h. Main s Hamilton
Delancey, Misses M & M
h. Main s Trinity Church
Denton, Nehemiah Gentleman h. Castle n w Corporation
Denison, Jacob Laborer h. Main n Park
Dox, John L. office Water n Franklin House h. Main
Dox, Tunis Brick Yard Turnpike h. the same
Dox, William butcher h. Water n Castle
Dezeng, W. S. Gentleman h. Hamilton Rees' Hill
Dezeng, James
b'ds with W. S. Dezeng
Dell, Edward laborer at Water Cure b'd same
Driskall, James boat captain b'd Mansion
Driskall, Cornelius waiter Franklin House b'd same
Durrant, W. P. Silversmith Express Office h. Grove n William
Dunlap Coach Painter h. Milton w of Main
Dunn Cabinet Maker Shop and house Castle w Grove
Dunn laborer h. Water n rail road
Dunnett, James laborer rail road b'd at Mrs. Brophy
Drake, Eunice - wid. of Peter
h. Hamilton w Poultney
Donally, John grocery Main n Centre h. same
Dorsey, W. A. grocery and provisions Water n Seneca h. Seneca e Main
Dorsey, D. Clinton cl'k for W. A. Dorsey b'd same
Dorsey, Revo cl'k for W. A. Dorsey b'd same
Dorsey, Frank (col) barber b'd Clinton House
Dorchester, Charles Laborer b'ds at Mrs. Van Geeson's Grove
Donhester, B. J. clk for Prouty & Chew William w Main
Donally, Thomas recess at Post Office h. John
Douglass, William Prof. Hobart College h. s college
Doddington, William carriage-maker h. Castle w Poultney
Dale, W. E. Water Cure b'd the same
Donlevey, John laborer h. Main n of Castle
Dosson, Baker
h. Main n of Seneca
Dorem, John omnibus driver Franklin House b'd same
Daskam - widow of Nathan
h. Main n Seneca
Ditmars, Peter
h. Washington w of Grove
Downing, Sarah - wid of Charles
h. Catharine w Castle
Dail, James laborer h. Hamilton w of Poultney
Ditmars, Nicholas Farmer b with Peter Ditmars
Douglass, Phillis (col)
h. High e of West
Derby, Rev. Mr. (col) 2d Baptist Church h. High e of West
Davenport, A. J. harness-maker b'ds at the Lake House
Dakin, Elbrige forwarding-merchant h. Elm n of Colt
Dunning, W. B. of the firm of Dunning & Tillman Foundry h. cor of Elm & Lewis sts
Dusinberrie, J.
h. cr of William & Grove
Dusinberrie, G. B. att'y at law office Seneca King's Block
Duffin, J. W. (col) barber and hair-dresser Ramsey's Block Water h. High w Poultney
Duffin, Theodore (col) barber with James b'd same

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