Descendants of George Friedrich Helm

1. George Freidrich Helm #2448 b. 3 Feb 1790, Oberhausen, Germany, m. Maria Margaretha Krein #2449, b. 1 Sep 1794, Henau, Germany?, d. 5 Oct 1864, Neudorf, Russia 70y 11m 5d. George died 6 Sep 1861, Neudorf, Odessa, Russia. Dr. Stumpp's book 1816 Neudorf census #43 lists from Oberhausen/Koblenz.


2. i Magdalena Helm #13875 b. 16 Dec 1810.

ii Friedrich Karl Helm #4044 b. 1813/14.

iii Eva Helm #4043 b. 1815.

iv Johann Konrad Helm #4045 b. 1816, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia.

3. v Ludwig Helm #1981 b. 1822.

4. vi Jacob Helm #2450 b. 13 Sep 1829.

5. vii Michael Helm #2451 b. ABT 1827.

Second Generation

2. Magdalena Helm #13875 (1.George1) b. 16 Dec 1810, Neudorf, Russia, m. Johann Georg Thurn #13874, b. 1 Sep 1807, Euserthal, Pfalz, d. 16 Dec 1885, Neudorf, Russia. Magdalena died 23 Nov 1884, Neudorf, Russia.


6. i Georg Friedrich Thurn #3891 b. 22 Oct 1837.

3. Ludwig Helm #1981 (1.George1) b. 1822, Neudorf, Odessa Co., Russia, m. 20 Nov 1845, in Glueckstal, South Russia, Catharina Schauer #1980, b. 1827, Neudorf, Odessa Co., Russia, (daughter of Johann Friedrich Schauer #269 and Karoline Kron #646).


i Magdalene Helm #4052 b. 28 Jan 1847, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia.

ii Friedrich Helm #4049 b. ABT 1848, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia.

iii Jakob Helm #4050 b. 12 Jan 1851, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia.

iv Carolina Helm #4053 b. 14 Sep 1852, Cassel, Odessa Co, South Russia.

7. v Ludwig Helm #1982 b. 28 Sep 1854.

vi Johann Conrad Helm #4051 b. 30 Nov 1856, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia.

8. vii Johann L. "John" Helm #1983 b. 15 Jul 1858.

viii Katherina Helm #5993 b. 6 Nov 1860, Neudorf.

ix Christian Helm #5994 b. 10 Aug 1862, Neudorf, d. 17 Mar 1863, Neudorf, Russia, buried: 7m 07d.

x Christian Helm #8962 b. 8 May 1864, Neudorf, Russia. Godparents: Michael Helm, Jacob Helm & Margaretha ?

9. xi Georg Helm #1984 b. 5 Dec 1867.

xii Karl Helm #8963 b. 22 May 1870, Neudorf, Russia.

4. Jacob Helm #2450 (1.George1) b. 13 Sep 1829, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia, m. 5 Feb 1852, in Glueckstal, South Russia, Christina Carolina Schauer #4054, b. 29 Aug 1834, Neudorf, South Russia, (daughter of Johann Friedrich Schauer #269 and Karoline Kron #646). Jacob died 21 Feb 1875, Neudorf, Russia.


10. i Friedrich Helm #4055 b. 26 Nov 1852.

ii Jakob Helm #4056 b. 9 Aug 1854, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia.

11. iii Carolina Helm #1979 b. 6 Oct 1856.

iv Ludwig Helm #4057 b. 27 Apr 1858, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia, d. 11 Dec 1861, Neudorf, Russia.

v Christian Helm #5992 b. 20 Apr 1860, Neudorf, d. 15 Mar 1861, Neudorf, Russia.

12. vi Margaretha Helm #8964 b. 17 Nov 1861.

vii Ludwig Helm #8965 b. 6 Dec 1863, Neudorf, Russia.

viii Christina Helm #8966 b. 29 Mar 1867, Neudorf, Russia, 2 Apr 1867, Neudorf.

ix Magdalena Helm #9111 b. 2 Apr 1869, Neudorf, Russia, 6 Apr 1869, Neudorf, d. 20 Jul 1870, Neudorf, Russia.

x Johann Helm #11569 b. 30 Aug 1871, Neudorf, Odessa, Russia, 30 Sep 1871, d. 18 Apr 1877, Neudorf, Russia. A twin brother died at birth. Godparents: Jacob Walter, Johan Reuther and Karolina Adam.

