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1462 - 2015

Mountbatten-Windsor, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Wettin, Windsal, Windsall, Windsor, Winsall, Winser, Winsor

  • 158 Windsor folks, all kin to me.
    (No Windsor ancestors here; All are cousins or cousins-by-marriage.)
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    1. (70: 1819-2015) Victoria Hanover, Queen of GreatBritain&Ireland [1819​-​1901] chg 16C4
      to Annex 1Prince Consort Albert Augustus Wettin
    2. (88: 1462-1717) Andrews 127-11 Windsor, KB, 1 Baron Windsor [1467​-​1543] 3C16
      to Annex Sir Andrews Windsor, Thomas, Richard de, Brian de, Sir Miles Wyndsore, Sir James Windsor, Richard de,, William de,, William de Windlesore, 2William de Windsor
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Outline Descent Trees

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70 Descendants of Victoria Hanover, Queen of GreatBritain&Ireland [1819​—​1901]

2015-07-14 02:32:25


House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
The name Saxe-Coburg-Gotha came to the British Royal Family in 1840 with the marriage of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert, son of Ernst, Duke of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha. Queen Victoria herself remained a member of the House of Hanover.

The only British monarch of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha was King Edward VII, who reigned for nine years at the beginning of the modern age in the early years of the twentieth century. King George V replaced the German-sounding title with that of Windsor during the First World War. The name Saxe-Coburg-Gotha survived in other European monarchies, including the current Belgian Royal Family and the former monarchies of Portugal and Bulgaria.
[Official web site of the British Monarchy (http://www.royal.gov.uk/)]

House of Windsor
[From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_of_Windsor)]

The House of Windsor, previously called the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, is the Royal House of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In 1917, during World War I, anti-German feeling among the people resulted in the Royal Family changing all of their German titles and surnames for English-sounding versions. The Royal House and Family was renamed Windsor by an Order-in-Council of King George V.

The German name came via Queen Victoria's marriage to Prince Albert, son of Duke Ernst I of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, in February 1840.

However, the Order only referred to all descendants of Queen Victoria in the male line, but not necessarily by female descendants. In April 1952, two months after her accession, Queen Elizabeth II ended confusion over the dynastic name when she declared to the Privy Council her "Will and Pleasure that I and My children shall be styled and known as the House and Family of Windsor, and that my descendants who marry and their descendants, shall bear the name of Windsor."

Later, on February 8, 1960, The Queen issued another Order-in-Council, confirming that she and her four children will be known as the House and Family of Windsor her other male-line descendants (except those who are "HRH" and a Prince or Princess) will take the name "Mountbatten-Windsor".

A1. HANOVER, Victoria, Queen of GreatBritain & Ireland b: 24 May 1819 Kensington, London, ENG d: 22 Jan 1901 Osborne House, IOW, ENG #: HNVR57 16C4

Contrary to common belief, Saxe-Coburg and Gotha was not the personal surname of either Prince Albert, his wife or their descendants. Neither in fact knew what their actual surname was, as it was never used by royalty, until a late 19th century inquiry launched by Queen Victoria to clarify just what her surname was. After an exhaustive search, her advisors concluded that Prince Albert's surname, and hence her own after her marriage, was in fact Wettin. [WIKI]
+WETTIN, Prince Consort Albert Augustus b: 26 Aug 1819 Schloss Rosenau, nr Coburg, Germany d: 14 Dec 1861 Windsor Castle, Windsor, BRK, ENG †: typhoid #: WDSR160 m: 10 Feb 1840 Royal chapel, St James Palace, ENG
B1. WETTIN, Princess Royal Victoria Adelaide Mary Louise b: 21 Nov 1840 Buckingham Palace, London d: 05 Aug 1901 Friedrichshof †: cancer of the spine #: WDSR191
+WILHELM, Prince Friedrich, of Prussia b: 18 Oct 1831 d: 15 Jun 1888 #: WDSR168 m: 25 Jan 1858 St James Palace, London
B2. [3] WETTIN, Edward VII, King of Britain b: 09 Nov 1841 Buckingham Palace, London d: 06 May 1910 Buckingham Palace, London #: WDSR187
+DENMARK, Queen Consort Alexandra "Alix" of b: 01 Dec 1844 Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen, Denmark d: 20 Nov 1925 #: WDSR169 m: 10 Mar 1863 St George's Chapel, Windsor Father: King Christian IX of Denmark
C1. WETTIN, HRH Prince Albert Victor Christian, Duke Clarence b: 08 Jan 1864 d.um: 14 Jan 1892 †: pneumonia #: WDSR180

On 17 July 1917, George V issued an Order in Council that changed the name of the British Royal House from the German-sounding House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to the House of Windsor, to appease British nationalist feelings [due to the ongoing World War I]. He specifically adopted Windsor as the surname for all descendants of Queen Victoria then living in the United Kingdom, excluding females who married into other families and their descendants.

