Descendants of Martin Goring/Goehring

1. Martin (Goring) Hering #3846 b. 18 Apr 1769, Tubingen, Germany, occupation Colonist/farmer, m. Katherina _____ #3847, b. 1779/80, Germany. Martin died 18 Apr 1835, Neudorf, Odessa, Russia. Emigrated in 1808 from Lemberg, district of Pirmasens, state of Pfalz, Germany to Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia. Cause of death, chest disease.


  • 2. i Martin Goehring #10840 b. 1796.

    3. ii Johannes Goehring #3845 b. 4 May 1797.

    iii Jacob Goehring #10841.

    iv Katharina Goehring #10842.

    v Phillip Goehring #10843 b. 1807, Germany, d. 1849/50.

  • Second Generation

    2. Martin Goehring #10840 (1.Martin1) b. 1796, Neudorf, Mulhouse, Alsace, m. 1824, Regina Laemmle #10844, b. 1804, d. 1856.


    4. i Phillip Goehring #11390 b. 1826.

    ii Ludwig Goehring #11391 b. 1827.

    5. iii Martin Goehring #11392 b. 1828.

    iv Barbara Goehring #11393 b. 9 Mar 1834, Neudorf, Odessa, Russia, m. 1855, Friedrich Duerr #11426, b. 1830.

    6. v Gottlieb Goehring #11394 b. 27 Jun 1836.

    7. vi Johann Goehring #11395 b. 1838.

    vii Jakob Goehring #11396 b. 1844.

    viii Christian Goehring #11397 b. 1846.

    3. Johannes Goehring #3845 (1.Martin1) b. 4 May 1797, Spickelhoff, Germany, m. in Neudorf, Russia, Susanna Greger #6694, b. 1 May 1810, Poland, d. 1 May 1882, Neudorf, Russia. Johannes died 3 Oct 1847, Neudorf, Odessa, Russia, buried: 5 Oct 1847, Neudorf, Russia, 50y. Name also given as Hering.


    8. i Johann Goehring #3814 b. 11 May 1827.

    9. ii Martin Goehring #4181 b. 1832.

    iii Theobald Martin Goehring #11435 b. 19 Feb 1833, Neudorf, Odessa, Russia.

    10. iv Louisa Goehring #5171 b. 19 Feb 1835.

    v Phillip Goehring #11465 b. 21 Jan 1837, Neudorf, Odessa, Russia, d. 21 Jan 1846, Neudorf, Russia, buried: 9y.

    vi Carl Goehring #4183 b. 2 Sep 1838, Neudorf, Odessa, Russia, d. Saratov, Balitzki, Odessa Co., Russia. Carl immigrated to Saratov and died there.

    vii Franz Goehring #11466 b. 26 Jun 1840, Neudorf, Odessa, Russia, d. 17 Mar 1843, Neudorf, Russia.

    11. viii Michael (Gohring) Goehring #4184 b. 11 Aug 1842.

    ix stillborn daughter Goehring #11566 b. 21 Mar 1845, Neudorf, Odessa, Russia.

    x Jacob Goehring #4185 b. 16 May 1846, Neudorf, Odessa, Russia, d. 25 Nov 1878, Neudorf, Russia.

    Third Generation

    4. Phillip Goehring #11390 (2.Martin2, 1.Martin1) b. 1826, m. 1846, Christina Koenig #11398, b. 1826.


    i Christina Gehring #11399 b. 1846.

    12. ii Ludwig Gehring #11400 b. 1847.

    iii Carolina Gehring #11401 b. 1848.

    iv Andreas Gehring #11402 b. 1849.

    v Karolina Gehring #11403 b. 1850.

    vi Louise Gehring #11404 b. 1852, d. 1854.

    vii Philipp Gehring #11405 b. 1853.

    viii Wilhelmina Gehring #11406 b. 1854.

    ix Friedrich Gehring #11407 b. 1855.

    x Gottlieb Gehring #11408 b. 1857.

    xi Sophia Gehring #11409 b. 1859, d. 1859.

    xii Margaretha Gehring #11410 b. 1859.

    xiii Magdalena Gehring #11411 b. 1860.

    xiv Rosina Gehring #11412 b. 1861.

    5. Martin Goehring #11392 (2.Martin2, 1.Martin1) b. 1828, m. 1850, Wilhelmina Gutsche #11420.


    i Rosina Goehring #11421 b. 1851.

    ii Gottfried Goehring #11422 b. 1853.

    iii Karolina Goehring #11423 b. 1856.

    iv Martin Goehring #11424 b. 1858.

    v Mana Goehring #11425 b. 1861.

    6. Gottlieb Goehring #11394 (2.Martin2, 1.Martin1) b. 27 Jun 1836, Neudorf, Odessa, Russia, m. Christina Weber #11427.


    i Gottlieb Goehring #11428 b. 1858.

    ii Johannes Goehting #11429 b. 1859.

    7. Johann Goehring #11395 (2.Martin2, 1.Martin1) b. 1838, m. Margaretha Klotzbucher #11430, b. 1840.


    i Margaretha Gehring #11431 b. 1860.

    8. Johann Goehring #3814 (3.Johannes2, 1.Martin1) b. 11 May 1827, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia, m. 1848, Louisa Becker #3815, b. 1826, Kassel, Odessa Co, South Russia, (daughter of Adam Becker #13658 and Salomea Huft #13659) d. 1888, Neudorf, Russia. Johann died 28 Jan 1904, Wells Co., ND, USA. Obituaries From The Dakota Freie Presse, 1903-1947 translated by Dr. Horst Fode, printed in the Germans from Russia Heritage Society "Heritage Review" Sept. 1989, page twenty, states Johann Goehring born 1827 Neudorf, Odessa, SR married in 1848, died 1904 Wells County, ND, age 76 y 4 m 25 d, married Anastasia Becker from Kessel, SR, died 1888, had 10 children and 2 died before the father, imm 1889 McIntosh County, ND with son Jakob, 1897 Wells County, ND


    i Carolina Goehring #15000 b. 27 May 1850, Neudorf, Russia, d. 1 Aug 1850, Neudorf, Russia.

    13. ii John Sr. Goehring #3831 b. 5 Oct 1851.

    14. iii Micheal Goehring #4118 b. 19 Dec 1853.

    iv Barbara Goehring #6171 b. 16 Mar 1856, Neudorf, Russia, d. 6 Apr 1856, Neudorf, Russia.

    v Jacob Goehring #4116 b. 9 Mar 1857, Neudorf, Russia, d. 29 Mar 1857, Neudorf, Russia.

    15. vi Barbara Goehring #3813 b. 1 May 1858.

    vii Jakob Goehring #6172 b. 2 Jun 1860, Neudorf, Russia. St. Petersburg Records.

    16. viii Katherine "Katie" Goehring #3 b. 30 May 1862.