5. Michael Helm #2451 (1.George1) b. ABT 1827, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia, m. 21 Nov 1850, in Neudorf, Russia, Barbara Martel #4046, b. ABT 1827, South Russia.


i Friedrich Helm #4047 b. 17 Feb1855, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia. A twin brother stillborn.

ii Magdalene Helm #4048 b. 28 Nov 1856, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia, d. 12 Aug 1875, Neudorf, Russia.

Third Generation

6. Georg Friedrich Thurn #3891 (2.Magdalena2, 1.George1) b. 22 Oct 1837, Neudorf, South Russia, m. 18 Feb 1860, in Glueckstal, Russia, Katherina Raile #3892, b. 19 Aug 1837, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia, (daughter of Gottlieb Raile #13681 and Christina Barbara Gienger #13682) d. 7 Jan 1920, Jamestown, North Dakota, USA. Georg died 1 May 1918, Ashley, McIntosh Co, North Dakota, USA. To the USA in 1893.


13. i Jakob Thurn #687 b. 10 Aug 1864.

7. Ludwig Helm #1982 (3.Ludwig2, 1.George1) b. 28 Sep 1854, Neudorf, Odessa Co., South Russia, m. 8 Feb 1877, in Glueckstal, Russia, Magdalena Doerr #1985, b. 10 Feb 1856, Kassel, South Russia, (daughter of Friedrich Durr #4059 and Magdalene _____ #4060) d. 29 Oct 1914, McClusky, ND, USA, buried: McClusky Cem. Ludwig died 2 Jun 1936, McClusky, ND, USA, buried: McClusky Cem. LUDWIG HELM, 82, PASSES TUESDAY Funeral Services Will Be Held At Local Evangelical Church Sunday Afternoon.

Ludwig Helm, 82, resident of near McClusky since 1911, died at the home of his son, Fred Helm, south of town at 11:40 P.M. Tuesday. A cerebral hemorrage caused death.

Funeral services will be held at the Fred Helm home south of town at 1:30 P.M. and at the Evangelical church at 2:30 o'clock Sunday afternoon, conducted by Rev. E. K. Heimer.

Mr. Helm, who was born at Neudorf, Russia, Sept. 28, 1954 (1854), and his wife came to the United States in 1911, to reside with their son, Fred. Mrs. Helm preceded her husband in death in 1914. They were parents of eight children, three of whom died in Russia and one in this country. Suriving are two sons, Fred and Adolf; two daughters, Mrs. John Schell, McClusky and Mrs. Stephen Hieb, Hurdsfield; a brother residing near Martin; 40 grandchildren and 20 great grandchildren. McClusky Gazette Friday 5 June 1936 - page 1

Copy of death certificate on file.


14. i Fred Helm #4061 b. 30 May 1878.

ii Adolph Helm #4062.

15. iii August Helm #6285 b. 1 May 1880.

iv Christina Helm #12391 b. 3 Jan 1883, Neudorf, Russia.

v Rudolf Helm #12392 b. 27 Jan 1885, Neudorf, Russia.

8. Johann L. "John" Helm #1983 (3.Ludwig2, 1.George1) b. 15 Jul 1858, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia, m. 24 Nov 1882, in Gluckstal, Evan Luth Ch, South Russia, Christina Scheible #1986, b. 15 Oct 1864, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia, (daughter of Fred Scheible #4078 and Katherina Hoffart #4079) d. Dec 1940, Berlin Township, Sheridan Co, ND, USA, buried: St. John Lutheran Cemetery, rural Martin. Johann died 11 Apr 1938, Berlin Township, Sheridan Co, ND, USA, buried: St. John Lutheran Cemetery, rural Martin. RITES HELD FOR JOHN L. HELM

Funeral services were conducted by Rev. John G. Bunge, Goodrich, at St. John's Lutheran church south of Martin on Good Friday for John L. Helm, 79, who died April 11.

