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Abadam, Abadan, Adam, Adames, Adams, Addam, Addames, Addams, Adems, ap Adam



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chg • ADAMS, Benjamin [1764-1837] – American lawyer and legislator ADMS600 7C9
wiki: Wiki
chg • ADAMS, Brooks [1848-1927] – American historian ADMS129 9C5
Son of C.F. Adams ¤, he graduated from Harvard in 1870, and [was] a successful lawyer of Boston. HE wiki: Wiki
chg • ADAMS, Charles Francis [1807-1886] – American diplomat and author ADMS195 8C6
wiki: Wiki
  • Grandfather: ¤ADAMS, John [1735-1826] American politician and statesman, 2° POTUS
chg • ADAMS, Charles Francis jr. [1835-1915] – American soldier, railroad expert and historian ADMS98 9C5
Son of ¤C.F. Adams, he was an officer in the union army during the civil war, and subsequently an expert in railway science and president of the Union Pacific railway. Since resigning that office he […] devoted his attention to historical writing, his estimates of men and motives often differing materially from those of other writers in the same field. HE wiki: Wiki
chg • ADAMS, Charles Francis III [1866-?] – American financier ::> Cabinet level advisors, ministers, etc. ::> U.S. secretary of navy (1829-33, Hoover) ADMS101 10C4
wiki: Wiki
chg/ • ADAMS, Comfort Avery [1868-1958] – Electrical engineer, professor ADMS122 5C6
wiki: Wiki
chg • ADAMS, Elmer Bragg [1842-1916] – American jurist ADMS668 10C6
wiki: Wiki
chg/ • ADAMS, Henry Brooks [1838-1918] – American historian ADMS225 9C5
wiki: Wiki
chg • ADAMS, Isaac [1802-1883] – American inventor (Adams printing press), legislator ADMS701 9C7
Invented (with Everett James Ellis) the Adams Power Press, 1827, which became the printing press favored for the remainder of the century. wiki: Wiki
chg • ADAMS, Jasper, M [1793-1841] – American educator ADMS730 8C8
He was president of Hobart College in Geneva, NY (1826), and Columbia College in Pendleton, SC (1836).
chg/ •
=> ADAMS, John [1735-1826] – American politician and statesman, 2° POTUS ADMS1 6C10
wiki: Wiki
  • Wife: ¤ADAMS, Abigail [1744-1818] American writer, First Lady of the United States, FLOTUS
  • Grandson: ¤ADAMS, Charles Francis [1807-1886] American diplomat and author
  • Son: ¤ADAMS, John Quincy [1767-1848] American politician and statesman, 6° POTUS (2° POTUS )
chg • ADAMS, John Coleman [1849-1922] – American Universalist clergyman and writer ADMS836 8C5
He was a man of cultivation, fine taste, and transparent sincerity. During his long pastorate in Hartford his intellectual strength and personal charm caused his professional associates to give him the title "Dean of the Hartford Ministry." His nature studies show keen appreciation of beauty, an eye for delicate details, and originality of description. WIKI
chg/ • ADAMS, John Quincy [1767-1848] – American politician and statesman, 6° POTUS ADMS104 7C7
wiki: Wiki
  • Son: ¤ADAMS, Charles Francis [1807-1886] American diplomat and author
  • Father: ¤ADAMS, John [1735-1826] American politician and statesman, 2° POTUS (2° POTUS)
  • Wife: ¤ADAMS, Abigail [1744-1818] American writer, First Lady of the United States, FLOTUS
chg • ADAMS, John Quincy jr. [1833-1894] – American statesman ADMS130 9C5
He was graduated from Harvard college in 1853, and two years later was admitted to the Suffolk county bar. He followed his profession for a short time, then, becoming interested in agriculture, he created a model farm of five hundred acres at Quincy, Mass.