    17. ix Phillip Goehring #4119 b. 11 May 1864.

    x Louisa Goehring #6173 b. 6 Apr 1869, Neudorf, Russia, m. Daniel Mayer #11432. Louisa died 1904. St. Petersburg Records A child died in 1905

    18. xi Friedrich "Fred" Goehring #4117 b. 10 Feb 1871.

    9. Martin Goehring #4181 (3.Johannes2, 1.Martin1) b. 1832, Neudorf, South Russia, m. 19 Jan 1854, in Gluckstal, Odessa, Russia, Philippina Schock #4182, b. ABT 1833.


    19. i Philippina Goehring #1987 b. 27 Oct 1872.

    10. Louisa Goehring #5171 (3.Johannes2, 1.Martin1) b. 19 Feb 1835, Neudorf, Odessa, Russia, m. 30 Oct 1851, in Neudorf, Russia, Martin Bender #5172, b. 1835, of Kassel, Russia. Louisa died 16 Feb 1914, Alberta. Had 12 children, survived by 3 children in America, 2 children in South Russia.


    i Katharina Bender #12386 b. 4 Dec 1852, Kassel, Russia, d. 13 Sep 1853, Kassel, Russia.

    ii Karolina Bender #11436 b. 25 Jun 1854, Kassel, Russia.

    iii Katharina Bender #11437 b. 7 May 1856, Kassel, Russia.

    iv Louise Bender #11438 b. 8 Oct 1857, Kassel, Russia.

    v Friedrich Bender #12387 b. 28 Apr 1859, Kassel, Russia.

    vi Johann Bender #11439 b. 28 Nov 1860, Kassel, Russia, d. 2 Dec 1861, Kassel, Russia.

    vii Christina Bender #11440 b. 16 Oct 1862, Kassel, Russia.

    viii Martin Bender #5173 b. 11 Mar 1864, Kassel, Russia, m. Louisa Burkart #5174.

    ix Elizabetha Bender #11441 b. 19 Feb 1868, Kassel, Russia.

    x Martin Bender #11442 b. 25 Jan 1870, Kassel, Russia.

    xi Friedrich Bender #11443 b. 22 Apr 1877, Kassel, Russia.

    11. Michael (Gohring) Goehring #4184 (3.Johannes2, 1.Martin1) b. 11 Aug 1842, Neudorf, Odessa Co., Russia, m. 24 Jan 1866, in Neudorf, Russia, Reformed, Anna Maria Doerrheim #10676, b. 24 Jun 1842, Neudorf, Russia. Michael died Saratov, Balitzk, S. Russia. Anna: Daughter of Jacob Derrheim & Friederika Stein.


    i Johann Gohring #11880 b. Saratowa, Odessa, Russia. Immigrated to the USA early 1900s. Never contacted family in Russia. America Ausgewandert und Nichts Bekannt von ihm.

    20. ii Martin Gohring #11881 b. 5 May 1872.

    iii Michael Gohring #11882 b. 15 Oct 1875, Saratowa, Odessa, Russia, m. Fredrika Wolf #11895. Michael died 1987, Ershossen, Odessa, Russia, buried: shot to death. No children.

    iv Jacob Gohring #11461 b. 5 Dec 1877, Neudorf, Russia.

    21. v Gottlieb Gohring #11462 b. 26 Apr 1880.

    vi Karolina Gohring #11463 b. 16 Oct 1882, Russia, d. ?, Starved to death in Siberia. Married M. Kurdudenko, had 4 children.

    vii Anna Maria Gohring #11464 b. 5 Nov 1885, Neudorf, Russia.

    Fourth Generation

    12. Ludwig Gehring #11400 (4.Phillip3, 2.Martin2, 1.Martin1) b. 1847, m. Carolina Bauer #11413, b. 1829.


    i Andreas Gehring #11414 b. 1849.

    ii Karolina Gerhing #11415 b. 1850.

    iii Fredrich Gehring #11416 b. 1855.

    iv Gottlieb Gehring #11417 b. 1857.

    v Margaretha Gehring #11418 b. 1859.

    vi Rosina Gehring #11419 b. 1861.

    13. John Sr. Goehring #3831 (8.Johann3, 3.Johannes2, 1.Martin1) b. 5 Oct 1851, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia, m. 8 Feb 1878, in Bergdorf, Glueckstal, Russia, Elizabeth Bertsch #3832, b. 30 Nov 1860, Bergdorf, South Russia, d. 30 Aug 1939, Ashley, ND, USA. John died 28 Mar 1902, Ashley, ND, USA.

    From Hiller Goehring: Johann & Elizabeth came to the US in 1884. They lived in the Jewell District. From the Ashley Centennial page 281

    John Goehring Sr., Martin's father, was born October 5, 1851 in Neudorf, South Russia. He married Elizabeth Bertsch from Bergdorf, South Russia. They had 3 children while in Russia, two girls and one boy. The girls died in Russia. The boy, John Jr., came with his parents to the United States in 1884. They stayed in Menno, South Dakota with friends for some time before homesteading in McIntosh county, Jewell District, in 1885.

    Their homestead quarter was overgrown with tall grass. A large lake on the north side was filled with tall rushes. They picked the rushes and twisted them in bunches to use for cooking and heating. During the dry years after the rushes were gone the lake turned into a gumbo lake. Also during these years, the winds would blow lots of dust from the lake over the farm. The rest of the land had lots of rocks. They had to live on the land for five years until they were allowed to own it.

    To supplement their farm income, buffalo bones were picked to sell. John Jr. and other men from the neighborhood would sometimes leave home to seek work to earn a little money. During these times the woman and children were left home alone in their sod houses. At times, there were Indian scares. When the Indians were causing trouble, the women would all move into one home carrying their children and leading the cow with a rope to their destination. When things quieted down they would move home again. In later years John Sr. would walk to Ipswich to get flour, sugar and other needed supplies, staying over night and walking home pulling a homemade sled hauling supplies.

    John Sr. and Elizabeth had seven children; Jacob, Christian, Gottlieb, Fred, Philip, Magdalena, and Martin. who was born May 1, 1895. In 1902 John Sr. died.

    When Martin's brothers and sisters had left, he stayed at the home place caring for his mother and grandmother. The year before his marriage to Ida Schauer, the daughter of Jacob Schauer Sr., his grandmother Elizabeth Bertsch died. He got married in 1927. At this time he was caring for his wife and mother. His mother died at the age of 78. They farmed on the homestead place until 1958. They moved to Ashley and their son LeRoy took over the farm.

    Martin and Ida had five children. A girl who was stillborn, LeRoy, Paul, Raymond, and Eileen. Martin died in October 1986 at the age of 91.