John L. Helm was born July 15, 1858 in Neudorf, South Russia. In 1882 he was married to Christine Schreiber, who survives. They were parents of nine children, four of whom died, three died in Russia.

The Helm family came to America in 1898, settling on a homestead south of Martin where they resided for 40 years. Mr. Helm, whose health showed signs of failing after he had passed 70, was bedridden for the last 15 months.

Sons and daughters surviving are; Fred of Bayhorse, Mont.; Magdalene Wagenmann, of Paul, Idaho; Christine Eisenbeisz, Martin; 14 grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

The McClusky Gazette Fri. 22 April 1938 p.5


John Helm was born in Russia, where he married Christine Scheible. They migrated from Europe in early 1890s, settling in Canada.

In 1897, they came to North Dakota, homesteading six miles southwest of Martin in Berlin Township.

There were eight children, of which is still living, Christine (Helm) Eisenbeisz. The children are as follows; Magdalina, Fred, Christine (Eisenbeisz), Martin, Pauline and Katherina.

John died in 1937 and Christine died in 1940. They are both buried at St. John's Lutheran Cemetery in Berlin Township.

Harvey, N.D. "Growing with Pride" p. 395

Certificate of death on file. Christina: MRS. CHRISTINE HELM DIES SUDDENLY

Mrs. Christine Helm, 76, died at her home in Berlin township, Sheridan County, Monday. Death came suddenly, caused by a heart attack.

She was born Oct. 15, 1864. Her husband, John Helm, passed away two years ago.

According to present plans rites will be held Friday at the German Lutheran church in Berlin township and burial will be at the church cemetery.

The McClusky Gazette Dec. 12, 1940 p.1


i Friedrich "Fred" Helm #4081 b. 12 Dec 1883, Neudorf, Odessa, South Russia.

ii Magdalina Helm #4080 b. 27 Nov 1887, Neudorf, Odessa, South Russia, m. _____ Wagemann #4087. Magdalina died 1937.

16. iii Christine Helm #4082 b. 9 Feb 1895.

iv Pauline Helm #4084 b. 13 Apr 1897, Neudorf, Odessa, South Russia, d. 18 Jul 1973, buried: St. John Lutheran, rural Martin,ND.

v Katherine Helm #4085 b. 25 Aug 1899, Martin, ND, USA, d. ?.

vi Karolina Helm #4083 b. 25 Mar 1902, Martin, ND, USA, d. 5 Jan 1908, buried: St. John Lutheran, rural Martin, ND.

vii Adam Helm #4086 d. ABT 1939.

viii Martin Helm #6519.

9. Georg Helm #1984 (3.Ludwig2, 1.George1) b. 5 Dec 1867, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia, m. May 1893, in Neudorf, Russia, Philippina Goehring #1987, b. 27 Oct 1872, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia, (daughter of Martin Goehring #4181 and Philippina Schock #4182) d. 17 Oct 1957, McClusky, ND, USA, buried: 23 Oct 1957, Lincoln Valley, ND, USA. Georg died 23 Nov 1935, Harvey, Wells Co, ND, USA, buried: 27 Nov 1935, Andreas Cem, Denhoff, ND, USA. Copy of Certificate of Death on file.


George Helm, Resident of Sheridan for 36 Years, Victim of Stroke Nov. 23

Last rites were held Wednesday afternoon at the Lutheran church north of Lincoln Valley, for George Helm, 68, who homesteaded in the Lincoln community 36 years ago. Mr. Helm died early last Saturday at a Harvey hospital, the victim of a stroke. He had been in failing health for some time.

Mr. Helm was one of the first to settle in the Lincoln Valley area, homesteading on one of the choice locations in the county. He gained recognition as one of the county's most successful wheat growers.

Surviving are his widow, five sons, Fred, Louis, John, George and Christ Helm, and three daughters, Mrs. Dockter and Mrs. William Vollmer of Drake, and Mrs. Will Wagner of Lincoln.

From the McClusky Gazette Friday 29 Nov. 1935 p.1


Funeral services were held Wednesday, October 23 at 2 p.m. in St Andrew's Lutheran Church of Lincoln Valley for Mrs. George Helm, Sr., 85, who passed away at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Wilbert Vollmer, Drake. Pastor H.G. Schuler of Goodrich officiated.

