Descendants of Richard Wilkinson

Descendants of Richard Wilkinson


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3. Abraham WILKINSON I was born about 1687 in Perquimans Precinct, NC and died after 14 Oct 1763 in Hyde Co., NC.

Research Notes: These notes are from the research of Allen Wilkinson Hart Norris.

Abraham Wilkinson I
Abraham was son of John Wilkinson & Joan Stamp, and grandson of Richard Wilkinson? He was born c1687 in Perquimons Precinct and left a will in 1763 at age c78. He appears first in Bath County in 1708 as a signer of the Petition for the formation of Wickam Precinct. Abraham arrived in Alegator c1697 with his mother & step father, William & Joan Voss. If he were an orphan as the history of his mother Johanna suggests, that would explain his apparent lack of Wilkinson kin. His land was located on the East side of the Pungo River where the Intercoastal Waterway later connected with the Pungo River; this is not too far from Alegator.

He was a young man at the time of the Tuscorora War. In 1712 & 1713 he was paid for 59 days service in the militia, which pursued the Tuscaroras. He was also paid for claims for losses suffered in the attack. There is a family tradition that the Wilkinsons escaped by fleeing to the stockade at Bath. In 1714 William Windley paid his levy for 2 years, suggesting that Abraham married a daughter of William, by 1713. Also evidence of this marriage are the names of his children: William (gf Wm Windley), Israel (Uncle Israel Windley), Ann (Mother Ann? Windley). Israel Windley's first land was on back of Abraham Wilkinson. Abraham married twice, thrice?.

m/1 c1712 A Windley, dau of William Windley II. She died by 1752.

m/2 14 Sep 1752 Ann
Dec CT 1753 Hyde. Abraham Wilkinson, late of Hyde County. Planter, and Anne his wife were attached to answer William Maskey of charges that Anne on 5 Feb 1750 made a note and promised to pay Thomas Skittlethorpe money she borrowed by next 18th of April. Skittlethorpe endorsed the note over to William Mackey. Abraham Wilkinson and Anne were married on 14 Sept 1752 and thus Abraham was also responsible for this debt. Hyde Civil Court Cases (High Tides, Spring 1990)

Wife Ann releases dower 7 July 1752
1752 #213 (402-294) Abraham Wilkinson Sr, planter of Hyde Co for good will & affection to my son Richard Wilkinson 125 acres E side Matchapongo R; beg mouth of a small cr, down main cr to point, up Ruckmans Cr to cypress swamp, up sw to main sw, along to head of cr, down cr to 1st; purchased by me of James Johnston 9 Jan 1735. Ann Wilkinson released dower right. 7 Jul 1752. Abraham (A) Wilkinson, Ann (+) Wilkinson. Wit: James Wilkinson, Abraham (A) Wilkinson, Aaron Tison. Test: Thomas Smith, R (Hyde DB A) Ack Sept CT 1752 by Abraham & wife Ann. (Haun)
1756 Wife Anne died; no wife is given on Abraham's 1756 deed

m/3 c1758 Elizabeth [Jasper?] widow of John Leath (d1758).

Children of Abraham & Ann, who are named in the will of 1763:
1) Israel mu b by 1715 m Elizabeth ; d 1780 age 57
2) James msu b by 1716 m c 1756 Charity Tison?; d 1783 age 68
3) Ann mgm b by 1717 m by 1746 Francis Banks (d 1763)
4) Richard pu b by 1721 m by 1752 Hannah Collins
5) William mgf b by 1718 m Sarah Tuly; d1769
6) Abraham f b by 1726 m Elizabeth Winfield d 1794 age 76 [m 2nd?]
7) dau b by 1719 m c 1746 Abraham Satterthwaite d 1776
8) Dinah bc 1723 m 1744-52 Thomas Jordan d 1814 age c91

Israel bc 1715 1745 land W side Match (Moseley & Webster)
James 1716 1743; 1756 land fm Tison & AW; s Joseph jury 1764
Ann 1717 m F. Banks
William 1718 1739 land fm bro-in-law Banks; Tax list 1740
1743 Abraham = 7 taxables
dau mc 1746 Satterthwaite
Richard 1721 1750 land fm cousin John Davis, 1752 fm father
Abraham 1726 1750; 1754 land fm bro; fm father; s Thos wit 1766
Dinah 1728-36 1744-52 mar bond