    Elizabeth: Ashley Tribune microfilm 1707 McIntosh County 1926-1946 Death Index From Greg Dockter Daughter of Michael Bertsch and Elizabeth Mattwich, St. Petersburg Records.


    i Louise Goehring #6689 b. 3 Apr 1878, Neudorf, Russia, d. 29 Jul 1878, Neudorf, Russia.

    ii Johann Goehring #6690 b. 25 Jul 1879, Krasnopol, Russia, d. 2 Mar 1883, Ballitsky, Russia.

    iii Jakob Goehring #6691 b. 28 Oct 1881, Ballitzka, Russia, d. 11 Nov 1881, Ballitzke, Russiain Russia, buried: age 14d.

    iv Elisabeth Goehring #6692 b. 21 May 1883, Neudorf, Russia, d. ?, in Russia.

    v Johann Goehring #4250 b. 29 Apr 1884, Dimintowa, Russia, m. 22 Jun 1923, Margaret Rott #4270, b. 1901, d. 1983. Johann died 10 Aug 1958, Lodi, CA. Came to the US in 1885. American Baptist Historical Society - 25 Sept. 1958 p 24 - from Greg Dockter

    vi Jacob J. Goehring #4107 b. 17 Mar 1886, Jewell District, McIntosh Co, ND, USA, occupation Farmer, m. 1908, in Ashley, ND, USA, Lydia Schock #4108, b. 3 Jan 1888, d. 16 Jun 1948, Ashley, ND, USA. Jacob died 4 Dec 1972, buried: Ashley City Cem. MR. AND MRS. JACOB J. GOEHRING

    I was born March 17, 1886 to John and Elizabeth, nee Bertsch, Goehring at the Jewell District, McIntosh County, about thirteen miles southwest of Ashley, North Dakota. My father died in 1902 leaving my mother, myself, six brothers and one sister to continue farming.

    In 1908 I married Lydia Schock of Ashley, North Dakota and settled on a farm fifteen miles southeast of Ashley. I farmed there for four years and having heard of free land and wounderful crops out west I sold the farm in 1912and moved to Rupert, Idaho where I took up two quarters of land. The land was very productive as long as it was irrigated. Without irrigation, all that grew was sagebrush, cactus and rabbits. In the fall of 1917, I sold again and moved the family back to Ashley, North Dakota. I bought a farm eight miles south of Ashley on Section 28, Township 129, Range 70. There we farmed until 1947 when we decided to retire and sold the farm to our son, Sam Goehring.

    In June 1948 my wife died. We had five children: Edwin, Ashley, North Dakota; Adofl, Galt, California; Sam, Eureka, South Dakota; Viola, Mrs. Roy Bauer, of Claremount, South Dakota and Lydia, Mrs. Adam Herr of Wishek, North Dakota. In January 1949, I married Mrs. Emma Woehl of Ashley, North Dakota. My step-children are: Ted Woehl, Ashley, North Dakota; Willis Woehl, Fredonia, North Dakota and Harry Woehl, Lodi, California.

    Mr. And Mrs. Goehring are members of the First Baptist Church of Ashley, North Dakota. In years past, Mr. Goehring served on church committees and twelve years as church treasurer. Mr. and Mrs. Goehring are still residing in Ashley.

    Taken from the book Ashley Golden Jubilee.

    vii Christian J. "Christ" Goehring #809 b. 8 Oct 1887, Jewell, ND, USA, m. 11 Feb 1911, in ND, USA, Magdelena "Maggie" Schauer #805, b. 15 Sep 1889, McPherson Co, ND, USA, (daughter of Jakob Schauer #777 and Katherine Scheuffle #800) d. 1973. Christian died ?.

    viii Friedrich "Fred" J. Goehring #808 b. 28 Apr 1889, Jewell, ND, m. (1) Christina "Kristy" Schauer #804, b. 3 Jan 1892, (daughter of Jakob Schauer #777 and Katherine Scheuffle #800) d. 20 Sep 1936, buried: Jewell Baptist Cemetery, McIntosh Co, ND, m. (2) Rosina "Rose" Wolf #4483, b. 22 Nov 1898, McIntosh Co., ND, d. 11 Mar 1953, Ashley, McIntosh Co., ND. Friedrich died Dec 1971. In 1936 he lived in Ashley, ND. Rosina: Daughter of John Wolf and Elizabeth Miller.

    ix Gottlieb Goehring #807 b. 23 Dec 1890, m. Caroline Schauer #803, b. 27 May 1893, McPherson Co., SD, (daughter of Jakob Schauer #777 and Katherine Scheuffle #800) d. ?. Gottlieb died 18 Nov 1970.

    x Phillip J. Goehring #4188 b. 9 Jul 1892, Jewell, McIntosh Co, ND, m. (1) 4 Feb 1914, in Idaho, Martha Bertsch #4484, b. South Russia, (daughter of Henry Bertsch #4771) d. 1916, Idaho, m. (2) 4 Feb 1917, in Lodi, CA, Christina Knoll #4248, b. 10 Apr 1893, Kassel, Odessa, S. Russia, (daughter of Jacob Knoll #4772 and Christina Wanner #11872) d. 16 Dec 1975, Lodi, CA, buried: Lodi Cemetery. Phillip died 23 Dec 1990, Lodi, CA. From the History of San Joaquin County, Los Angeles, CA 1923

    PHILLIP J. GOEHRING - A successful vineyardist who is residing on his fifty-acre vineyard home, loated a mile and a half southeast of Victor, is Phillip J. Goehring, a self-made man, whose success has come to him entirely through his own labor and carefully directed efforts. He was born in McIntosh County, N.D., on July 9, 1892, a son of John and Elizabeth (Bertsch) Goehring, the former coming to America from Neudorf, South Russia, his birthplace, and the latter a native of Bergdorf, South Russia. His father passed away in North Dakota about twenty years ago, while the mother still resides there. They were the parents of eight children: John, Jacob, Christian and Fred, Gottlieb, Phillip J., our subject, Maggie and Martin.

    The education of Phillip J. Goehring was limited to about five months, and he was obligated to assume his share of the farm work. Shortly after becoming of age, he began to earn his own way, and went to Idaho, where he homesteaded 320 acres of land, on which he raised grain and stock, for four years.