Mrs. Helm was the last living charter member of the Lincoln Valley church. The former Philippina Gehring was born October 27, 1872 in Neudorf, South Russia, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Gehring . After the death of her father, she was adopted at the age of seven by Mr. and Mrs. John Rieb of Kassel, South Russia.

In May 1893 she married George Helm. They made their home in Neudorf until 1893 when they emigrated to the United States, settling at Tyndall, South Dakota. In 1897 they homesteaded near Napoleon, then known as "Dawson Flats".

They moved to Sheridan county in 1899 with their son Fred and homesteaded two miles north of Lincoln Valley. Her husband passed away in 1935 and she moved to Lincoln Valley two years later.

Surviving are four sons and three daughters; Fred G and George, both of Lincoln Valley and Christ of Annmoose; Mrs. Adam Dockter of New Salem, Mrs. Wm. Wagner, Grace City and Mrs. Vollmer, Drake. She also leaves 36 grandchildren and 24 great grandchildren. Four children preceded her in death.

Serving as pallbearers were the following grandsons; Harold, Marvin and Larry Helm, Kenneth Vollmer, Eddie Dockter and LeRoy Wagner.

From the McClusky Gazette 24 Oct 1957 p.1


17. i Friedrich George Helm #4063 b. 12 Oct 1896.

ii Louis Helm #4064.

iii John Helm #4065.

iv George Helm #4066 b. 1912.

v Christ Helm #4067 b. 1914.

18. vi Emma Helm #4068 b. abt 1900.

19. vii Katharine "Katie" Helm #4070 b. 27 Jun 1903.

20. viii Ida Helm #4069 b. abt 1906.

10. Friedrich Helm #4055 (4.Jacob2, 1.George1) b. 26 Nov 1852, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia, 7 Dec 1852, Neudorf, Russia, m. ABT 1877, Christine Hofer #4089, b. ABT 1852/53. Friedrich died 1915.


i Margaretha Helm #4090 b. 8 Oct 1874, Neudorf, Russia, 13 Oct 1874, m. J. F. Himrich #4094, b. ABT 1875.

ii Jacob Helm #4091 b. ABT 1882, occupation Bank Cashier, m. 2 Jan 1906, in Java, SD, USA, Catharina "Katie" Jesser #4095, b. ABT 1883, (daughter of Friedrich Jesser #4099). 6 January (printed date was 1905 but should have been 1906)

On Tuesday, January 2nd, 1906, at 1 o'clock P.M. there were married at the Helm Lutheran Church, the Rev. G. Kirchdoerfer officiating. Jacob Helm, oldest son of Friedrich Helm, and Miss Catharina Jesser, oldest daughter of Friedrich Jesser. John Fiectler and Wm. Jesser acted as best men and Carolina Helm and Magdalena Wolf were bridesmaids. The function at the church was followed by a bountiful wedding feast at the home of the briide's parents, northwest of Java, in which the entire community participated. Mirth and merry making reigned supreme during the entire afternoon and evening and many a poor, forlorn husband for once got a good meal. The young couple is well and favorably known, the groom holding the post of assistant cashier in the First State Bank of Java, and the bride is a lady of taste and refinement. The Harold extends congratulations and wishes the young people success in business and happiness at home.

From the Java Herold read and compiled by Linda Johnson and published in the GCRA newsletter Volume 5 Number 2 1992.

iii Caroline Helm #4092 b. ABT 1887, m. J. H. Fiedler #4096, b. ABT 1886.

iv Fred Helm #4093 b. ABT 1889, m. Martha Rueb #4097, b. ABT 1890.

11. Carolina Helm #1979 (4.Jacob2, 1.George1) b. 6 Oct 1856, Neudorf, m. 9 Nov 1876, in Glueckstal, Russia, Karl Jakob Schauer #773, b. 1 Apr 1854, Neudorf, Russia, (son of Jakob Schauer #285 and Christina Louisa Weiss #769) d. ABT 1930, Russia. Carolina died ABT 1930, Russia. Karl: owned a flour mill in Neudorf and was Mayor of Neudorf in 1903. Marriage Record from the St. Petersburg records Source 1884070-1-651-015.