Finally, on behalf of his various relatives who were British subjects he relinquished the use of all German titles and styles, and adopted British-sounding surnames. George compensated several of his male relatives by creating them British peers. Thus, overnight his cousin, Prince Louis of Battenberg, became Louis Mountbatten, 1st Marquess of Milford-Haven, while his brother-in-law, the Duke of Teck, became Adolphus Cambridge, 1st Marquess of Cambridge. Others, such as Princess Marie Louise of Schleswig-Holstein and Princess Helena Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein, simply stopped using their territorial designations. In Letters Patent dated 30 November 1917, the King restricted the style "His (or Her) Royal Highness" and the titular dignity of "Prince (or Princess) of Great Britain and Ireland" to the children of the Sovereign, the children of the sons of the Sovereign, and the eldest living son of the eldest living son of a Prince of Wales.

The Letters Patent also stated that "the titles of Royal Highness, Highness or Serene Highness, and the titular dignity of Prince and Princess shall cease except those titles already granted and remaining unrevoked." Relatives of the British Royal Family who fought on the German side, such as Prince Ernst August of Hanover, 3rd Duke of Cumberland and Teviotdale (the senior male-line great grandson of George III) and Prince Carl Eduard, 2nd Duke of Albany and the reigning Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (a male line grandson of Queen Victoria), were simply cut off; their British peerages were suspended by a 1919 Order in Council under the provisions of the Titles Deprivation Act 1917. George also removed their garter flags from St George's Chapel at Windsor under pressure from his mother, Queen Alexandra. [WIKI]