    Mr. Goehring's first marriage occured while living in Idaho on February 4, 1914, and united him with Miss Martha Bertsch, a native of South Russia, a daughter of Henry Bertsch. She passed away in 1906 in Idaho. In January, 1917, Mr. Goehring made a trip to Lodi, Cal. where he was married to Miss Christine Knoll, born in Russia, a daughter of Jacob Knoll. Her father came to California about fifteen years ago from South Dakota and settled at Victor, where he purchased a vineyard and had added to it from time to time until he is now one of the wealthiest citizens of San Joaquin County. After their marriage the young couple returned to Mr. Knoll's ranch in Idaho and continued farming until the early fall of 1917, when they returned to Lodi to locate. He traded his ranch for ten acres, his present vineyard home, and since then he has added by purchase 30 acres more, and Mrs. Goehring received a gift of ten acres from her father, all devoted to vineyard and alfalfa. In April, of 1921, Mr. Goehring purchased forty-nine acres at the intersection of the Cherokee and Lockeford roads, which was an old almond orchard, with the exception of ten acres in prunes. Mr. Goehring decided to take out all the almond trees and planted vines, but he left the prune orchard. Soon after buying this tract, he sold five acres for $2,000 per acre, which left forty-nine acres, thirty of which are planted to Tokay grapes. So now he ownes and operates ninety-four acres. Mr. and Mrs. Goehring are the parents of five children: Emma, Reuben, Levi; Elsie and Elmer are twins. He is a Republican in Politics; he and his family are members of the First German Baptist Church in Lodi.

    xi Magdelena Goehring #4189 b. 25 Feb 1894, Jewell, McIntosh Co, ND, m. Fred Wolf #4249. Magdelena died 10 Jan 1989.

    xii Martin Goehring #810 b. 1 May 1895, Jewell, McIntosh Co, ND, m. 1927, Ida Schauer #806, b. 28 Sep 1907, SD, (daughter of Jakob Schauer #777 and Katherine Scheuffle #800) d. 30 Jan 1990, Ashley, ND. Martin died 26 Oct 1986. Ida: Fargo Forum Feb. 2, 1990 B-6 Ida Goehring

    The funeral for Ida Goehring, 82, Ashley, ND, will be held at 11 Saturday in Ashley Baptist Church. She died Tuesday.

    Ida Schauer was born Sept. 29, 1907, in Longlake, SD. She married Martin Goehring April 1, 1927, in Ashley. He died in 1986.

    She is survived by three sons, LeRoy and Paul, both Longlake; and Raymond, Kulm, ND; a daughter, Eileen Meidinger, Bismarck, ND; five grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. (Holte, Ashley)

    14. Micheal Goehring #4118 (8.Johann3, 3.Johannes2, 1.Martin1) b. 19 Dec 1853, Neudorf, Odessa Co., South Russia, m. 23 Jan 1880, in Bergdorf, Odessa Co., South Russia, Elizabeth (Maier) Meyer #4480, b. 22 Jan 1857, Bergdorf, Odessa Co., South Russia, (daughter of Leslie Meyer #4481) d. 22 Jun 1937, Wason Flats, Montana, buried: 26 Jun 1937, Wason Flats, MT, USA. Micheal died 18 Oct 1943, Jordan, Garfield Co, MT, USA, buried: 22 Oct 1943, Purewater Cem, Montana. Info from Greg Dockter Copy of death certificate on file. Died at the Good Samaritan Hospital, Jordan, MT. St. Petersburg records give birthdate as 19 Nov 1853. Elizabeth: Info from Greg Dockter Copy of death certificate on file, cause of death: cancer of stomach.


    i Elizabeth Goehring #5222 b. 6 Jan 1881, Neudorf, Odessa Co., South Russia, m. 15 Dec 1904, Daniel Mayer #5227, d. 30 May 1925. Elizabeth died 24 Jan 1967.

    ii Katherine Goehring #5223 b. 6 May 1883, Neudorf, Odessa Co., South Russia, m. 31 Dec 1904, John Frey #5228, d. 3 Jan 1979. Katherine died 21 Nov 1985.

    iii Barbara Goehring #5224 b. 17 Apr 1885, Neudorf, Odessa Co., South Russia, m. 7 Aug 1904, Dan Landenberger #5229, d. 22 Jun 1928. Barbara died 3 Oct 1954.

    iv Karolina Goehring #5225 b. 28 Jan 1887, Neudorf, Odessa Co., South Russia, m. (1) 17 Mar 1908, Bernhart Hofer #5230, d. 8 Apr 1917, m. (2) 1919, Karl Schlepp #4387, b. 10 Oct 1880, Neudorf, Gluckstal, South Russia, (son of Karl Schlepp #644 and Katharina Eberhardt #1998) d. 1940. Karolina died 2 Feb 1990. Karl: Birth record LDS card 0045 page 4036 USSR & Baltic States

    v John Goehring #4485 b. 13 Feb 1891, Neudorf, Odessa, South Russia, m. 30 Mar 1919, in Hebron, ND, USA, Julia Bich #4486, b. 18 Sep 1901, Fredonia, ND, USA, (daughter of Johann Bich #5208 and Eva Schlecht #5209) d. 3 May 1987, Bismarck, ND, USA, buried: 6 May 1987, Turtle Lake, ND, USA. John died 19 Jan 1933, Turtle Lake, ND, USA. From Turtle Lake's 71st Anniversary 1776 to 1976 book, page 165 . Mr. and Mrs. John Goehring

    John Goehring was born to Micheal and Elizabeth Goehring on February 13, 1891 at Neudorf, South Russia. He came to the Dakota Territory in 1902. He homesteaded in what is now the Aurena Township, McLean Co., ND. John married Julia Bich on March 30, 1919.

    To this union were born five daughters; Mathilda (Mrs. Martin Hofer), Turtle Lake, ND, Lila (deceased), Violet (Mrs. Larry Begeman, Seattle, Washington), Frieda (Mrs. Ernest Lerum Jr.) deceased, and Marian (Mrs. Edward Sypnieski, Bismarck, North Dakota).

    John and Julia farmed during the years of 1919-1933. On January 19, 1933, John died. Julia remained on the farm until the fall of 1935 when she moved to Bismarck with her family. Their farm is now the Norman Kvamme farm.

    Mrs. Goehring married Ernest Lerum, Sr. he died on 11-6-1950.

    Note from Marian in Feb. 1994: Mother married Ernest Lerum on 6 Nov. 1950 and she died on 3 May, 1987 in Bismarck, ND.

    vi Sophia Goehring #5226 b. 26 Feb 1896, Neudorf, Odessa Co., South Russia, m. 1 Jan 1918, Bill Schmidt #5231, d. 25 Jan 1930. Sophia died 29 Sep 1980.

    vii Jacob Goehring #4906 b. 12 Jan 1899, Neudorf, Odessa Co., South Russia, m. (1) 12 Jan 1922, Marcella Lesmeister #5170, d. 11 Jul 1953, m. (2) Gertrude Needham #11673, b. 24 Jun 1909, d. 20 Jul 1993. Jacob died 1 Nov 1990. Info from Mathilda (Goehring) Hofer and her sister Marian.