Will of Abraham Wilkinson - 14 Oct 1763 / Dec CT Hyde Co
Son Abraham - land he now lives on - tract intended for Israel but he refused in Abraham's right
Dau Ann Banks - plant. where she now lives in Slades Cr, cattle & moveables
Son Richard Wilkinson - cattle & moveables on his plantation
Son-in-law Abraham Satterthwaite - 1s; have already given him enough
Son James - nothing specific; shares in rest of estate
Son William - nothing specific; shares in rest of estate
Wife Elizabeth - 1/3rd estate
Estate to be divided by Edward McSwain & William Campbell
Exec: James Wilkinson, Israel Wilkinson, Thomas Jordan
Wit: William Davis, Abraham (A) Wilkinson, Thomas Jordan (son-in-law), Israel Wilkinson (eldest son)
Proved Dec CT 1763 by William Davis [m Abram's Taylor half sister]
[Notes: Dividers of estate are Windley in-laws. Edwd McSwain Sr d1736 will (NA) proved by John Welsh, Thomas Smith, Isaac Shavanough (Mary Cording m/1 Thos Windley m/2 Isaac Shavender); Wm Campbell, son-in-law of bro-in-law Israel Windley]

Tuscarora War Period
1708 Abraham Wilkinson signed Wickham petition for a new county.
1714c Married Ann, dau of William Windley, who paid Abram's tax]
Tuscarora War - claims & levy Hyde Precinct
1712 Jan 14. Claims Abraham Wilkinson 25 days 1:15: 0 (Misc 61)
1713 May 12. Claims. Abraham Wilkinson 34 days 1:14: - (Misc196)
1713 1st list Claims pd Abr. Wilkinson 4: 5: 0? also 1:14: 0 (Misc 206)
1714 Levy for Abr. Wilkinson pd by Wm Windley for 2 yrs (Misc216)
1715 Claims 3rd list to Abr. Wilkinson 0:12: 0 (Mis 255)
Hyde Tax
1715 Ab Wilkinson 1 tythe 0:15: 0 300 acres 0: 7: 6 (Misc259)
1716 May 6. Ab Wilkinson Woodstock 377 A Pat. -: 9: 0 (Misc280)
1723 Jury for Beau / Hyde Prect - Abraham Wilkinson
1735/6 Jan 7. James Johnson & w Mary to Abraham Wilkinson 125A E side Matchapungo River; beg mouth of small creek, up Ruckman's Creek to Cypress Swamp, Week's land, main swamp, bounds btwn James Johnston & Thos Hudson. Wit: Richard Wm Silvester, John Brown, Thomas Smith, James Wilkinson.
1740? Hyde Titheables list by Benj Martin: Abraham Wilkinson 1, Abraham Wilkinson Sener 5 (Abraham Sr, Israel, James, Richard, William. (High Tides, Spring 1990, p17)
1742 Hyde Titheables E side Pungo River - Abram wilkinson - 6 titheables. (HT Spr 90)
1743 Abraham Wilkinson - 7 taxables (males age 16+) [Abraham Sr, Israel, James, Richard, Abraham, William, +1]
1748 Hyde. Plantations in Dist of Jacob Conner - Abraham Wilkinson. (HT Fall 94)

1753 Jun CT Hyde. Abraham Wilkinson vs. Lazarous Foreman. Judgement agt the deft. for debts & costs 2L pc. Jury sworn & sent jury find for the Appellant. (Haun)

Abraham m/2 Elizabeth Leath, Widow of John Leath. Estate:
1758 Abraham married Elizabeth [Jasper?] widow of John Leath
1758 Jun CT. Orphan account due - Abraham Wilkinson Sr (Haun II,281)
1758 Dec CT. Abraham Wilkinson produced will of John Leath decd & agreed to pay the legacies. (Haun II, 293)
1761 May CT. Peter Leath DR. to Abraham Wilkinson 15 Jun 1761. (Haun II,221)
1761 Dec CT. Abram Wilkinson exhibited Act. against Peter Leath for L2 13s 4d; allowed & entered in Orphan Book. (Haun II,73)

Will of Abraham
1763 Dec CT. Will of Abraham Wilkinson exhibited in CT & proved by witness Wm. Davis. Exec: Thomas Jordan & Israel Wilkinson. (Haun II, 94) Full text of will & inventory. (Haun II, 257 & 258 & 262-266)
1765 Mar CT. Abraham Wilkinson Exec. vs Wm. Hollowell. Wit: Israel Wilkinson, Thomas Jordan, etc. (Haun II,117)

Widow Elizabeth _ Leath Wilkinson
1772 Elizabeth Wilkinson, widow of Hyde Co to my son Samuel Leath for love & affection & support during my lifetime all my real estate in NC; 1/3 of land in Hyde Co on upper side of Abraham Wilkinsons land as my right of dowery of my late husband Abraham Wilkinson decd; 1/3 land as right of Dowery in Currituck [from m/1 John Leath]; my personal estate. 3 Mar 1772. Elizabeth (E) Wilkinson. Wit: Elisha Gray, Caleb Barker. Mar Ct 1772. G.Barrow Clk. Reg 21 May 1772 (Hyde II)