C2. WETTIN alias WINDSOR, George V, King of England b: 03 Jun 1865 Marlborough House, London d: 20 Jan 1936 #: WDSR128
+TECK, Princess Mary von, Queen of England b: 26 May 1867 Kensington Palace, London d: 24 Mar 1953 Marlborough House #: WDSR129 m: 06 Jul 1893 Chapel Royal, St James's Palace, London Mother: HRH Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge Father: Prince Francis Duke Teck, Gr von Hohenstein
D1. WINDSOR, Edward VIII, King of England, Duke Windsor b: 23 Jun 1894 dsp: 28 May 1972 †: cancer #: WDSR55
+SIMPSON, Wallis b: 19 Jun 1896 d: 24 Apr 1986 #: WDSR61 m: 1937
D2. WINDSOR, George VI, King of England b: 14 Dec 1895 York Cottage, Sandringham Estate, NFK, ENG d: 06 Feb 1952 Sandringham House, NFK †: lung cancer #: WDSR56
 ✔ George VI, King of Great Britain <== LYON-
+BOWES-LYON, Lady Elizabeth b: 04 Aug 1900 d: 30 Mar 2002 #: LYON499 14C2 m: 26 Apr 1923 Westminster Abbey
E1. [5] WINDSOR, Elizabeth II, Queen of England b: 21 Apr 1926 Mayfair, London d: <liv 2015> #: WDSR68
+[4] GREECE & DENMARK, HRH Prince Philip of, Duke Edinburgh b: 10 Jun 1921 Mon Repos, Corfu d: <liv 2015> #: WDSR71 m: 20 Nov 1947 Westminster Abbey, London Mother: HSH Princess Alice of Battenberg Father: Prince Andrew of Greece & Denmark
F1. [1] MOUNTBATTEN-WINDSOR, HRH Charles, Prince of Wales b: 14 Nov 1948 Buckingham Palace, St James Park, London d: <liv 2015> #: WDSR72
 ✔ MOUNTBATTEN-WINDSOR, HRH Prince Charles, Prince of Wales <== SPENCER-
+SPENCER, Diana Frances, Princess of Wales b: 01 Jul 1961 Park House, Sandringham, Norfolk, ENG d: 31 Aug 1997 Paris, FRA †: auto crash #: SPEN111 16C1 m: 29 Jul 1981 St. Paul's Cathedral, London, ENG Mother: Hon. Frances Burke Ruth Roche Father: Edward John VIII Spencer, 8° Earl Spencer
G1. MOUNTBATTEN-WINDSOR, HRH William, Duke Cambridge, Earl Stra b: 21 Jun 1982 London, ENG d: <liv 2015> #: WDSR196
+MIDDLETON, HRH Catherine Elizabeth "Kate", Duchess Cambrid b: 09 Jan 1982 Reading, BRK d: <liv 2015> #: WDSR151 m: 29 Apr 2011 Mother: Carole Elizabeth Goldsmith Father: Michael Francis Middleton
H1. WINDSOR, HRH Prince George Alexander Louis, of Cambridge b: 22 Jul 2013 d: <liv 2015> #: WDSR200
H2. WINDSOR, HRH Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, of Cambridge b: 02 May 2015 London, ENG d: <liv 2015> #: WDSR199
G2. MOUNTBATTEN-WINDSOR, HRH Prince Henry, Prince of Wales b: 15 Sep 1984 d: <liv 2015> #: WDSR197
2 Wife of F1. [1] Charles Mountbatten-Windsor, Prince of Wales:
+SHAND, Princess Consort Camilla Rosemary, Duchess Cornwall b: 17 Jul 1947 d: <liv 2015> #: WDSR103 m: 09 Apr 2005 Windsor Castle Mother: The Hon. Rosalind Cubitt Father: Major Bruce Middleton Hope Shand, MC
F2. MOUNTBATTEN-WINDSOR, HRH Princess Anne, Prince of Royal b: 15 Aug 1950 d: <liv 2015> #: WDSR73
F3. MOUNTBATTEN-WINDSOR, HRH Prince Andrew, Duke York b: 19 Feb 1960 d: <liv 2015> #: WDSR74
F4. MOUNTBATTEN-WINDSOR, HRH Prince Edward, Earl Wessex b: 10 Mar 1964 d: <liv 2015> #: WDSR75
E2. WINDSOR, Margaret, Countess Snowdon b: 21 Aug 1930 d: 09 Feb 2002 #: WDSR69
+ARMSTRONG-JONES, Antony, Earl Snowdon #: WDSR70
D3. WINDSOR, Princess Royal Mary b: 25 Apr 1897 d: 28 Mar 1965 #: WDSR57
+LASCELLES, Henry, 6° Earl Harewood b: 09 Sep 1882 d: 23 May 1947 #: WDSR63
D4. WINDSOR, Prince Henry, Duke Gloucester b: 31 Mar 1900 d: 10 Jun 1974 #: WDSR58
+MANTAGU-DOUGLAS-SCOTT, Alice b: 25 Dec 1901 d: 29 Oct 2004 #: WDSR65 m: 06 Nov 1935 Buckingham Palace
D5. [2] WINDSOR, Prince George, Duke Kent b: 20 Dec 1902 d: 25 Aug 1942 Eagles Rock, nr Dunbeath, CAI, SCT †: plane crash on active service in WW2 #: WDSR59