    15. Barbara Goehring #3813 (8.Johann3, 3.Johannes2, 1.Martin1) b. 1 May 1858, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia, m. 23 Feb 1884, in Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia, Johann Frey #3812, b. 27 Mar 1862, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia, (son of Johann Gottlieb Frey #3839 and Dorothea Marzolf #3840) d. 18 Jan 1934, Harvey, North Dakota, USA. Barbara died 7 Jun 1925, Harvey, North Dakota, USA. Barbara came to the USA with her husband and family in 1893 via the New York City port of entry. They lived temporarily in Eureka, South Dakota and finally settled in Harvey, North Dakota where she lived until her death. Johann: Emigrated in 1893 from Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia to the USA at New York port of entry and first settled in Eureka, South Dakota. Info from Clifford Frey. Glueckstal Colonies Births and Marriages gives marriage date as 8 Feb 1884.


    i Johann Frey #5176 b. 23 Dec 1883, Kassel, Glueckstal, Russia, d. ?.

    ii Martin Frey #12389 b. 29 Sep 1885, Neudorf, Glueckstal, Russia.

    iii Jakob Frey #12390 b. 18 Sep 1887, Neudorf, Glueckstal, Russia.

    iv Fred Frey #5175 m. Lydia Hieb #5177.

    v Edward Frey #230 b. 18 Nov 1901, Harvey, ND, m. 15 Jan 1925, in Harvey, ND, Pauline Schauer #214, b. 27 Sep 1903, Martin, ND, (daughter of Karl Schauer #6 and Karolina Adam #212) d. 20 Oct 1963, Lodi, CA, buried: Cherokee Mem.PK., Lodi, CA. Edward died 29 Mar 1988, Lodi, CA, buried: Lodi, CA. Pauline:

    Pauline was a meticulous housekeeper throughout her life. She loved company and conversation, jokes and card-playing. She also loved to cook, especially baking cookies, cakes, pies and home-made candies (I.e. fudge).

    Pauline loved sweets, and upon getting diabetes, not only took her medicine, but also continued eating sweets with little diminishment. She advised that eating sweets was one of her enjoyments in life which she would not give up.

    Several years before her death, Pauline became blind due to diabetes and her health deteriorated rapidly thereafter. Even during this interval she had time to enjoy people with conversation, jokes, etc. Contributed by Clifford O. Frey.

    16. Katherine "Katie" Goehring #3 (8.Johann3, 3.Johannes2, 1.Martin1) b. 30 May 1862, Neudorf, Odessa Co., South Russia, m. 16 Jan 1884, in Glueckstal, Neudorf, Odessa Co., Russia, John Christian (Johann) Schauer #1, b. 18 Oct 1850, Neudorf, Odessa Co., South Russia, 22 Oct 1850, Neudorf, (son of Johann Georg Schauer #284 and Christine Louise Schlepp #286) occupation Farmer, d. 26 May 1933, Harvey, ND, USA, buried: 31 May 1933, St. John's Luth, Martin, ND. Katherine died 19 Nov 1929, Martin, ND, USA, buried: 22 Nov 1929, St. John's Luth, Martin, ND. Obit: The Harvey Herald Thursday, November 21, 1929 page 1 - on file Certificate of Death on file.


    Funeral services will be held tomorrow from St. John's Lutheran church for Mrs. Catherina Schauer, of Martin, who died at a local hospital on Tuesday of this week, following an operation for appendicitis.

    Mrs. Schauer was born in Russia on May 13, 1863, immigrating to Americia in the year 1888. She first settled in this section of the country near Eureka, S.D. and in the year 1897 removed to the Harvey community.

    She is survived, in addition to the husband, by the following children: Mrs. Katie Hieb and Gottlieb Schauer, Sask.; Mrs. Louise Jesz, N.D.; and Emanuel Schauer, Martin. Also surviving are two brothers, Fred Goehring, Ashley and Mike Goehring, Turtle Lake; and the following step-children: Carl Schauer, Martin; John Schauer, Los Angeles; Mrs. Eva Hieb, Kalispel, Mont.; and Mrs. Magdeline Zeckmeister, Lodi, Calif.

    Services will be held at two o'clock in the afternoon, Rev. C.M. Leammle pastor of the Salem church, officiating. Interment will be at St. John's cemetery. John:

    John and Katie donated the land for the St. John's Lutheran Cemetery in Rural Martin, ND, USA

    John emigrated from Neudorf, Russia and landed in New York Dec 1892. Declaration of Intention and Naturalization Record on file. Death Certificate on file.

    John was deaf and dumb. May have been from scarlet fever when he was about three years old.

    Obit: THE McCLUSKY GAZETTE John Schauer, Aged 82, Passes Away

    John Schauer of Martin, aged 82, passed away at the home of his son Emanuel, on Friday, May 26. Mr. Schauer, born in Russia October 18, 1850, came to America in 1892 and settled near Ashley. In September 1897, he came to Martin and filed on land south of that place, where he lived until the death of his wife four years ago. For the past four years he has lived with his son in Martin. He is survived by eight children, only two of whom reside in this community. Karl, who has lived in Harvey for the past two years, and who formerly farmed west of Harvey, and Emanuel of Martin, are well known in this vivinity. Funeral services were held on Wednesday, at the St. John's church south of Martin, and burial was made in that cemetery. Reverend Laemmle of Harvey officiated.

    Marriage date from St. Petersburg records Glue 1895616-2-177-002

    St. Petersburg records gives birthdate as 18 Oct 1850, Glueckstal.


    i August Schauer #9032 b. 2 Jun 1885, Neudorf, Odessa Co., S. Russia, d. 7 Jun 1885, 5 days old - Neudorf, Russia.

    ii Katherina Schauer #8 b. 8 Oct 1886, Neudorf, Odessa Co., South Russia, m. 1903, Jacob "Jack" Hieb #260, b. 8 Oct 1880, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia, (son of George Hieb #4441 and Katherina Glasser #4450) d. 12 Apr 1953, Leader, SK, Canada. Katherina died 2 Sep 1937, Innisfree, AB, Canada. Grave marker says born 1876. Jacob: Info from grandson Clifford Lukowitch, Edmonton, Alberta

    iii Louise Schauer #9 b. 21 Dec 1892, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia, m. 10 Mar 1910, in Fressenden, ND, USA, Jacob Jesz #219, b. 31 Aug 1891, Cagerlac, Romania, (son of Martin Jesz #4608 and Christine Nitscke #4609) d. 14 Feb 1949, Bismarck, ND, USA, buried: McClusky City Cemetery. Louise died 19 Dec 1979, McClusky, ND, USA, buried: McClusky, ND, St. John's Luth. Obit: THE FARGO FORUM, Fargo, ND Mrs. Louise Jesz

    The funeral for Mrs. Louisa Jesz, 86, McClusky, N.D. will be there at 10 Saturday in St. John Lutheran Church. She died Wednesday. Born Dec. 21, 1892, in Russia, Louise Schauer came to this country in 1893 with her parents and settled near Martin, N.D. She married Jacob Jesz March 10, 1910, at Fessenden, N.D. He died in 1950. They farmed near Skogmoe, N.D., and McClusky until 1947 when they moved into McClusky. She leaves two daughters and three sons, Mrs. August (Emily) Helm, Colfax, Wash,; Mrs. Violet Michelson, Anamoose, N.D.; Emanuel, Phoenix, Ariz.; Gotthold, Underwood, N.D.; Harry, McClusky; a brother, Emanuel, Martin; 22 grand-children, 46 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren.

