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SPENCER Family Outline Descent Tree(s) (ODT)
Name forms
Despencer, Despenser, le Despencer, Spencer, Spenser

An English family descended from Hugh Despencer and holding the earldom of Sunderland, earldom of Spencer, and dukedom of Marlborough among its members. There is a sizable representation in America.

But... Say! What are all these Churchills doing here among the Spencer celebrities? Well, it's because they really are Spencers. See the note at the Churchill celebrity page for the details.  -30-


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• CHURCHILL, John Winston Spencer [1822-1883] – 7° Duke of Marlborough, Marquis of Blandford SPEN85 13C4
A prominent Conservative MP (1844), brought about passage of Blandford Act (1856) dealing with parish divisions; Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (1876-80). His 3° son was Lord Randolph Churchill.
• CHURCHILL, Randolph Frederick Edward Spencer [1911-1968] – British author and journalist SPEN448 16C1
• CHURCHILL, Randolph Henry Spencer [1849-1895] – British polititian SPEN87 14C3
/ • CHURCHILL, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer [1874-1965] – KG - English statesman, Prime Minister SPEN89 15C2
  • Father: ¤CHURCHILL, Randolph Henry Spencer [1849-1895] British polititian
  • Mother: ¤JEROME, Jennie [1854-1921] American socialite, mother of Sir Winston Churchill
/ • CUTTER, Elizabeth Reeve [1873-1955] – American poet SPEN630 8C3
/ • JEROME, Jennie [1854-1921] – American socialite, mother of Sir Winston Churchill SPEN88 14C3
  • Husband: ¤CHURCHILL, Randolph Henry Spencer [1849-1895] British polititian
  • Son: ¤CHURCHILL, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer [1874-1965] KG - English statesman, Prime Minister
• LINDBERGH, Anne Spencer [1940-1993] – American writer SPEN635 10C1
/ • LINDBERGH, Anne Spencer (Morrow) [1906-2001] – American aviatrix and writer SPEN632 9C2
/ • LINDBERGH, Charles Augustus [1930-1932] – American kidnap and murder victim SPEN634 10C1
/ ◊ => LINDBERGH, Charles Augustus, General [1902-1974] – American aviator, writer, inventor (surgical pump) SPEN633 9C2
/ • MUSSEY, Ellen (Spencer) [1850-1936] – American educator, reformer SPEN256 6C5
• SPENCER, Ambrose [1765-1848] – American legislator and jurist SPEN141 4C7
SPENCER, Ambrose (father of John Canfield Spencer ¤), a Representative from New York; born in Salisbury, Litchfield County, Conn., December 13, 1765; attended Yale College, and was graduated from Harvard University in 1783; studied law; was admitted to the bar and commenced practice in Hudson, Columbia County, N.Y.

