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Celebs Help

Noted heros and rogues, saints and sinners

Author: R. A. Davis
Date: May 2007

The pages in this collection document the many celebrities I have discovered in researching my family tree. They are all related to me -- some absurdly distantly.

This page documents the various accessability and navigation features of the Celebs Collection. Use your mouse cursor on the images below to explore the meanings of the various areas of the Celebs pages.

Common featuresUp arrow Down arrow

These are features common to two or more kinds of pages.

Every page has an Alphabetic Navigation Bar at top and bottom. Each letter is a link to an Alpha Index Page.jump to
Cross reference to associated persons is made in a number of places, always denoted by this symbol: ¤, which is a link to that person in the Celebs collection.
This is a structured collection of links to other pages on other sites. I make an effort to check these periodically, but it is unavoidable that some of them will have gone stale.
image for W.K. Kellogg: a box of cornflakes Cursor selecting W.K. Kellogg (note the white highlighting) Image for
W.K. Kellogg
Occasional images are presented as thumbnails on a random basis from those available. The thumbnail is presented in the right margin, with a green arrow (right green arrow) pointing to it. A conscious effort has been made to seek out uncommon images of unusual or revealing aspect.

Occasonally, thumbnails will overlap. Your mouse cursor may be used to bring a partially overlapped thumbnail to the fore. Run your cursor over the associated name or the image.

Clicking the thumbnail will present a full-size view if available. If your browser is capable, a mouse rollover of the thumbnail image will present a full-size view as a pop-up.

Individual Multiple images may be presented in the right margin, always full size.
Key symbols
These serve as a caption to an index list, and define the meanings of the various symbols used in the index.
The items on each index page are numbered in red. These numbers are also an Easter Egg link to the source file on my PC.
Pink NavBar
This navigation aid appears on all pages that can be identified with a particular family, in the present context: Family indices and Individual pages. The links on this NavBar will take you to other pages in this family.
Reference number
These will always take you to the ODT page for that person. As a reminder, the links are set with a background matching the ODT page.

Guide pageUp arrow Down arrow

This page serves as the index page for the collection -- it is the page linked under the Indices: ... Celebs at the top of every page.

Common sources
This lists some common sources used throughout the collection. They are referenced like this: OED.
News feed
An experimental RSS news feed is provided, indicated by the conventional symbol (XML icon). New and changed items are available here to news readers such as Sage.
Recent Changes
Recent canges or additions are listed in this scrollable Iframe area. The names in the list are links to those parts of the collection.

The RootsWeb advertizing is unfortunately duplicated here. It can't be helped.

Index pagesUp arrow Down arrow

There are two kinds of index, similar in format, but with different domains.

  1. Alpha indicesjump to
  2. Family indicesjump to

Alpha Index PagesUp arrow Down arrow

reduced image of an Alpha Index page
Family list
Alpha Index pages have a list of Family Index pages represented on the current page.

Family name Family Index page
Each person listed on an Alpha Index has his associated family noted. If that family has a Family Page, the family name will be a highlighted link thereto, e.g. (ALPIN)
Jump to
These are links to groups of index items on the page beginning with particular two-letter combinations.

Family Index PagesUp arrow Down arrow

Name forms

Individual PagesUp arrow Down arrow

Selected works

Other Help PagesUp arrow Down arrow


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