    Jacob: Obit: Hold Services for Jacob Jesz, 58

    Funeral services were held at 2:00 p.m. Friday from the Chapel of Berg's Funeral Home, McClusky, for Jacob Jesz, 58, who died at Bismarck hospital at 4:30 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 14, after a week's illness.

    The services were conducted by Rev. Irvin J. Lovseth, pastor of McClusky Americian Lutheran church. Special music was provided (unreadiable).

    Mr. Jesz, who has been a resident of Sheridan county for more than 40 years, was a native of Roumania, where he was born Aug. 31, 1891. He came to the United States in 1906, and three years later (1909) was married to Louise Schauer at Fessenden.

    The Jesz family moved to McClusky two years ago. He leaves, besides his wife, the following sons and daughters: Emanuel, McClusky; Gotthold, Jamestown; Alma, Mrs. Edwin Johnson, McClusky; Emily, Mrs. August Helm, Goodrich; Harry, Elmer and Violet, McClusky; one brother, Christ Jesz, Turtle Lake, and one sister, Ustina, Yakima, Wash.; 17 grand-children; 2 sons preceded the father in death.

    Berg Funeral Home of McClusky was in charge of arrangements. Burial was made in the McClusky City cemetery.

    iv Jacob Schauer #10 b. 13 Jan 1896, d. ?.

    v Gottlieb "George" Schauer #11 b. 28 Jun 1898, Martin, ND, USA, occupation Farmer/barber, m. (1) 27 Oct 1915, in McClusky, ND, USA, Lydia Hieb #13, b. 2 Jan 1894, Benyer, SD, USA, (daughter of Daniel Hieb #746 and Christina Doerrheim #749) d. 22 Feb 1932, Thorsby, AB, Canada, buried: Telfordville, AB, m. (2) 17 May 1934, in Lutheran Parsona, Thorsby, AB, Maria "Mary" Webber #14, b. 15 Nov 1909, Vegreville, AB, Canada, (daughter of William Webber #1588 and Christina Albrecht #1595) d. 12 Oct 1994, Edmonton, AB, buried: cremation. Gottlieb died 1 Sep 1977, Edmonton, AB, Canada, buried: 3 Sep 1977, Telfordville, AB. Gottlieb and Lydia's marriage was witnessed by Karl Schauer and David Hieb. Certification of Naturlization # 28372-23 April 1932

    vi Emanuel Schauer #12 b. 24 Jan 1901, Martin, ND, USA, m. 29 Jun 1927, in Harvey, ND, USA, Ruth Helm #242, b. 27 Aug 1905, Harvey, ND, (daughter of Fredrich Johann Helm #4400 and Amelia Fisher #4401) d. 15 Jan 1995, Bismarck, ND, buried: 18 Jan 1995, Harvey, ND, Sunnyside Cem. Emanuel died 12 Nov 1984, Harvey, ND, buried: 15 Nov 1984, Sunnyside Cemetery, Harvey, ND. Info from Gary D. Schauer Cemeteries of ND, Vol. 29, pg. 144, Wells County - Row # 10 Emanuel Schauer Harvey - Emanuel Schauer, 83, Martin, died Monday in the Harvey hospital (2 Nov 1984) Services will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday at First Lutheran Church, Harvey, with burial in Sunnyside Cemetery, Harvey. A lifelong resident of Martin, he had operated the Standard Oil bulk station there for 24 years. He is survived by his wife, Ruth, one daughter, Mrs. Francis (Karen) Miller, Mandan, and two sons. (Hertz Funeral Home, Harvey).

    17. Phillip Goehring #4119 (8.Johann3, 3.Johannes2, 1.Martin1) b. 11 May 1864, Neudorf, Odessa, South Russia, 17 May 1864, Neudorf, Russia, occupation Farmer, m. 26 Jun 1885, in Glueckstal, Russia, Christina Hottman #4120, b. 7 Aug 1860, Gluecksthal, South Russia, (daughter of Franz Hottman #4124 and Elizabeth Goehring #4125) d. 16 Feb 1940, Lodi, San Joaquin, CA, USA. Phillip died 2 Oct 1936, Lodi, San Joaquin, CA, USA, buried: Woodbridge Cemetery, Wells Funeral H, 123 N School St. Lodi, CA. Information from his grandson, Hiller Arnold Goehring, who lives in Lodi, CA. Note from Marian: death certificate shows birth as May 1, 1864. Christina: Note from Marian: death certificate gives birth date as Nov. 7, 1865. Marriage date from St. Petersburg Records.


    i Christine Goehring #11567 b. 18 Sep 1885, Glueckstal, Russia.

    ii Katherina Goehring #4251 b. 14 Dec 1886, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia, m. Jacob Hofer #4260. Katherina died 21 May 1912, ND, USA. Info from Hiller Goehring. Katherina died in childbirth and the baby died as well.

    iii Johann Goehring #4252 b. 12 Mar 1889, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia, m. Katherine Wagenman #4261. Johann died ABT 1920, Elk Grove, CA. Info from Hiller Goehring.

    iv Jacob Goehring #4121 b. 12 Dec 1891, Neudorf, Odessa, South Russia, m. 16 Jul 1918, in Burley, Rupert, Idaho, USA, Paulina Borth #4122, b. 18 Apr 1897, Margosovaka, Caucausus, S. Russia, (daughter of Jacob Borth #4268 and Christina Widmer #4269) d. 28 Apr 1967, Lodi, San Joaquin, CA, USA, buried: Lodi Cemetery. Jacob died 2 Aug 1969, Lodi, San Joaquin, CA, USA. Jacob & his brother Johann immigrated to the USA in 1911. Paulina: Pauline Borth immigrated to the USA with her parents in 1908.

    v Christina Goehring #4253 b. 22 Jun 1894, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia, m. Dan Wagenman #4262. Christina died 21 May 1977, Lodi, CA. Info from Hiller Goehring.

    vi Phillip Goehring #4254 b. 10 Aug 1897, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia, d. Apr 1965, Lodi, CA. Info from Hiller Goehring. Phillip never married.

    vii Christian Goehring #4255 b. 23 Sep 1899, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia, d. 2 May 1902, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia. Info from Hiller Goehring.

    viii Lydia Goehring #4256 b. 10 Oct 1901, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia, m. Martin Perman #4263. Lydia died Lodi, CA. Info from Hiller Goehring.

    ix Marie Goehring #4257 b. 8 Aug 1903, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia, m. Jacob Perman #4264. Marie died Lodi, CA. Info from Hiller Goehring.

    x Martha Goehring #4258 b. 23 Apr 1905, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia, m. Ted Knittle #4265. Martha died Gustine, CA. Info from Hiller Goehring.

    xi Pauline Goehring #4259 b. 26 Nov 1907, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia, m. Ed Rossman #4266. Pauline died 8 Jun 1995, Los Banos, CA. Info from Hiller Goehring. Pauline had a twin brother who died at birth.

