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Performing Arts: Actors, and that ilk

People who perform by interpreting a dramatic character

An actor (alternatively actress for a female) is a person portraying a character in a dramatic or comic production; he or she performs in: film, television, theatre, or radio. Actor, (hypokrites), literally means "one who interprets"; an actor, then, is one who interprets a dramatic character. WIKI

All these folks are related to me, the degree of relation of each indicated in red.

  1. ADAMS, Constance [1874-1960]
    8C3 American actress
  2. AGAR, John [1921-2002]
    9C1 American film actor
  3. ALLEN, Winifred [1896-1943]
    7C3 American actress
  4. BACALL, Lauren [1924-2014]
    8C4 (Betty Joan Perske) American actress
  5. BACKUS, Henny [1911-2004]
    8C2 American actress, author
  6. BACKUS, Jim [1913-1989]
    8C2 American actor and writer
  7. BACON, Kevin [1958*-?]
    10C1 American actor
  8. BALDWIN, Alec [1958-?]
    9C3 American actor
  9. BALDWIN, Daniel [1968-?]
    9C3 American actor
  10. BALDWIN, Stephan [1966-?]
    9C3 American actor
  11. BALDWIN, William [1963-?]
    9C3 American actor
  12. BARRIE, Elaine [1915-2003]
    12C2 American actress
  13. BARRYMORE, Diana [1921-1960]
    13C1 American actress
  14. BARRYMORE, Drew [*1975-?]
    14C American actress, producer, 1999 Actress of the Year
  15. BARRYMORE, Ethel [1879-1959]
    12C2 American actress, Academy Award
  16. BARRYMORE, Jaid [*1946-?]
    13C1 German-American actress
  17. BARRYMORE, John [1882-1942]
    12C2 American actor
  18. BARRYMORE, John Blyth [*1954-?]
    14C American actor
  19. BARRYMORE, John Drew [1929-2004]
    13C1 American actor
  20. BARRYMORE, Lionel [1878-1954]
    12C2 American actor, composer, &c, Academy Award
  21. BARRYMORE, Maurice [1849-1905]
    11C3 Anglo-American actor, playwright
  22. BASINGER, Kim [1953-?]
    9C3 American model, actress, Academy Award
  23. BAXTER, Anne [1923-1985]
    12C1 American actress, Academy Award
  24. BOGART, Humphrey DeForest [1899-1957]
    8C4 American actor
  25. CLAXTON, Kate [1848-1924]
    6C4 American actress
  26. CONE, Spencer Houghton [1785-1855]
    4C6 American clergyman and actor
  27. COSTELLO, Dolores [1903-1997]
    12C2 American actress
  28. DAVIS, Xe Sands [living-?]
    1C1 American voice artist & narrator
  29. de MILLE, Cecilia [1908-1984]
    9C2 American actress
  30. DeMILLE, Katherine [1911-1995]
    9C2 American actress
  31. DERN, Laura [*1967-?]
    27C1 American film actress, Golden Globe Award
  32. DREW, John jr. [1853-1927]
    11C3 American actor
  33. EMERSON, Faye Margaret [1917-1983]
    6C2 American film actress
  34. FENWICK, Irene [1877-1936]
    12C2 American actress
  35. FIENNES, Joseph [*1970-?]
    15C British actor
  36. FIENNES, Ralph [*1962-?]
    15C British actor
  37. FONDA, Bridget [*1964-?]
    23C1 American actress
  38. FONDA, Henry (Jaynes) [1905-1982]
    22C1 American actor
  39. FONDA, Jane (Seymour) [*1937-?]
    23C American film actress
  40. FONDA, Peter (Seymour) [*1939-?]
    23C American actor
  41. GEORGE, Peggy (néeMargaretdeMille) [1908-1978]
    9C2 American actress
  42. GISH, Dorothy [1898-1968]
    7C3 American stage and film actress
  43. GISH, Lillian [1896-1993]
    7C3 American stage and film actress, film pioneer
  44. GISH, Mary Robinson [1876-1948]
    6C4 American actress
  45. HARRIS, Katherine [1891-1927]
    12C2 American actress
  46. HEMINGWAY, (Hadley) Mariel [*1961-?]
    9C3 American actress
  47. HEMINGWAY, Margaux [1955-1996]
    9C3 American model and actress
  48. HODIAK, John [1914-1955]
    12C1 American actor
  49. IVES, Icle Ivanhoe "Burl" [1909-1995]
    7C2 American folk singer, actor and author, Academy Award
  50. KELLY, Grace [1929-1982]
    18C2 American actress, Princess of Monaco
  51. LADD, Diane [*1932-?]
    27C American film actress, Golden Globe Award
  52. LUCKETT, Edith [1896-1987]
    9C3 American actress
  53. MARVIN, Lee [1924-1987]
    8C American actor, Academy Award
  54. MIX, Ruth [1912-1977]
    9C2 American film actress
  55. MIX, Thomas E. "Tom" [1880-1940]
    8C3 American cowboy and film star
  56. MONROE, Marilyn [1926-1962]
    8C1 American film actress, Golden Globe: Best actress
  57. OELRICHS, Blanche [1890-1950]
    12C2 American socialite, heiress, poetess, writer, radio personality, actress
  58. PHILLIPS, Chynna Gilliam [1968-?]
    9C3 American singer and actress
  59. QUINN, Antonio "Anthony" (RudolfoOaxaca) [1915-2001]
    9C2 Mexican-American cinema actor, producer, director
  60. QUINN, Valentina [*1952-?]
    10C1 American actress
  61. RANKIN, Doris [1888-1946]
    12C2 American actress
  62. REAGAN, Nancy Davis [*1923-?]
    10C2 American actress, former First Lady
  63. REAGAN, Ronald Wilson [1911-2004]
    10C2 American actor and politician, 40° POTUS
  64. RENNIE, James [1890-1965]
    7C3 American actor
  65. SEDGWICK, Kyra [*1965-?]
    10C2 American actress
  66. TEMPLE, Shirley [1928-2014]
    9C1 American child film star, diplomat, SAG Lifetime Achievement Award
  67. VADIM, Roger [1928-2000]
    23C French cine writer, director, producer, actor
  68. WAYNE, John [1907-1979]
    8C2 Movie star, Congressional Medal of Honor
  69. WILLIAMS, Cara [*1925-?]
    13C1 American actress

(The last item in the left column above may be awkwardly split to the right column, because of a deficiency in HTML.)


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