+GREECE & DENMARK, Princess Marina of b: 13 Dec 1906 d: 27 Aug 1968 Kensington Palace †: brain tumor #: WDSR66 m: 29 Nov 1934 Westminster Abbey, London
2 Partner of D5. [2] George Windsor, Duke Kent:
+COWARD, Noel #: WDSR67
D6. WINDSOR, Prince John Charles Francis b: 12 Jul 1905 York Cottage on the Sandringham Estate d: 18 Jan 1919 †: severe epileptic seizure #: WDSR60
C3. WINDSOR, Princess Royal Louise Victoria Alexandra b: 20 Feb 1867 d: 04 Jan 1931 #: WDSR182
+DUFF, Alexander, 1° Duke Fife #: WDSR188 m: 1893
C4. WINDSOR, HRH Princess Victoria Alexandra Olga Mary b: 06 Jul 1868 d.um: 03 Dec 1935 #: WDSR183
C5. WINDSOR, HRH Princss Maud Charlotte Mary Victoria b: 26 Nov 1869 d: 20 Nov 1938 #: WDSR184
+Haakon VII, King of Norway #: WDSR189
C6. WETTIN, HRH Prince John Alexander b: 06 Apr 1871 d: 06 Apr 1871 #: WDSR185
2 Partner of B2. [3] Edward VII Wettin, King of Britain:
+LANGTREE, Lillie b: 1853 d: 1929 #: WDSR170 m: Not Married
3 Partner of B2. [3] Edward VII Wettin, King of Britain:
+JEROME, Jennie (Jeanette), of Brooklyn d: 1921 #: SPEN88 14C3 m: Not Married
4 Partner of B2. [3] Edward VII Wettin, King of Britain:
+KEPPEL, Alice d: Dead #: WDSR172 m: Not Married
5 Partner of B2. [3] Edward VII Wettin, King of Britain:
+EDMONSTONE, Alice Frederica #: WDSR181
B3. WETTIN, Princess Alice b: 25 Apr 1843 d: 14 Dec 1878 #: WDSR161
+Ludwig IV, Grand Duke Hesse & by Rhine #: WDSR173 m: 1862
C1. HESSE & BY RHINE, Victoria of #: WDSR81
+BATTENBERG, Prince Louis of #: WDSR80
D1. BATTENBERG, HSH Princess Alice of b: 15 Feb 1885 d: 05 Dec 1969 #: WDSR77
+GREECE & DENMARK, Prince Andrew of b: 1882 d: 1944 #: WDSR76 Mother: Olga Konstantinovich, Grand Duchess Russia Father: George I of Greece, King of Hellenes
E1. [4] GREECE & DENMARK, HRH Prince Philip of, Duke Edinburgh b: 10 Jun 1921 Mon Repos, Corfu d: <liv 2015> #: WDSR71
+[5] WINDSOR, Elizabeth II, Queen of England b: 21 Apr 1926 Mayfair, London d: <liv 2015> #: WDSR68 m: 20 Nov 1947 Westminster Abbey, London Mother: Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon Father: George VI Windsor, King of England
B4. WETTIN, Duke Alfred Ernest Albert b: 06 Aug 1844 d: 31 Jul 1900 #: WDSR162
+ALEXANDROVNA, Grand Dutchess Marie, of Russia #: WDSR174 m: 1874
B5. WETTIN, Princess Helena Augusta Victoria b: 25 May 1846 d: 09 Jun 1923 #: WDSR163
+SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN, HRH Prince Christian of #: WDSR175 m: 1866
B6. WETTIN, Princess Louise Caroline Alberta b: 18 Mar 1848 d: 03 Dec 1939 #: WDSR164
+CAMPBELL, John Douglas Sutherland, 9° Duke Argyll" #: WDSR176 m: 1871
B7. WETTIN, Prince Arthur William Patrick Albert b: 01 May 1850 d: 16 Jan 1942 #: WDSR165
+PRUSSIA, Princess Louise Marguerite of #: WDSR177 m: 1879
B8. WETTIN, Prince Leopold Duncan Albert b: 07 Apr 1853 d: 28 Mar 1884 #: WDSR166
+WALDECK & PYRMONT, Helena of #: WDSR178 m: 1882
B9. WETTIN, Princess Beatrice Mary Victoria Feodore b: 14 Apr 1857 d: 26 Oct 1944 #: WDSR167
+BATTENBERG, HRH Prince Henry of, KG, PC b: 05 Oct 1858 Milan, Lombardy-Venetia d: 20 Jan 1896 abd HMS Blonde, nr Sierra Leone †: malaria #: WDSR179 m: 1885
C1. MOUNTBATTEN, Alexander, Marquess Carisbrooke #: WDSR156
C2. Victoria Eugénie, Queen of Spain b: 24 Oct 1887 d: 15 Apr 1969 #: WDSR157
 ✔ BATTENBURG, Victoria Eugenie "Ena" von, Queen of Spain <== BOURBON-HABSBURG-
+SPAIN, Alfonso XIII of, King b: 17 May 1886 d: 28 Feb 1941 #: BBON82 18C6 m: 1906
C3. MOUNTBATTEN, Lord Leopold #: WDSR158
C4. BATTENBERG, Maurice of #: WDSR159

