My Celebrity Relations


Condemned and executed for capital crimes

All these folks are related to me, the degree of relation of each indicated in red.

1. Charles I [1600-1649]
9C11 of Great Britain and Ireland, King

2. DUDLEY, John, Duke of Northumberland [~1502-1553]
2C15 English soldier and politician

3. Edward II of Caernarvon [1284-1327]
20GGFa English monarch

4. FITZALAN, Edmund [1285-1326]
18GGFa 9th/2nd Earl of Arundel - English nobleman. Faithful to Edward II, he was captured and executed by Queen Isabella and Mortimer. English Nobility (excl. monarchs)

5. George, Duke of Clarence [1449-1478]
3C17 English noble, Duke of Clarence
6. GREY, Lady Jane, [1537-1554]
3C11 English noblewoman, Queen of England
7. GUTHRIE, James (Rev.) [?-1661]
7GGFa Scottish cleric

8. HASTINGS, William [~1430-1483]
3C17 KG, Lord1 Hastings - English Yorkist nobleman
9. HOWARD, Catherine [1523c-1542]
14C14 Queen of England

10. IVES, George Homer [1836-1863]
6C4 American bandit and villain

11. Margaret of York, Blesséd [1473-1541]
4C16 English martyr, Countess Salisbury
12. Marie Antoinette [1755-1793]
10C8 Queen of France & Navarre
13. Mary of Scotland [1542-1587]
7C13 Scottish monarch (1547-1587), Queen of Scots
14. Maximilian I of Mexico [1832-1867]
13C5 Emperor of Mexico

15. SIDNEY, Algernon [1622-1683]
6C11 English republican leader and martyr
16. SPENCER, Philip [~1820-1842]
6C5 American sailor, mutineer

17. WYATT, Thomas, Sir [~1520-1554]
17C11 English soldier

(The last item in the left column above may be awkwardly split to the right column, because of a deficiency in HTML.)


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