    18. Friedrich "Fred" Goehring #4117 (8.Johann3, 3.Johannes2, 1.Martin1) b. 10 Feb 1871, Neudorf, South Russia, occupation Farmer/Retired, m. 2 Jan 1894, in McIntosh Co., ND, Baptist Church by F.W. Golling, Katharina Kaul #4186, b. 1870, d. 1947. Friedrich died 12 Sep 1937, Ashley, ND, USA, buried: Jewel Cem. Certificate of Death North Dakota State File No. 2591 on file.


    Frederick A. and Katherine (Kaul) Goehring were united in marriage in the 1870s (Note: should have been 1890s). They settled on a farm southeast of Ashley near the South Dakota border. They raised seven children. The only survivor is Fred Goehring who lives in Ashley and still owns some of the orginal property. At the age of seven years, Katherine Kaul planted a grove of trees in that area and those trees are now over 100 years old and are still in existence.

    Frederick Goehring was an enterprising young man, he bought the first threshing machine in his community. In the early 1930s he was elected the first County Commissioner in that area. He was responsible for planning, building and maintaining some of the first roads in the area.

    The seven children they raised were Martha, married Jacob Leight; Lydia, married John Dewald; August, married Magdelena Schock; Katherina, married Edward Leicht; Christine, married John Rohrback; Fred, married Esther Dillinger; and Sam, married Ella Delzer.

    Martha and Jacob Leicht settled on a farm northeast of Ashley. In 1936 they moved to Lodi, California. They had four children. Ella Williams lives in Willits, California; Emma Stofle lives in Oakland, California; Lila Bristow and Gladys Mayer live in Lodi.

    Lydia and John Dewald settled on a farm near her father's farm. Both of them died in their early '40s.

    August and Magdeline settled on a farm east of his father's farm. They had four children, Eloise Deg and Lavera Guenther live in Lodi, California; Hilda Hoffman lives in Aberdeen, South Dakota and Wilber (Red) Goehring lives in Illinois.

    Katherine and Edward Leicht started married life on a farn southwest of the family farm in South Dakota. They have one surviving daughter, Ila Weidner who lives in Alaska.

    Christine and John Rohrback spent their early married life in Belle Fourche, South Dakota and in the early 1940s they moved to Lodi. They had two children, Oliver who lives in Livermore, California and Joann Johnson, who lives in Stockton, California.

    Fred and Esther Goehring farmed the home place for many years and are now retired and living in Ashley.

    Sam and Ella Goehring started their married life farming the home place for several years. They moved to Lodi, California in the early 50s. They had two children. Garey lives in Lodi, California and Terry who died in 1980. Sam died in 1987.

    Ashley Centennial history book 1888 to 1988

    Witnesses to marriage: Gottlieb Weisser & Michael Bertsch.


    i Martha Goehring #4202 b. 1890, m. Jacob Leicht #4209, b. 1890, d. 1974. Martha died 1967. Moved to Lodi, CA in 1936

    ii Lydia Goehring #4203 m. John Dewald #4210.

    iii August Goehring #4204 b. 20 Aug 1898, McIntosh Co, ND, USA, m. 31 Oct 1920, in ND, USA, Magdalena Schock #4211, b. 2 Feb 1900, McIntosh Co, ND, USA, d. 11 Jan 1975, Ashley, ND, USA. August died 31 Dec 1948, Ashley, ND, USA. Ashley Centennial, A History of Ashley, North Dakota page 278.

    August Goehring, son of Frederick and Katherine (Kaul) Goehring was born August 20, 1898, in McIntosh County. They homesteaded on a farm southeast of Ashley, in Jewell District.

    On October 31, 1920, he was united in marriage with Magdalena Schock, daughter of Emmanual and Elizabeth (Dollinger) Schock, born February 2, 1900, in McIntosh County. To this union four children were born.

    Eloise, September 27, 1923, married Harry Deg (now deceased) March 9, 1947, at Lodi, California. She still resides there. They have two sonns, Dennis, Stockton, California, and H. Dale, San Diego, California.

    LaVern, born January 21, 1925, married Roland Guenther, Forbes, North Dakota. They reside at Lodi, California. They have two children, Kenneth, Lodi, California and Mrs. Dave (Connie) Fontes of Seattle, Washington.

    Hilda, born October 25, 1928, married Harold J. Hoffman at Long Lake, South Dakota. They now reside at Aberdeen, South Dakota. They have two children, Mrs. David L. (June) Jorgenson, Aberdeen and Bruce L. Hoffman, Souix Falls, South Dakota.

    A. Wilber Goehring, born January 28, 1933, now resides in Decatur, Illinois.

    In 1947 the Goehrings moved into Ashley because of ill health. August died December 31, 1948, and Magdalena died January 11, 1975.

    iv Katharina Goehring #4205 m. Edward Leicht #4212.

    v Christina Goehring #4206 m. John Rohrback #4213. Moved to Lodi, Ca in 1940s.

    vi Friedrich "Fred" Goehring #4207 m. Esther Dollinger #4214.

    vii Samuel Goehring #4208 m. Ella Delzer #4215. Samuel died 1987. Moved to Lodi, CA in 1950s.

    19. Philippina Goehring #1987 (9.Martin3, 3.Johannes2, 1.Martin1) b. 27 Oct 1872, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia, m. May 1893, in Neudorf, Russia, Georg Helm #1984, b. 5 Dec 1867, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia, (son of Ludwig Helm #1981 and Catharina Schauer #1980) d. 23 Nov 1935, Harvey, Wells Co, ND, USA, buried: 27 Nov 1935, Andreas Cem, Denhoff, ND, USA. Philippina died 17 Oct 1957, McClusky, ND, USA, buried: 23 Oct 1957, Lincoln Valley, ND, USA. FUNERAL HELD FOR MRS. GEORGE HELM

    Funeral services were held Wednesday, October 23 at 2 p.m. in St Andrew's Lutheran Church of Lincoln Valley for Mrs. George Helm, Sr., 85, who passed away at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Wilbert Vollmer, Drake. Pastor H.G. Schuler of Goodrich officiated.

    Mrs. Helm was the last living charter member of the Lincoln Valley church. The former Philippina Gehring was born October 27, 1872 in Neudorf, South Russia, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Gehring . After the death of her father, she was adopted at the age of seven by Mr. and Mrs. John Rieb of Kassel, South Russia.