21. i Jacob Karl Schauer #2157 b. 17 Jun 1877.

ii Karolina Schauer #11572 b. 1 Sep 1878, Neudorf, Odessa, Russia, 17 Sep 1878.

iii Fred Schauer #3880 occupation Soldier, d. 1918, France. Fred Schauer came to the United States in 1914. He was killed in France during World War l and the American Legion Post at Selby, SD is named in his honor.

22. iv Magdalene Schauer #4649 b. 28 Jan 1882.

v Margaretha Schauer #11573 b. 12 Jun 1884, Neudorf, Odessa, Russia. St. Petersburg Records give birthdate as 14 Jun 1884.

23. vi John Karl Schauer #2158 b. 1 Oct 1889.

12. Margaretha Helm #8964 (4.Jacob2, 1.George1) b. 17 Nov 1861, Neudorf, Russia, m. 3 Feb 1881, in Neudorf, Russia, Martin Job #14922, b. 30 Jul 1858, Neudorf, Russia. Married Martin Job? Martin: Son of Jakob Job and Magdalena Bohlaender.


i Christina Job #14923 b. 26 Dec 1881, Kassel, Russia.

ii Magdalena Job #14924 b. 20 Apr 1883, Neudorf, Russia, d. 7 Apr 1884, Neudorf, Russia.

iii Jakob Job #14925 b. 15 Aug 1884, Neudorf, Russia.

iv Johann Job #14926 b. 17 Mar 1886, Neudorf, Russia.

v Magdalena Job #14927 b. 28 Oct 1887, Neudorf, Russia.

vi son Job #14928 b. 29 Jul 1899, Neudorf, Russia, d. 31 Jul 1899, Krontal, Neudorf, Russia.

vii Martin Job #14929 b. 18 Oct 1900, Neudorf, Russia.

Fourth Generation

13. Jakob Thurn #687 (6.Georg3, 2.Magdalena2, 1.George1) b. 10 Aug 1864, Neudorf, Odessa Co., South Russia, m. 1880, in Neudorf, Bergdorf, South Russia, Christina Schlepp #645, b. 23 Oct 1861, Neudorf, Odessa Co., South Russia, (daughter of Jakob Schlepp #638 and Catharina Schauer #277) d. 2 Jul 1944, Calgary, AB, Canada, buried: Queen's Park Cem, Calgary, AB. Jakob died 7 Jul 1953, Linden, AB, Canada, buried: Oueen's Park Cem. Emigrated to US in 1893 Ship: S.S. Vancouver, settled in Long Lake, SD.


i Ludwig Thurn #688 b. 18 Oct 1891, m. 26 Jun 1917, Emelia Schafer #1999, b. 1890, d. 1966.

ii Salomea Thurn #689 b. 31 May 1898, Longlake, SD, m. 26 Jun 1917, in Sunnyslope, AB, Canada, Edward Schafer #692, b. 15 Mar 1893, Pierre, Hughs Co., SD, USA, (son of Jakob Schafer #3893 and Elizabeth Maedche #3894) occupation Farmer/Hunter, d. 26 Nov 1962, Sundre, AB, Canada, buried: Three Hills, AB.

iii Adolph Thurn #690 b. 22 May 1899, m. 20 May 1928, Lydia Sprecker #2000, b. 1910, d. 1987.

iv Herda Thurn #691 b. 9 Sep 1900, Eureka, SD, m. William Deines #2001, b. 1901, d. 1980. Herda died 30 Jul 1978, Calgary, AB.

14. Fred Helm #4061 (7.Ludwig3, 3.Ludwig2, 1.George1) b. 30 May 1878, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia, occupation Farmer, m. (1) 1905, in Harvey, ND, USA, Elizabeth Sprenger #4747, d. 1907, m. (2) 1907, Wilhelmine Schmidt #4749, b. 26 Jan 1890, d. 5 Nov 1908, buried: St. John Lutheran Cemetery, Martin, ND, m. (3) 1909, Margaretta Pliens #4751, b. 24 Jan 1889, Neudorf, South Russia, d. Jun 1966, buried: McClusky Cemetery, ND. Fred died Oct 1954, McClusky, Sheridan Co, ND, USA, buried: McClusky Cemetery. Sheridan County Heritage'76


Fred Helm, Sr. was born May 30, 1878, at Neudorf, South Russia, The son of Ludwig and Magelena (Durr) Helm. He migrated from Russia to the United States in 1901. In 1902 he came to Sheridan County and homesteaded some land in Whitlaken Township. He farmed here until 1945. At this time he retired and moved to McClusky.

