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Halse, Halsey, Halsie, Halsy, Hausey, Hawse

Here is an explanation for the "alias Chambers" business.



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chg • HALSEY, Abraham, 2d [1831-?] – American mining engineer HALS641 7C5
He was one of the first to plow and sow what were known as "the plains," and demonstrated the fact that grain could be grown thereon. He has been actively engaged in the survey and construction of some of the largest and most extensive ditches for hydraulic mining ever built in the State. He was President of the first company organized to build a wagon road into the Yosemite Valley, by way of Big Oak Flat and Hardin's Ranch. He has held numerous positions of public trust, among others those of Notary Public in Tuolumne County, Justice of the Peace, Associate Judge, and Deputy County Attorney of Stanislaus County. He is a prominent member of the Masonic order, having been at various times Master of Lodge, Cal. No. 1, and High Priest of the Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of California, Chapter No. 5. He has been for several years past one of the Trustees, and Secretary and Treasurer of the California State Woman's Hospital, one of the most noted charitable institutions of the city of San Francisco.
chg • HALSEY, Capt. Luther [1758-1829] – American revolutionary soldier and educator HALS235 4C8
He was a Charter Member of the Society of the Cincinnati.
chg • Halsey, Robert Hurtin [1873-1955] – Physician, Founder of American Heart Association HALS787 8C4
  • GFather: HALSEY, Stephen Alling [1798-1875] American entrepreneur
chg • HALSEY, Stephen Alling [1798-1875] – American entrepreneur HALS546 6C6
"Mr. Halsey might be called the "Father of Astoria." In the year 1835 Mr. Halsey purchased a large tract of land situated around the ferry or what was then called Hallett's Cove. Shortly afterwards he settled in the place, and was universally marked as a man of energy and progressiveness. At that time less than twenty houses stood in the neighborhood, and about the first work undertaken by him was the laying out of streets and avenues through his property. He was at this time engaged in the fur business in New York City. His next move was the erection of a number of handsome and commodious buildings, many of which stand to this day and will continue to rear their stately eminences as monuments of their builder for generations to come. Mr. Halsey evidently thought the neighborhood was worthy of having some recognition and importance, and accordingly he procured the passage of a bill by the Legislature incorporating it as a village, the name "Astoria" being adopted after John Jacob Astor of New York, an old friend of Mr. Halsey's. About 25 years ago in company with the late Byram K. Stevens and Henry L. Riker, he bought several farms and laid through them streets and avenues. This property has ever since been constantly improving. It is bounded by Broadway, Grand street, Second avenue and The Crescent. He donated a tract of land, 100 by 200 feet, extending from Academy street to First Avenue, for school purposes. A commodious school house was shortly afterwards erected on this site, which is to-day used by the Fourth Ward school. He invested in other property, in almost every instance showing his progressive spirit by laying out streets, grading them, &c. The ferry (then running to 86th street) was owned by him up to 1860, and he it was who placed the first modern ferryboat on the line. He was a great lover of horticulture, and in the garden in front of Capt. Monson's house on Fulton street may be seen some of the largest Magnolia trees on Long Island, 75 feet in height, planted by him. He had a particular admiration for shade trees which he gratuitously gave to parties desirous of planting shade trees in front of their property. The fine Elms on Washington street and Perrot Avenue still stand as specimens of his planting.

Mr. Halsey was a gentleman who all through the last forty years of his eventful life took an active interest in the welfare of the village, having served for many years as one of the Trustees and President of that Board. He was ever advocating improvement and probably did more than any other one man to build up the place. For generosity in public as well as in private affairs he was always noted. He donated the site upon which the Presbyterian Church stands and erected that sacred edifice.

When the Astoria Catholic Church was being built on Newtown Avenue he furnished gratis the necessary stone for the foundation. But our space will not permit us to further enumerate his acts of liberality. We cannot help saying, however, that in his death the poor man will lose his best friend. In the days when wages were low and living somewhat precarious, he never paid his laborers less than a dollar per day, even when others in the neighborhood paid but seventy-five cents. Workingmen in straightened circumstances who rented or purchased property from him were never oppressed when their payments became due. Such large-hearted men are rare and their loss is always a public calamity."
[Halsey & Halsey, op cit]

chg • HALSEY, Thomas [1594-1678] – American colonial immigrant ::> Firsts, superlatives and onlys (current records only) ::> his 1648 dwelling at Southampton is now the oldest English frame house in New York HALS8 S12
chg/ • => HALSEY, William Frederick "Bull", Fleet Admiral [1882-1959] – American naval officer HALS469 8C4
chg • HALSEY, William Smiley (Dr.) [1826-1874] – American surgeon HALS375 7C5
He graduated at Yale College, but not taking a degree until 1858, and in 1848 entered the College of Physicians and Surgeons in N. Y. City, and was licensed to practice in 1850. In 1851-2 he studied medicine in Paris and London. In 1854 practiced in Philadelphia, and Sept., 1856, was elected Professor of Surgery in Philadelphia College of Medicine; 1859 was one of the Consulting surgeons of the Philadelphia Hospital, and the same year was elected Professor of Surgery in the Pennsylvania Medical College. During the war he was one of the Surgeon Generals of the Army. His wife was a daughter of James Taggart, an extensive coal operator in Schuylkill Co., Pa. ["Thomas Halsey of Hertfordshire, England, &c"]

I should add that I have been unable to find any record of his service as "Surgeon General" outside this work. [RAD]

chg/ ◊ HARVEY, Hayward Augustus [1824-1893] – American inventor (tempered sheet steel) HALS623 6C5


Candidates Work List

This is my working list of candidates to include -- I'm not yet sure if they are related to me! As candidates are eliminated (proven not related) they are marked appropriately (THUS) and an explanation included. They are kept in the list in case future research proves they can be included. (And to keep them from popping up on the list again!) Never discard good research!

Proven candidates' names are marked with an asterisk (*) until they can be added to the database.

HALSEY, (Dr.) [living 1854]
American nurseryman
HALSEY, Charles Storrs [1834-?]
American educator, author
HALSEY, Francis Whiting [1851-?]
American journalist
HALSEY, Frederick A. [1856-?]
American journalist & civil engineer
HALSEY, George Armstrong [1827-94]
American politician
HALSEY, Jacob Lafayette [1828-?]
American insurance executive
HALSEY, Jehiel Howell [1788-1867]
American politician
HALSEY, John [1670-1716]
American privateer and pirate
HALSEY, John [1801-77]
American hatter and businessman
HALSEY, John Julius [1848-?]
American educator
HALSEY, Leroy Jones [1812-96]
American clergyman
HALSEY, Luther [1794-1880]
American educator & clergyman
HALSEY, Margaret Frances [*1910]
American writer
HALSEY, Nicoll [1782-1865]
American politician
HALSEY, Silas [1743/44-1832]
American politician
HALSEY, Thomas Jefferson [1863-?]
American legislator from MO
HALSEY, William Forrest [1878-?]
American motion picture writer


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