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WARD Family Outline Descent Tree(s) (ODT)
Name forms
Varde, Ward, Warde



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chg/ • => HOWE, Julia Ward [1819-1901] – American author, philanthropist, reformer WARD744 4C4
chg * WARD, Andrew [1597-1560] – American colonial immigrant ::> CT: Stamford founders (1641) ::> WARD1 11GGFa
chg/ • WARD, David [1822-1900] – American timber baron WARD435 6C6
chg • WARD, Eber Brock [1811-1875] – American shipbuilder & timber baron WARD356 6C6
Shipping magnate, ironmonger
chg • WARD, Samuel [1725-1776] – American colonial leader WARD706 1C7
He was born in Newport, R. I., May 27, 1725; son of Richard and Mary (Tillinghast) Ward; grandson of Thomas Ward and of John Tillinghast and great-grandson of John Ward who emigrated from Gloucester, England, in 1661 and settled at Newport, R. L, where he died in April, 1698. Samuel was graduated from Cambridge college, England, in 1743; was married in 1745, to Anna, daughter of Simon and Deborah (Greene) Ray of Block Island, and settled in Westerly, R.I. He was a representative in the state legislature for several years; chief-justice of the colony, 1761-62, and was elected governor in 1762, serving successive re-elections in 1765 and 1766. He was one of the founders of Rhode Island college, and a trustee, 1764-76; refused to enforce the Stamp Act, and took a decided stand against the agressions of England; was chosen as colleague with Stephen Hopkins as a delegate from Rhode Island to the Continental congress, 1774-76, and was chairman of the committee that reported in favor of appointing Col. George Washington as general of the American army. He died of smallpox at Philadelphia, Pa., and was buried in the churchyard of the first Baptist church in Philadelphia, where a monument was erected to his memory by the Rhode Island legislature, and in 1860 his remains were removed to Newport, R.I. The date of his death is March 25, 1776. BDNA
chg • WARD, Samuel [1756-1832] – American Revolutionary soldier, merchant WARD103 2C6
Son of ¤Samuel Ward [1725-1776], he served in the Revolutionary forces. He helped to found the New York mercantile firm of Samuel Ward & Brother, and was elected (1786) a delegate to the Annapolis Convention, and after moving (1804) to Rhode Island, represented that state at the Hartford Convention (1814).
chg • WARD, Samuel [1786-1839] – American banker WARD741 3C5
He was b. at Newport, R. I., May 1, 1786; in 1790 removed to N. Y.; at 14 he became a clerk in the banking house of which he was afterwards the head; 1808 he was taken into partnership with Nathaniel Prime, and the firm of Prime, Ward & King became widely known as enterprising bankers; in 1828 he lent an active hand in behalf of the N. Y. Hist. Soc., and in 1830 to the founding of the N. Y. University, and at a later day entered warmly into various temperance, mission, tract and other beneficent movements; in the commercial crisis of 1836-7, he was particularly active in supporting the commercial credit of the city, in 1838 he aided in founding the Bank of Commerce, of which he was afterward president; d. Nov. 27, 1839. [Griswold's Biog. Annual 1841, 266; Hunt's Lives of Am. Merchants, i, 295.]
chg • WARD, Samuel [1814-1884] – American statesman, lobbyist and author WARD743 4C4
He was born in New York city, Jan. 27, 1814; son of ¤Samuel Ward [1786-1839] and Julia Cutler; grandson of ¤Col. Samuel Ward [1756-1832] and Phoebe Greene, and of Benjamin Clarke and Sarah (Mitchell) Cutler; great-grandson of ¤Gov. Samuel Ward [1725-75] and Anne Ray and of ?Gov. William Greene and Catharine Ray, and a descendant (maternally) from John Demermaker, who came from Holland to Massachusetts and changed his name to Cutler. His father was a founder of the University of the City of New York, and treasurer of its council, 1831-39, and president of the City Temperance society.