Abraham Wilkinson I. land record
1) 1715 377 A EM Pat Woodstock 1756 377 A to son James Wilkinson
2) 1724 103 A fm Israel Windley
3) 200 A fm Charles Smith Jr 1726 200 A to Thomas Smith
4) 1735 125 A James & Mary Johnson 1752 125 A to son Richard W.
5) 1745 210 A Francis Banks Sr
6) 1745 190 A Francis Banks Sr; 400A New Currituck

About Ruckman's & Woodstock Creeks
1713/14 Feb 15. Richard Ruckman 350A Wickham Prect Bath Co adj mouth of small cr issuing out of Pungo River above his house, ye mouth of Woodstock Creek, and ye river. (Province 1513)
1717 Jul 3. Thomas Phillips 340A on Woodstock Cr adj the mouth of Ruckman's Cr, the pocoson. (Province 1329)
1719 Thomas Phillips to Ezekiel Weeks 13L cm 100A messuage Hyde Parish; beg cypress br out of Ruckman's Cr on narrows of Matchapungo river, E to main pocoson, N to br on N side, W to head of cr, down cr to 1st. Wit: Gi Halliday, Wm Carrouthers. (Beau I 632)

1) Patent from Edward Moseley, admin of estate? Same land?
c1714 (nd) Edward Moseley 375A Bath at head of old Ware Cr out of Matchapungo Cr joining Richard Batchelor, Duck[ing] Cr, small gut, savanah, little Woodyard. (Hofmann - Province of NC #768)
1716 May 6. Hyde Tax Abram. Wilkinson Woodstock 377 A Pat. -: 9: 0 (Misc 280) [Moseley Pat?]
1756 #310 (560) Abraham Wilkinson of Hyde Co, planter for love & affection for my son James Wilkinson of same 377 acres; beg mouth of small cr dividing him and Jonathan Watson, up cr S20 E120p, thru woods, 210p, S40 W220p, N10 W320p to mouth of small cr, up Woodstock Cr to 1st. 25 Aug 1756. Abraham (A) Wilkinson. Wit: Nathaniel (N) Davis [bro-in-law], Elizabeth Flinn [single?, dau of Abraham's 2nd wife?], Elizabeth (E) Leath [Abraham's 3rd wife]. Test: Aron Tison. Test: Stephen Denning,R (72)Hyde DB A&B

2) Windley land
1720 Dec 6 Pat to Israel Windley for 103 acres Hyde Prect. E side Match. R on head of Wooodstock Cr on the back of Abraham Wilkinson joining William Windley, swamp, White Oak Pocoson, Small br. (Province of NC #1239)
1724 Jan 5 Israel Windley, Hyde Prec. to Abraham Wilkinson of same 5L cm 103 acres Hyde Prec. at head of Woodstock Cr, E side Matchapongo R joining gum in William Windley's line, swamp. Pat to Israel Windley 6 Dec 1720. Wit: James Bright, J. White. Jan Ct 1724. Reg 25 Feb 1724/25. (BEAU DB 1,483)

3) Charles Smith Jr / Thomas Smith land
1725 Sept 17 Charles Smith Jr, planter of Hyde Prec. to Richard Wm. Silvester 40L cm 200 acres on Silvesters Cr, S side Match. R. joining Thomas Smith, Abraham Wilkinson. Wit: James Webster, J. White. Oct CT 1725. (BEAU DB 1,514) [Webster wit for Taylor in-law]
1741 #59 (120-109) Richard William Silvester of Norfolk Co VA to John Porter of Hyde Co 25L cm of VA 200 acres on Silvester Cr S side Matchapongo R joining cr, Thomas Smith, swamp, Brook Cr, Abraham Wilkinson. 30 Dec 1741. Richard Wm. Silvester. Wit: John Tule, Henry Brown. Test:Jos.Tart,R.( Hyde DB A)
1726 May 26 Abraham Wilkinson, planter Hyde Prec. to Thomas Smith, Gent of same 60L cm 200 acres land formerly Charles Smith Jr's & deeded to sd Wilkinson. S side Pamtico R. Hyde Prec. joining cr,sd Smith, Mr. Avary. Wit: Thomas Jolley, Mary Wormington, Samuel Slade, Matthew Allen, Jonathan Jasper. Jan CT 1726. (BEAU DB 1,545) Abraham's mark = A