He served on Governor Andrew's staff during the civil war, and sat in the state legislature in 1866 as representative for Quincy. He was originally an advocate of "Free Soil," and a vigorous supporter of the war policy of President Lincoln, but changed on "reconstruction" to President Johnson's policy, which resulted in his withdrawal from the Republican party, and prevented his re-election in the ensuing year.

He was nominated by the Democrats for governor of Massachusetts in 1868, 1869, and 1870, but was not elected, and again served in the legislature in 1869 and 1870 as a Democrat.

In 1870 he was for the fourth time an unsuccessful candidate for the governorship, and in 1872 was candidate for the vice-presidency of the United States on the ticket with Charles O'Connor. In 1873 he was a candidate for lieutenant-governor of Massachusetts, with William Gaston for governor. In 1877 he was chosen a member of the Harvard corporation; was nominated in 1884 for Congress in the Second Massachusetts district, but declined the nomination. In 1887 he accepted an appointment on the metropolitan sewer commission, and in 1891 became a member of the rapid transit commission.

Mr. Adams inherited a large estate and acquired additional wealth. He was conspicuous in the town affairs of Quincy; the adoption of what is known as the "Quincy School System" being due to his efforts while on the school board.

He was invited to a seat in President Cleveland's cabinet in 1892, but declined.

Mr. Adams was a man of genuine ability, and of equally genuine indifference to what are termed "party honors." He attended the First Unitarian church of Quincy, beneath which are buried the remains of his illustrious ancestors, the two Presidents.

He died Aug. 14, 1894. wiki: Wiki

chg • ADAMS, John, LL.D. [1772-1863] – American educator ADMS793 7C9
was an American educator noted for organizing several hundred Sunday schools. His life was celebrated by Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. in his poem, The School Boy, which was read at the centennial celebration of Phillips Academy in 1878. WIKI wiki: Wiki
chg • ADAMS, Myron [1841-1895] – American clergyman and writer ADMS276 6C4
  • Son: ¤ADAMS, Samuel Hopkins [1871-1958] America writer and journalist
chg • ADAMS, Samuel [1722-1803] – American Revolutionary Patriot, Governor of MA ADMS553 6C10
wiki: Wiki
chg • ADAMS, Samuel Hopkins [1871-1958] – America writer and journalist ADMS278 7C3
wiki: Wiki
  • Father: ¤ADAMS, Myron [1841-1895] American clergyman and writer
chg • ADAMS, Suzanne [1872-1953] – American expatriate operatic singer ADMS763 10C6
She studied in New York with Jacques Bouhy and then in Paris with Mathilde Marchesi. She made her opera début at the Paris Opéra in 1894 or 1895 as Juliette in Charles Gounod's Roméo et Juliette. She studied the role of Juliet and the role of Marguerite from Faust with Gounod himself, who greatly admired her fine technique, brilliant tone, and vocal flexibility.

Following the death of her first husband (1904), she soon retired from the stage and settled in London. Some reference books claim that she managed a laundry in London after her retirement, but do not cite reliable primary sources for this. WIKI wiki: Wiki


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Candidates Work List

This is my working list of candidates to include -- I'm not yet sure if they are related to me! As candidates are eliminated (proven not related) they are marked appropriately (THUS) and an explanation included. They are kept in the list in case future research proves they can be included. (And to keep them from popping up on the list again!) Never discard good research!

Proven candidates' names are marked with an asterisk (*) until they can be added to the database.