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88 Descendants of Andrews 127-11 Windsor, KB, 1 Baron Windsor [1467​—​1543]

2012-01-11 08:14:42


A1. WINDSOR, Sir Andrews 127-11, KB, 1° Baron Windsor b: 1467 Manor Stanwell, MDX, ENG d: 30 Mar 1543 #: WDSR1
 ✔ WINDSOR, Sir Andrews 127-11, KB, Baron Stanwell MDX <== BLOUNT-
+BLOUNT, Elizabeth 88-13 b: 1469 Rock, WOR, ENG d: <1543 Hounslow, MDX, ENG #: BLNT310 3C15
B1. [1] WINDSOR, Eleanor b: 1479 Stanwell, MDX, ENG #: WDSR4
 ✔ WINDSOR, Eleanor <== NEVILLE-
+SCROPE, Ralph, Lord Scrope #: WDSR21
2 Husband of B1. [1] Eleanor Windsor:
+NEVILL, Sir Edward #: NEVL271 3C16
B2. WINDSOR, Elizabeth b: ~1482 Stanwell, MDX, ENG #: WDSR32
+VAVASOUR, Peter, of Spaldington YKS #: WDSR18
B3. [2] WINDSOR, Anne b: 1484 d: <1543 #: WDSR6
 ✔ WINDSOR, Anne <== DUDLEY-
+DUDLEY, Edmund, Chancellor of Exchequer b: 1462 _, CUL, ENG d: 28 Aug 1510 Tower Hill, London †: beheaded #: DUDL194 1C16
2 Husband of B3. [2] Anne Windsor:
+CORBET, Roger, of Moreton SAL b: 1501 d: 20 Dec 1538 Lyncheslade, BKM, ENG #: WDSR19 m: ~1518
B4. WINDSOR, George b: ~1492 Stanwell, MDX, ENG #: WDSR2
 ✔ WINDSOR, George <== DE_VERE-
+VERE, Ursula #: DVER321 5C14 Mother: Margaret Stafford Father: Sir George Vere
B5. WINDSOR, Edmund (Andrew), of Stoke Poges BKM b: ~1494 Stanwell, MDX, ENG d: >1553 #: WDSR97
B6. [6] WINDSOR, Sir William, Lord Windsor of Stanwell b: 1498-1499 d: 20 Aug 1558 Brandenham, SRY, ENG #: WDSR3
+SAMBORNE, Margaret, of Southcote BRK b: 1501 d: >24 Apr 1545 #: WDSR11 m: 1515 Stanwell, SRY, ENG Mother: Anne Copley Father: William Samborne
C1. WINDSOR, Eleanor #: WDSR27
+BROWN, Christopher #: WDSR44
C2. WINDSOR, Thomas b: ~1517 Stanwell, SRY, ENG d: Infant (probably) #: WDSR28
C3. WINDSOR, Thomas b: ~1519 Stanwell, SRY, ENG dvp: Dec 1553 #: WDSR29
+DACRE, Dorothy d: 1561 #: WDSR45 m: 29 Nov 1544
C4. WINDSOR, Mary #: WDSR30
+SCOTT, William #: WDSR46
C5. WINDSOR, Henry #: WDSR31
C6. WINDSOR, Dorothy #: WDSR33
C7. WINDSOR, Andrew #: WDSR34
C8. WINDSOR, Ursula #: WDSR35
C9. WINDSOR, Walter #: WDSR36
+POOLE, Margaret #: WDSR48
C10. WINDSOR, Margaret #: WDSR37
C11. WINDSOR, Ann b: ~1528 Stanwell, SRY, ENG #: WDSR26
+GREY, Henry #: GRAY31 6C13
C12. WINDSOR, William #: WDSR38
+SOMERSET, Elizabeth #: WDSR50
C13. WINDSOR, Sir Edward, 3° Lord b: 1532 Stanwell, SRY d: 24 Jan 1574/75 Venice, ITA #: WDSR39
 ✔ WINDSOR, Edward, 3° Lord Windsor <== DE_VERE-
+VERE, Katherine de b: 1539 d: 17 Jan 1598/99 #: DVER444 7C12 m: 1558 Stanwell, SRY
D1. WINDSOR, Frederick, 4° Lord b: 02 Feb 1558/59 d.um: 24 Dec 1585 #: WDSR126
D2. WINDSOR, Henry, 5° Lord b: 10 Aug 1562 Hewell, Tardebigg, WOR d: 06 Apr 1605 Hewell, Tardebigg, WOR #: WDSR127
+RIVETT, Anne d: 27 Nov 1615 #: WDSR130 m: <1586
E1. WINDSOR, [son] #: WDSR131
E2. WINDSOR, Thomas, Lord Windsor b: 29 Sep 1591 d: 06 Dec 1641 #: WDSR132
 ✔ WINDSOR, Thomas, 6° Baron Windsor of Bradenham <== SOMERSET-BEAUFORT-
+SOMERSET, Catherine #: SOMS33 7C12 m: <14 Jan 1607/08
E3. WINDSOR, Elizabeth #: WDSR133
+HICKMAN, Dixie, of Kew #: WDSR135 m: 24 Jul 1616 Mother: Elizabeth Staines or Haynes, of Essex Father: Walter Hickman, of Kew
F1. [3] HICKMAN later WINDSOR, Thomas Windsor, 7° Lord , 1° Earl Plymouth b: ~1627 d: 03 Nov 1687 #: WDSR138
+SAVILE, Anne b: 18 Jan 1634/35 d: 22 Mar 1665/66 #: WDSR139 m: 12 May 1656
G1. WINDSOR, Other #: WDSR141
G2. WINDSOR, Mary #: WDSR142
G3. WINDSOR, Ann #: WDSR143
2 Wife of F1. [3] Thomas Windsor Hickman>>Windsor, 7° Lord ,1° Earl Plymouth:
+WIDDINGTON, Ursula b: 11 Nov 1647 d: 22 Apr 1717 #: WDSR140 m: 09 Apr 1668
G1. WINDSOR, Thomas #: WDSR144
G2. WINDSOR, Dixey #: WDSR145
G3. WINDSOR, Ursula #: WDSR150
G4. WINDSOR, Elizabeth #: WDSR146
G5. WINDSOR, Andrews #: WDSR147
G6. WINDSOR, William #: WDSR148
G7. WINDSOR, Mariana #: WDSR149
E4. [5] WINDSOR, Elizabeth II #: WDSR134
+[4] WINDSOR, Andrew #: WDSR154 Mother: Katherine de Vere Father: Sir Edward Windsor, 3° Lord
D3. [4] WINDSOR, Andrew #: WDSR154
+[5] WINDSOR, Elizabeth II #: WDSR134 Mother: Anne Rivett Father: Henry Windsor, 5° Lord
C14. WINDSOR, Elizabeth b: ~1533 Stanwell, SRY, ENG #: WDSR40
 ✔ WINDSOR, Lady Elizabeth <== SANDS-
+SANDYS, Henry #: SAND1256 3C11
C15. WINDSOR, Bridget #: WDSR41
2 Wife of B6. [6] William Windsor, Lord Windsor of Stanwell:
+COWDRAY, Elizabeth, of Harrierd HAM b: ~1512 Basingstoke #: WDSR14 m: 1535 Stanwell, SRY, ENG Father: Peter Cowdray
C1. WINDSOR, Philip #: WDSR42
C2. WINDSOR, Elizabeth #: WDSR43
B7. WINDSOR, Thomas, of Bentley, Esq. b: ~1504 Stanwell, MDX, ENG #: WDSR5
+BOKENHAM, Mary #: WDSR16 m: ~1530 Father: Thomas Bokenham
C1. [7] WINDSOR, Anne b: ~1535 Stoke Poges, BKM #: WDSR195

