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Inventors of one thing or other

An invention is a unique or novel device, method, composition or process. The invention process is a process within an overall engineering and product development process. It may be an improvement upon a machine or product, or a new process for creating an object or a result. An invention that achieves a completely unique function or result may be a radical breakthrough. Such works are novel and not obvious to others skilled in the same field. WIKI

All these folks are related to me, the degree of relation of each indicated in red.

1. ALCOTT, William Andrus, M.D. [1798-1859]
6C3 American educator and writer
2. ASTOR, John Jacob IV [1864-1912]
17C4 American capitalist, inventor (turbine engine) and real estate magnate; Titanic victim.
3. AVERY, Cyrus [1807-1884]
19C5 American inventor (farm machinery)

4. BEACH, Alfred Ely [1826-1896]
5C6 American inventor, publisher, and patent lawyer, 1853 Crystal Palace Exposition Gold Medal
5. BELL, Alexander Graham [1847-1922]
10C2 American inventor (telephone)
6. BIRDSEYE, Clarence [1886-1956]
7C3 American inventor (flash frozen foods)
7. BORDEN, Gail [1801-1874]
6C3 American inventor (condensed milk), founder of Borden Milk Co.
8. BRUCE, George [1781-1866]
15C8 Scottish-American printer and type founder, inventor (type foundry)

9. CURTISS, Glenn Hammond [1878-1930]
6C2 American inventor (aviation) and aviation pioneer

10. DAVENPORT, Thomas [1802-1851]
6C7 American inventor (first electric motor)

11. FARNSWORTH, Philo Taylor [1906-1971]
8C4 American inventor (television)
12. FERRIS, George Washington Gale [1859-1896]
6C4 American civil engineer and inventor (Ferris wheel)
13. FIELD, Stephen Dudley [1846-1913]
6C4 American electrical engineer and inventor (electric steetcar)
14. FULLER, (Richard) Buckminster [1895-1983]
18C3 American inventor (geodesic dome) and engineer
15. FULLER, Loie [1862-1928]
17C4 American dance pioneer and inventor (theatrical lighting)
16. FULTON, Robert jr. [1765-1815]
14C7 American inventor (steamboat) and engineer, artist

17. GODDARD, Robert Hutchings [1882-1945]
10C2 American inventor (rocketry) and rocket scientist
18. GOODYEAR, Charles [1800-1860]
5C7 American inventor (vulcanization of rubber)
19. GUTHRIE, Samuel [1782-1848]
4C4 American chemist, inventor (firearm percussion pill), physician

20. HARVEY, Hayward Augustus [1824-1893]
6C5 American inventor (tempered sheet steel)
21. HOWE, Elias, Jr. [1819-1867]
8C5 American inventor (sewing machine)
22. HOWE, William [1803-1852]
7C6 American inventor (bridge truss)

23. IVES, Frederic Eugene [1856-1937]
6C4 American inventor (halftone printing)
24. IVES, Herbert Eugene [1882-1953]
7C3 American physicist and inventor (electric telephotography)

25. JACKSON, James Caleb [1811-1895]
4C5 American nutritionist
26. JEFFERSON, Thomas [1743-1826]
16C4 American statesman, 3° POTUS
27. JEROME, Jennie [1854-1921]
14C3 American socialite, mother of Sir Winston Churchill

28. KELLOGG, George [1812-1901]
6C6 American inventor (chain manufacture) and manufacturer
29. KELLOGG, John Harvey, Dr. [1852-1943]
6C7 American physician

30. LINDBERGH, Charles Augustus, General [1902-1974]
9C2 American aviator, writer, inventor (surgical pump)
31. LOOMIS, Alfred Lee [1887-1975]
8C4 American attorney, inventor
32. LOOMIS, Mahlon [1826-1886]
6C6 American dentist and experimenter, Dr.
33. LOVELACE, Ada [1815-1852]
12C6 English writer

34. MARSH, Sylvester [1803-1884]
6C4 American inventor (cog railroad)
35. McILHENNY, Edmund [1815-1890]
23C4 American businessman, Tabasco® sauce inventor
36. MERRIAM, Henry Clay [1837-1912]
6C4 American soldier, inventor (infantry pack), Congressional Medal of Honor
37. MOREY, Samuel [1762-1843]
4C4 American inventor (steam boat)
38. MORSE, Samuel F(inlay) B(reese) [1791-1872]
16C5 American portraitist and inventor (telegraph)

39. NILES, Nathaniel, Hon. [1741-1828]
2C6 American lawyer, preacher, inventor (wire mill) and legislator

40. OLMSTED, Denison [1791-1859]
6C6 American scientist and teacher, inventor (stove, lubricant)
41. OTIS, Elisha Graves [1811-1861]
5C4 American inventor (elevator)

42. ROWLAND, Henry Augustus III [1848-1901]
6C6 American physicist
43. RUMSEY, Charles Benjamin [1875-1950]
6C5 inventor

44. SPERRY, Elmer Ambrose [1860-1930]
6C4 American inventor (gyroscope), industrialist
45. SPERRY, Lawrence Burst [1892-1923]
7C3 American inventor (automatic pilot) and aviation pioneer
46. STARR, Ebenezer "Eban" Townsend [1816-1899]
4C5 American inventor (breech-loading arms) and arms manufacturer

47. VAIL, Alfred Lewis [1807-1859]
8C4 American telegraphy pioneer

48. WHITNEY, Eli [1765-1825]
8C6 American inventor (cotton gin, firearms)
49. WHITNEY, George Eli [1862-1963]
8C5 American inventor (steam-driven car)
50. WRIGHT brothers, Wilbur & Orville [1867-1912,]
8C4 American inventors and pioneers of flight

(The last item in the left column above may be awkwardly split to the right column, because of a deficiency in HTML.)


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