My Celebrity Relations

Performing Arts: Composers

People who write music or songs

All these folks are related to me, the degree of relation of each indicated in red.

1. BARRYMORE, Lionel [1878-1954]
12C2 American actor, composer, &c, Academy Award
2. DAWES, Charles Gates [1865-1951]
8C2 American lawyer, financier, politician, Nobel laureate, 30 vPOTUS
3. DWIGHT, Timothy, Rev. [1752-1817]
8C6 American clergyman and educator
4. ELFMAN, Daniel Robert "Danny" [*1953-?]
23C1 Film composer, rock musician, Emmy Award
5. HASTINGS, Thomas [1784-1872]
11C8 American composer and hymn writer
6. HAWLEY, Charles Beach, Prof. [1858-1915]
6C4 American composer
7. IVES, Charles Edward [1874-1954]
4C4 American composer
8. IVES, Icle Ivanhoe "Burl" [1909-1995]
7C2 American folk singer, actor and author, Academy Award
9. MacDOWELL, Edward Alexander [1860-1908]
6C3 American composer
10. PORTER, Cole (Albert) [1891-1964]
20C1 American composer and songwriter
11. RUGGLES, Carl [1876-1971]
7C3 American composer and painter
12. WESTON, Paul [1912-1996]
20C1 American musician, Grammy Award

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