+HARCOURT, Edward #: HARC570 3C14 m: ~1560
2 Husband of C1. [7] Anne Windsor:
+PUREFOY, John #: PURE431 S14 m: ~1566
C2. WINDSOR, Elizabeth b: ~1536 Bentley, ENG #: WDSR82
+SUDBURY, John #: WDSR93 m: ~1562
C3. WINDSOR, Edith b: ~1538 Bentley, ENG #: WDSR83
+PENDLEBURY, [--?--] #: WDSR94 m: ~1564
C4. WINDSOR, Peter b: ~1542 Thames Ditton, SRY #: WDSR84
+OWEN, Elizabeth #: WDSR102 m: ~1572
C5. WINDSOR, Miles #: WDSR85
C6. WINDSOR, Vincent b: ~1548 Thames Ditton, SRY #: WDSR86
+ROBINSON, [--?--] #: WDSR95 m: ~1578
C7. WINDSOR, Edward #: WDSR87
C8. WINDSOR, George b: ~1550 Thames Ditton, SRY #: WDSR88
+GAGE, Margaret #: WDSR100 m: ~1580
C9. WINDSOR, William b: ~1552 Thames Ditton, SRY #: WDSR89
+TAYLOR, Anne #: WDSR101 m: ~1582
C10. WINDSOR, Andrew #: WDSR90
B8. WINDSOR, Edith b: 1515 Stanwell Manor, Stanwell, MDX, ENG d: <25 May 1580 #: WDSR7
+LUDLOW, George, sheriff of Wiltshire b: 1505 Hill Deverill, Dinton, WIL, ENG d: ~04 Feb 1580/81 Hill Deverill, Dinton, WIL, ENG #: LUDL1 4C15 m: <26 Mar 1543 Mother: Jane Moore Father: William Ludlow