4) 275 (229) James Johnson, planter & wife Mary of Hyde Prect in Bath Co to Abraham Wilkinson of same for 10 cm NC 125 acres on E side Matchapungo River in Hyde Prect; beg at mouth of a samll creek & running down main creek to the point, up Ruckmans to a cypress Swamp that parts this land from Week's land, running up the swams? to the main swamp, along main swamp to line of marked trees, along marked trees to 1st. Including the plantation, houses, orchards, etc belonging. 9 Jan 1735/6. James (J) Johnson, Mary (M) Johnson. Added before signing:" the line of marked trees to the head of the creek, & the creek bounds btwn James Johnson and Thos Hudson" being in the 18th line. Wit: Richd wm Silvester, John Brown, Thomas Smith, James Wilkinson. Proved by James Wilkinson Mar Ct 1735 & ordered reg. John Collison. Recorded per me Robt Turner, PR. 7 Jan 1735/6 Appeared before Thomas Smith, JP for Beau/Hyde Prect Abraham Wilkinson and made oath that he was one that said the line btwn James Johnson's & Thomas Hudson's land; beg at mouth of a small creek & running the creek to a myrtle Swamp & so along a line of marked trees to the main Swamp, both parties being satisfied with the laying out of sd land. Sworn before me. Thos Smith, JP. 7 Jan 1735. Then came before me Ezekiel weeks and made oath upon the Holy evangelists that he was at the possessioning [sic] and laying out of the above mentioned land & that the butting, bounding, courses is as above mentioned. Ezekiel weeks. Saml Sinclare, JP. Robt Turner, PR.

1752 #213 (402-294) Abraham Wilkinson Sr, planter of Hyde Co for good will & affection to my son Richard Wilkinson 125 acres E side Matchapongo R; beg mouth of a small cr, down main cr to point, up Ruckmans Cr to cypress swamp, up sw to main sw, along to head of cr, down cr to 1st; purchased by me of James Johnston 9 Jan 1735. Ann Wilkinson released dower right. 7 Jul 1752. Abraham (A) Wilkinson, Ann (+) Wilkinson. Wit: James Wilkinson, Abraham (A) Wilkinson, Aaron Tison. Test: Thomas Smith, R (Hyde DB A) Ack Sept CT 1752 by Abraham & wife Ann. (Haun)

5) Banks land land. Abraham's dau Ann mar Francis Banks. Banks deeds land to Abraham who wills part of it to dau Ann, where she now lives in Slade's Cr
1745 #109 (203-163) Frances Banks of Hyde Co to Abraham Wilkinson, Sr of Hyde Co 100L 2 parcels of land: 210 acres E side Matchapongo R on Slades Cr, head of a br, marsh, main cr; Hyde Co as per pat 1 May 1714. [to Robert Banks]; 190 acres adj. to first parcel joining Richard Ballance, John Giddens, Richard Taylor. 4 Oct 1745. Francis (F) Banks. Wit: Uriah Collins, John Williams, Francis Kipps. Test: Jos. Tart, Reg. (Hyde DB A) Ack. June CT 1746 by Francis Banks - 210 & 190 acres in New Currituck. (Haun)

Noted events in his life were:

Petition: Signed petition for the formation of Wickam Precinct, 1708, Bath County, North Carolina, USA.

Titheable: Appears in corn list, 1715, Beaufort and Hyde Precinct, NC.

He signed a will on 14 Oct 1763. Gives tract of land to Abraham II - land where he now lives; tract was intended for Israel but turned down in his favor.

Abraham married Ann WINDLEY, daughter of William WINDLEY II and Ann HOSKINS, circa 1712. Ann was born circa 1700 and died before 1752.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 5 M    i. James WILKINSON was born circa 1716 and died about 1783 in Hyde Co., NC about age 67.

+ 6 M    ii. Israel WILKINSON was born circa 1716 and died in 1780 in Craven Co., NC at age 64.

+ 7 F    iii. Ann WILKINSON was born before 1717.

+ 8 M    iv. William WILKINSON was born circa 1718 and died about 1768 about age 50.

+ 9 F    v. Daughter WILKINSON was born before 1719 and died about 1763.

+ 10 M    vi. Richard WILKINSON was born circa 1721.

+ 11 F    vii. Dinah WILKINSON was born circa 1723 and died about 1814 about age 91.

+ 12 M    viii. Abraham WILKINSON II was born before 1724 and died in 1794.

Abraham next married Ann on 14 Sep 1752. Ann was born circa 1700.

4. Richard WILKINSON was born circa 1688.

General Notes: died during the time of the Tuscarora War.

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