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January 30, 1985 to May 20, 2001


This site has been founded to share the beautiful poems, songs, and other loving thoughts that have brought such comfort to us.

Thank you Brantley County High School (GA) students and other special friends!

A Poem for David MacRae

To my dear friend David
Whom the Lord took to the sky
I remember you so clearly
As the memories pass me by
The times we played basketball
In carefree moments of life
And all the jokes you told me
To make everything so right

Remember the times
When we would talk for so long?
When you told me you were there
To make me feel strong?
All the good times we shared
And all the fun we had
It all seems to be so priceless
Yet still I feel so bad

The last time I saw you
You were passing through the gates
They tried to bring you back
But they were just too late
I know you are up there
Looking down from above space
And even when you passed away
A smile was on your face

I know Jessie will make it
And pray Jerome will too
I just wish I could have one moment
To say 'thanks' to you
For all the support you gave me
When I wanted to cry
To my dear friend David
Whom the Lord took to the sky...

By Willie Taylor
In memory of
David Michael MacRae

Willie, Jessica, and Jerome were in the accident also.
 David's cousins were both seriously injured. 
We thank God for their healing.
Willie was the only one wearing a seatbelt.





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