Pronunciation Guide

Idiosyncratic or local pronunciations.
GLOSS-tah [MA];
mrlʹbr-ō, -brə, ml-;
MY-ln [NY], mĭ-LAN;


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  1. BLOUNT, Elizabeth 88-13 (BLNT310) [2:3] 3C15
  2. BOWES-LYON, Lady Elizabeth (LYON499) [1:14] 14C2
  3. DUDLEY, Edmund, Chancellor of Exchequer (DUDL194) [2:11] 1C16
  4. GREY, Henry (GRAY31) [2:35] 6C13
  5. HANOVER, Victoria, Queen of GreatBritain&Ireland (HNVR57) [1:2] 16C4
  6. HARCOURT, Edward (HARC570) [2:76] 3C14
  7. JEROME, Jennie (Jeanette), of Brooklyn (SPEN88) [1:49] 14C3
  8. LUDLOW, George, sheriff of Wiltshire (LUDL1) [2:95] 4C15
  9. NEVILL, Sir Edward (NEVL271) [2:7] 3C16
  10. PUREFOY, John (PURE431) [2:78] S14
  1. SANDYS, Henry (SAND1256) [2:67] 3C11
  2. SOMERSET, Catherine (SOMS33) [2:45] 7C12
  3. SPAIN, Alfonso XIII of, King (BBON82) [1:76] 18C6
  4. SPENCER, Diana Frances, Princess of Wales (SPEN111) [1:18] 16C1
  5. VERE, Katherine de (DVER444) [2:39] 7C12
  6. VERE, Ursula (DVER321) [2:15] 5C14

Ancestors and Immigrants


Persons of Note

  1. BOWES-LYON, Lady Elizabeth [1:14] 14C2
  2. DUDLEY, Edmund, Chancellor of Exchequer [2:11] 1C16
  3. HANOVER, Victoria, Queen of GreatBritain&Ireland [1:2] 16C4
  4. JEROME, Jennie (Jeanette), of Brooklyn [1:49] 14C3
  5. SPAIN, Alfonso XIII of, King [1:76] 18C6
  6. SPENCER, Diana Frances, Princess of Wales [1:18] 16C1
  7. WETTIN, Edward VII, King of Britain [1:6] 17C3
  8. WETTIN=WINDSOR, George V, King of England [1:9] 18C2
  9. WINDSOR, Edward VIII, King of England, Duke Windsor [1:11] 19C1
  10. WINDSOR, Elizabeth II, Queen of England [1:61] 15C1
  1. WINDSOR, George VI, King of England [1:13] 19C1

Principal Sources

This is not a complete list of my Windsor sources; See the Sources button, above, for the complete detailed list of all 15 of those. Use the Annex button to see individual citations (and other notes). Use the book icon link (see details for a source) to see details about a particular source. They are listed here in relevance order; i.e. the first had the most citations.

  1. see details for this source ; "Wikipedia"
  2. see details for this source BARNES-GRAHAM, Peter; "Stirnet Genealogy"
  3. see details for this source CASTELLI, Jorge H.; "Tudor Place"
  4. see details for this source CLUFF, Gerald; "Gerald & B.J. Cluff"

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67 Surnames: (5 frequent fliers highlighted.)
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