ADAMS, Adrienne [*1906]
American illustrator and author
ADAMS, Alva [1850-?]
American governor (Colorado)
ADAMS, Alvin [1804-1877]
American expressman (Adams Express Co.)
ADAMS, Andrew [1736-1897]
American delegate, jurist
ADAMS, Andy [1859-1935]
American cowboy and writer
ADAMS, Annette Abbott [1877-1956]
American jurist, 1° female U.S. Attorny
ADAMS, Ansel Easton [1902-1984]
American photographer
ADAMS, Austin [1826-1890]
American jurist
ADAMS, Charles [1845-1895]
American soldier, Indian fighter, diplomat Original name: Karl Adam Schwanbeck
ADAMS, Charles Baker [1814-1853]
American naturalist
ADAMS, Charles Christopher [1873-?]
American zoologist
ADAMS, Charles Follen [1842-?]
American author
ADAMS, Charles Kendall [1835-1902]
American educator
ADAMS, Charles W. [1817-1878]
American soldier
ADAMS, Clement [1519c-1587]
English writer and teacher
ADAMS, Cyrus Cornelius [1849-1928]
American geographer
ADAMS, Daniel [1773-1864]
American physician, educator and civil benefactor
ADAMS, Daniel Weissiger [1820-1872]
American lawyer and CSA soldier
ADAMS, Douglas Noel [1952-2001]
English writer: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
ADAMS, Ebenezer [1765-1841]
American educator
ADAMS, Edwin [1834-1877]
American actor
ADAMS, Eliphalet [1677-1753]
American clergyman and missionary
ADAMS, Ephraim Douglass [1865-1930]
American historian
ADAMS, Frank Dawson [1859-1942]
Canadian geologist
ADAMS, Frank Ramsay [1883-?]
American novelist, musical-comedy writer, film scenarist
ADAMS, Franklin George [1824-1899]
American historian
ADAMS, Franklin Pierce [1881-1960]
American journalist and humorist
ADAMS, Frederick Upham [1859-1921]
American inventor, engineer, author
ADAMS, George Everett [1840-?]
American politician
ADAMS, George M. [1837-?]
American politician
ADAMS, Hannah [1755-1831]
American author
ADAMS, Henry A. [1833-1878]
American naval officer
ADAMS, Henry Carter [1851-?]
American educator
ADAMS, Herbert Baxter [1850-1901]
American educator
ADAMS, Herbert Samuel [1858-1945]
American sculptor A descendant of John1 Adams of Cambridge.
ADAMS, James Hopkins [~1811-1861]
American statesman
ADAMS, James Seybold [1897-1976]
American businessman; launched March of Dimes
ADAMS, James Truslow [1878-1949]
American historian. Of the VA and MD Adamses, descended from immigrant Francis Adams [~1642-~1698] (Thanx, Sandy!)
ADAMS, John [1760?-1829] a/k/a Alexander Smith
British seaman, H.M.S. Bounty mutineer
ADAMS, John [1825-1864]
American soldier
ADAMS, John Couch [1819-1892]
English astronomer
ADAMS, John F. [1790-1881]
American clergyman
ADAMS, John Gregory Bishop [1841-1900]
American soldier
ADAMS, Joseph Quincy [1881-1946]
American scholar
ADAMS, Julius Walker [<1873-1894]
American politician
ADAMS, Julius Walker, jr [1812-1899]
American civil engineer
ADAMS, Maude Ewing Kiskadden [1872-1953]
American actress
ADAMS, Richard [*1920]
English novelist, Watership Down
ADAMS, Robert [1849-?]
American politician
ADAMS, Robert [~1791-1875]
Irish physician
ADAMS, Roger [1889-1971]
American chemist
ADAMS, Sarah [1805-48] née Flower
English poet and hymnist
ADAMS, Sherman [1899-1966]
American government official
ADAMS, Sherman Walcott [1836-1898]
American lawyer, writer
ADAMS, Stephen [1804-1857]
American politician
ADAMS, Thomas [1730-1788]
American delegate and legislator
ADAMS, Walter Sydney [1876-1956]
American astronomer
ADAMS, William [1807-1880]
American clergyman
ADAMS, William [1813-1897]
American educator
ADAMS, William (Anjin-Sama)[1564-1620]
English navigator
ADAMS, William Taylor [1822-97]
American author ("Oliver Optic")
ADDAMS, Jane [1860-1935]
American social worker

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This article may name additional candidates: Adams (surname)




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