He attended Round Hill school, Northampton, Mass., and was graduated from Columbia college, New York, A.B., 1831, A.M., 1834. He traveled and studied abroad, becoming proficient in the German, Spanish and French languages, and in 1835 became a partner in his father's banking house in New York city. In 1848 he went to California, where he mastered the dialects of the Indian tribes, and in 1854 visited Mexico.

He was secretary of a government expedition to Paraguay in 1858; was sent on a diplomatic mission to Nicaragua in 1862, and on his return in 1863, settled in Washington, D.C., dividing his time between that place and England.

He was the original of Francis Marion Crawford's (q.v.) Mr. Bellingham in "Dr. Claudius." The honorary degree of Ph.D. was conferred on him by Tübingen.

He was twice married: first, in 1835, to a daughter of William B. and Margaret R. (Livingston) Astor of New York city; and secondly, in 1843, to Medora, daughter of John R. and Suzette Grymes of New Orleans, La.

He is the author of: "Lyrical Recreations" (1865).

He died in Pegli, Italy, May. 19, 1884. BDNA


Candidates Work List

This is my working list of candidates to include -- I'm not yet sure if they are related to me! As candidates are eliminated (proven not related) they are marked appropriately (THUS) and an explanation included. They are kept in the list in case future research proves they can be included. (And to keep them from popping up on the list again!) Never discard good research!

Proven candidates' names are marked with an asterisk (*) until they can be added to the database.

WARD, Aaron Montgomery [1843-1913]
American mail-order merchant
WARD, Adolphus William (Sir)[1837-1924]
English historian
WARD, Arch Burdette [1896-1955]
American sportswriter, formulated ideas for all-star baseball and football games
WARD, Artemas [1727-1800]
American soldier and politician
WARD, Barbara Mary [1914-1981] Bnss Jackson of Lodsworth
English economist and writer
WARD, Christopher Longstreth [1868-1943]
American lawyer and humorist
WARD, Edward "Ned" [1667-1731]
London inkeeper, satirist and poet
WARD, Edward Matthew [1816-79]
English historical painter
WARD, Elizabeth J. Cobb [1857-1926]
American philanthropist
WARD, Elizabeth Stuart (Phelps) [1844-1911]
American writer
WARD, Frederick Townsend [1831-62]
American adventurer
WARD, Genevieve (Dame) [1833-1922] Ctss Guerbel
American singer and actress, née Lucia Genoveva Teresa Ward
WARD, George Gray [1844-1922]
American entrepreneur; responsible for first Pacific cable
WARD, Harry Frederick [1873-?]
American clergyman, professor, author
WARD, Harvey M. [living 1890]
American lumberman
WARD, Henry Augustus [1834-1906]
American naturalist
WARD, Herbert Dickinson [1861-1932]
American author
WARD, James [1843-1925]
British psychologist
WARD, John [1571?-1638]
English composer
WARD, John Montgomery [1860-1925]
American baseball star
WARD, John Quincy Adams [1830-1910]
American sculptor
WARD, Joseph [1838-89]
American clergyman, missionary, educator
WARD, Joseph George (Sir) [1856-1930]
New Zealand political leader and prime minister
WARD, Leslie (Sir) [1851-1922]
English portraitist and caricaturist, a/k/a "Spy"
WARD, Lester Frank [1841-1913]
American botanist, geologist, sociologist
WARD, Mary Augusta (Arnold) [1851-1920]
English novelist
WARD, Mary Jane [*1905]
American novelist
WARD, Nathaniel [1578-~1652] a/k/a Theodore de la Guard
English preacher and author
WARD, Richard [1689-1763]
American merchant and colonial governor
WARD, Robert DeCourcy [1867-1931]
American meteorologist and teacher
WARD, Robert Plumer [1765-1846]
English lawyer, essayist, novelist
WARD, Seth [1617-89]
English bishop and astronomer
WARD, William Hayes [1835-1916]
American Orientalist, archaeologist, journalist
WARDE, Frederick [1851-1935]
American Shakespearian actor

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This article may name additional candidates: ward (surname)




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