He died in Lyons, N.Y., March 13, 1848; interment in Lyons Rural Cemetery. BDNA

• SPENCER, Charles [1674-1722] – 3rd Earl of Sunderland - English politician SPEN70 8C9
Married Ann Churchill, daughter of the Duke of Marlborough. He was envoy to Vienna (1705) and, as a member of the Whig junta controlling the government, secretary of state (1706-10). He served as lord lieutenant of Ireland (1714-15), lord privy seal (1715-17), and first lord of the treasury and prime minister (1718-1721). Intrigued with Stanhope to secure the dismissal of Townshend (1716) and Walpole (1717). Forced to resign for his involvement in the South Sea Bubble, he retained his influence with the king. Collector of rare books and patron of Addison and other men of letters.
• SPENCER, Charles [1706-1758] – 3° Duke of Marlborough and 5° Earl of Sunderland SPEN75 9C8
Third son of ¤3° earl, he succeeded to the earldom on the death of his brother (1729) and succeeded to the dukedom upon death of his maternal aunt, Marlborough's eldest daughter, who was duchess in her own right, thus merging the two titles. MWBD
/ • => SPENCER, Diana Frances [1961-1997] – Princess of Wales SPEN111 16C1
• SPENCER, George [1739-1817] – 4th Duke of Marlborough ::> English Nobility (excl. monarchs) ::> SPEN77 10C7
• SPENCER, George John [1758-1834] – 2nd Earl Spencer, English bibliophile and politician SPEN95 11C6
By courtesy, Viscount Althorp. M.P. from 1780; Pitt's first lord of admiralty (1794-1801), as such dealt successfully with two mutinies and saw the navy score several striking victories. His singular achievement was his selection of Horatio Nelson as commander in the Mediterranean. Home sectretary (1806-07). He collected a very valuable library of books, described in Bibliotheca Spenceriana by Dibdin.
* SPENCER, Gerrard, Ensign [1614-1685] – American colonial immigrant ::> CT: Haddam founders (1668) ::> SPEN1 9GGFa
• SPENCER, Henry [1620-1643] – 1st Earl of Sunderland, 3rd Baron Spencer SPEN65 8C10
Grandson of Robert, 1st Baron Spencer, married (1639) ¤Lady Dorothy Sidney; Killed at the battle of Newbury, fighting for ¤Charles I.
• SPENCER, Jesse Ames (Rev.Dr.) [1816-1898] – American clergyman, educator, author SPEN801 5C5
• SPENCER, John [1636-1682] – American colonial ::> CT: Haddam founders (1668) ::> SPEN49 S10
• SPENCER, John [1689-1773] – American colonial ::> NY: Spencertown founders (1757-60) ::> SPEN311 1C8
• SPENCER, John [1734-1783] – 1° Earl Spencer (1765 creation) SPEN93 10C7
Grandson of ¤Charles Spencer, 3° Earl of Sunderland.
/ • SPENCER, John Canfield [1788-1855] – American legislator SPEN262 5C6
• SPENCER, John Charles [1782-1845] – 3rd Earl Spencer, Viscount Althorp, English statesman SPEN270 12C5
• SPENCER, John Poyntz [1835-1910] – 5th Earl Spencer, English statesman SPEN100 13C4
Lord lieutenant of Ireland (1868-74, 1882-85), president of the Privy Council (1880-82, 1886), 1st lord of the Admiralty (1892-95). Appointed (1902) Liberal leader in the House of Lords, succeeding the Earl of Kimberley.
• SPENCER, Joseph [1714-1789] – American Revolutionary soldier, Major General SPEN1092 2C8
• SPENCER, Marie Eugenie [?-1913] – ::> 1912-04-15 Sinking of the "Titanic" ::> survivor, lifeboat #6, with Mrs. James Joseph Brown ("Unsinkable" Molly Brown) SPEN850 7C4
/ • SPENCER, Philip [~1820-1842] – American sailor, mutineer SPEN481 6C5
• SPENCER, Phineas [1701-1760] – American colonial ::> NY: Spencertown founders (1757-60) ::> SPEN275 1C8
/ • SPENCER, Platt Rogers [1800-1864] – American calligrapher SPEN249 5C6
chg • SPENCER, Robert [1641-1702] – 2nd Earl of Sunderland - English politician SPEN68 7C10
Ambassador at Madrid, Paris, and Cologne (1671-78); was secretary of state (1679-81, 1683) and continued in office under ¤James II. Fell from power by cautioning James to "not be hasty in his religious policy" (i.e. urged him to continue the disabilities against Roman Catholics). Was made lord chamberlain and lord justice under ¤William III, to whom he was said to have rendered important services before his accession. He is creditied with creating the modern cabinet system by urging William to choose all his ministers from one political party. He was virtual head of government until forced by popular indignation to resign (1697).
• SPENCER, Thomas [1607-1687] – American colonial, turner ::> CT: Hartford founders (1636) ::> SPEN9 S11
• SPENCER, William [1601-1640] – American colonial immigrant ::> CT: Hartford founders (1636) ::> SPEN5 S11
• SPENCER, William Augustus [1855-1912] – American Titanic victim, benefactor of NY Public Library SPEN844 7C4
• SPENCER, William Robert [1769-1834] – English poet ::> 800: Writers, poets, etc. ??? ::> SPEN266 11C6
• SPENCER-CHURCHILL, George [1766-1840] – 5° Duke of Marlborough SPEN79 11C6
MP (1790); Born Spencer, he took the additional name of Churchill (becoming "Spencer-Churchill") by royal license (1817) The hyphen soon disappeared and "Spencer" was relegated to middle name status. (Thus Sir ¤Winston's surname.)


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Candidates Work List

This is my working list of candidates to include -- I'm not yet sure if they are related to me! As candidates are eliminated (proven not related) they are marked appropriately (THUS) and an explanation included. They are kept in the list in case future research proves they can be included. (And to keep them from popping up on the list again!) Never discard good research!

Proven candidates' names are marked with an asterisk (*) until they can be added to the database.

*le DESPENCER, Edward [?-1375]
English baron; fought at Poitiers
*le DESPENCER, Henry [1341?-1406]
*le DESPENCER, Hugh II [1223-1265]
English baron; last of the justiciaries of England; killed at Eversham
*le DESPENCER, Hugh III [1262-1326]
English baron; advisor to Edward II
*le DESPENCER, Hugh IV [1287-1326]
English baron; king's chamberlain
*le DESPENCER, Thomas [1373-1400]
English baron; supported Richard II against Gloucester
SPENCER, Asa [1747-1828]
America soldier
SPENCER, Christopher [1833-1922]
American inventor: Spencer repeating rifle
SPENCER, Claire [1899-?]
Scottish-American novelist
SPENCER, Elihu [?-?]
American missionary and Edwards protégé
SPENCER, Herbert [1820-1903]
English philosopher
SPENCER, John [1946-2005]
American actor (West Wing, etc.) Stage name. His birth name was John Speshock.
SPENCER, Joseph William [1850-?]
Canadian-American geologist
SPENCER, Percy L. [1894-1970]
American inventor (microwave oven)
SPENCER, Pitman Curtis [1790-1861]
American surgeon
SPENCER, Robert [1879-1931]
American landscape painter; National Academy
SPENCER, Sara Andrews [1837-?]
American reformer, suffragette
SPENCER, Sen. Selden Palmer [1862-1925]
American lawyer and legislator
SPENCER, Stanley (Sir) [1891-1959]
English painter
SPENCER, Stanley [1891-?]
English painter
SPENCER, Walter Baldwin (Sir) [1860-1929]
Australian biologist & anthropologist
SPENCER, William Brainerd [1835-82]
American legislator
SPENSER, Edmund [1552-1599]
English poet

Wikipedia Article

This article may name additional candidates: spencer (surname)




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