    In May 1893 she married George Helm. They made their home in Neudorf until 1893 when they emigrated to the United States, settling at Tyndall, South Dakota. In 1897 they homesteaded near Napoleon, then known as "Dawson Flats".

    They moved to Sheridan county in 1899 with their son Fred and homesteaded two miles north of Lincoln Valley. Her husband passed away in 1935 and she moved to Lincoln Valley two years later.

    Surviving are four sons and three daughters; Fred G and George, both of Lincoln Valley and Christ of Annmoose; Mrs. Adam Dockter of New Salem, Mrs. Wm. Wagner, Grace City and Mrs. Vollmer, Drake. She also leaves 36 grandchildren and 24 great grandchildren. Four children preceded her in death.

    Serving as pallbearers were the following grandsons; Harold, Marvin and Larry Helm, Kenneth Vollmer, Eddie Dockter and LeRoy Wagner.

    From the McClusky Gazette 24 Oct 1957 p.1

    Georg: Copy of Certificate of Death on file.


    George Helm, Resident of Sheridan for 36 Years, Victim of Stroke Nov. 23

    Last rites were held Wednesday afternoon at the Lutheran church north of Lincoln Valley, for George Helm, 68, who homesteaded in the Lincoln community 36 years ago. Mr. Helm died early last Saturday at a Harvey hospital, the victim of a stroke. He had been in failing health for some time.

    Mr. Helm was one of the first to settle in the Lincoln Valley area, homesteading on one of the choice locations in the county. He gained recognition as one of the county's most successful wheat growers.

    Surviving are his widow, five sons, Fred, Louis, John, George and Christ Helm, and three daughters, Mrs. Dockter and Mrs. William Vollmer of Drake, and Mrs. Will Wagner of Lincoln.

    From the McClusky Gazette Friday 29 Nov. 1935 p.1


    i Friedrich George Helm #4063 b. 12 Oct 1896, Tyndall, Yankton Co., SD, occupation Farmer/ND State Legislator, m. 1928, in Harvey, Sheridan Co., ND, Bertha Sprenger #15548. Friedrich died Mar 1970, Denhoff, Sheridan Co., ND, buried: Lincoln Dale Cemetery, Lincoln Valley. Decending information from Richard Helm. Bertha: Daughter of Jacob Sprenger and Salomea Stroh.

    ii Louis Helm #4064.

    iii John Helm #4065.

    iv George Helm #4066 b. 1912.

    v Christ Helm #4067 b. 1914.

    vi Emma Helm #4068 b. abt 1900, Lincoln Valley, Sheridan Co., ND, m. Adam Dockter #4071.

    vii Katharine "Katie" Helm #4070 b. 27 Jun 1903, Lincoln Valley, Sheridan Co., ND, m. William "Will" Wagner #4073, b. 5 Dec 1899, Selby, SD.

    viii Ida Helm #4069 b. abt 1906, m. Wilbur Vollmer #4072.

    20. Martin Gohring #11881 (11.Michael3, 3.Johannes2, 1.Martin1) b. 5 May 1872, Saratowa, Odessa, Russia, m. (1) Dorothea Graff #11883, m. (2) Katharian #11884. Martin died 2 Apr 1944.

    Children by Dorothea Graff:

    i Jacob Gohring #11885.

    ii Johann Gohring #11886.

    iii Ludwig Gohring #11887.

    iv Gottlieb Gohring #11888.

    Children by Katharian:

    v Dora Gohring #11889.

    vi Catharine Gohring #11890.

    vii Marthe Gohring #11891.

    viii Christine Gohring #11892.

    ix Marie Gohring #11893.

    x Ottilie Gohring #11894.

    21. Gottlieb Gohring #11462 (11.Michael3, 3.Johannes2, 1.Martin1) b. 26 Apr 1880, Saratowa, Odessa, Russia, m. Christina Benz #11878, b. 29 Oct 1883, Saratowa, Odessa, Russia, d. ?. Gottlieb died 1933, Gottlas, Archangelsic, Russia. Christina: Christina is the daughter of George Benz & Christina Graff.


    i Gottlieb Gohring #11896 b. 1 May 1903, Saratowa, Odessa, Russia, d. 2 Feb 1904, Saratowa, Odessa, Russia.

    ii Christine Gohring #11897 b. 26 Nov 1905, Sartowa, Odessa, Russia, m. Ludwig Schwint #11905, b. 1905, Saratowa, Odessa, Ukraine, d. 1947, Permonaisky, Ural Swerdlov. Christine died 8 May 1994, Dresden, Germany.

    iii Catherine Gohring #11898 b. 10 Dec 1908, Sartowa, Odessa, Russia, m. Freidrich Aloschin #11906, b. 29 Jul 1908, Saratowa, Odessa, Ukraine, d. ?, Karatau, Kazakhstan. Catherine died 29 Mar 1982, Karatau, Kazakhstan.

    iv Gottlieb Gohring #11899 b. 24 Aug 1910, Saratowa, Odessa, Russia, m. in Saratowa, Odessa, Ukraine, Magdelena Kirschmann #11907, b. 1908. Gottlieb died 1 Aug 1990, Artay, Kazakhstan. They had 7 children.

    v Maria Gohring #11900 b. 9 Jun 1912, Saratowa, Odessa, Russia, m. Ferinand Keller #11908, b. 1914, Antonowka, Odessa, Ukraine, d. 30 Nov 1944, Weldkrieg - killed in World War 2. No children.

    vi Caroline Gohring #11901 b. 15 Mar 1914, Sartowa, Odessa, Russia, m. Johannes Lammle #11909, b. 17 Aug 1911, Saratowa, Odessa, Ukraine, d. 22 Jun 1982, Antau, Kazakhstan. Caroline died 5 May 1949, Perwomaisky Kries Berjoswsk, Swerdlowsk.

    vii Anna Gohring #11902 b. 25 May 1916, Saratowa, Odessa, Ukraine, d. 14 Feb 1917, Saratowa, Odessa, Ukraine.

    viii Martha Gohring #11903 b. 19 Dec 1919, Saratowa, Odessa, Ukraine, d. 8 May 1994, Emmendinger-Baden-Wuttemberg, Germany.

    ix Rosa Gohring #11904 b. 14 Sep 1922, Saratowa, Odessa, Ukraine, d. 15 May 1924, Saratowa, Odessa, Ukraine.

    x Jacob Gohring #11879 b. 25 Mar 1925, Saratowa, Odessa, Ukraine, m. (1) 8 Aug 1942, divorced 1963, Eugenia Bart #11910, b. 28 Nov 1927, Michajlowke, Russia, m. (2) Wanda Schmidt #11917, b. 12 Jan 1931, Hoffental, Sapovosne, Ukraine, d. 9 Apr 1979, Karatau, Kazakhstan. Jacob now resides in Rastatt, Germany after living in the Ural Mountain area and Kazakhstan for 30+ years. Eugenia: Divorced 19 Jan 1963.



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