In 1905 Mr. Helm married Elizabeth Sprenger at Harvey, ND. They were the parents of one son, Edwin. Elizabeth Helm died in 1907. Mr. Helm then married Wilhelmina Schmidt of Martin, ND. They were the parents of a son, Ludwig, who preceded his father in death. Wilhelmina Helm died in 1908.

In 1909, Mr. Helm was married to Margaretta Pliens of Lincoln Valley. She was born in Neudorf, Russia January 24, 1889. She came to the United States with her parents, William and Christina (Kaup) Pliens in 1897. They were members of the St. John's Lutheran Church of McClusky. They were the parents of 14 children: Adolf, Julius, Albert, Walter and Fred Helm of McClusky, Arnold Helm of Bismarck, Christ of Coopertown, Lydia (Mrs. Ephriam Schaeffer), Martha (Mrs. John Roth), Emma (Mrs. Ted Lauer), Annetta (Mrs. Harry Murray, Edna (Mrs. Alvin Brackett) and Pauline (Mrs. Lloyd Brockel). They had 72 grandchildren and 49 great grandchildren.

Mr. Helm died October 1954 and Mrs. Helm died June 1966.

Children by Elizabeth Sprenger:

i Edwin Helm #4748 b. ABT 1906.

Children by Wilhelmine Schmidt:

ii Ludwig Helm #4750 d. BEF 1954.

Children by Margaretta Pliens:

iii Adolph Helm #4752.

iv Julius Helm #4753.

v Albert Helm #4754.

vi Walter Helm #4755.

vii Fred Helm #4756.

viii Arnold Helm #4757.

ix Christ Helm #4758.

x Lydia Helm #4759 m. Ephriam Schaeffer #4765.

xi Martha Helm #4760 m. John Roth #4766.

xii Emma Helm #4761 m. Ted Lauer #4767.

xiii Annetta Helm #4762 m. Harry Murray #4768.

xiv Edna Helm #4763 m. Alvin Brackett #4769.

xv Pauline Helm #4764 m. Lloyd Broeckel #4770.

15. August Helm #6285 (7.Ludwig3, 3.Ludwig2, 1.George1) b. 1 May 1880, Neudorf, Odessa Co., Russia, m. 1905, in Cassel, Russia, Lutheran, Christine Pressler #6286, b. 22 Apr 1884, Kassel, Russia, d. 13 Sep 1933, McClusky, ND. August died 31 Jan 1914, McClusky, ND, buried: McClusky Cemetery. They emigrated to the United States.


i Mary Helm #9149 b. 25 Jun 1908, Neudorf, Odessa Co., Russia, m. 4 Feb 1927, in McCludky, ND, Lutheran, Fredrich Haux #9150, b. 18 Apr 1906, McClusky, ND, d. 24 Mar 1976, Bismarck, ND. Mary died 24 Oct 1974, Bismarck, ND. Fredrich: Son of Johann Haux b. 16 Jun 1972 Russia and Regina Voegle b. 8 Nov 1873 Gluckstal, Russia.

16. Christine Helm #4082 (8.Johann3, 3.Ludwig2, 1.George1) b. 9 Feb 1895, Neudorf, Odessa, South Russia, m. 1915, in ND, Rudolf Eisenbeisz #4088, b. 2 June 1889, Hoffnungstal, Russia, d. 22 Dec 1963, ND, buried: St. John Lutheran Cemetery. rural Martin. Christine died 16 Jan 1990, buried: St. John Lutheran, rural Martin. Rudolf: Rudolph Eisenbeisz Family

Rudolph was born in the village of Hoffnungtal, Russia in June of 1889. In 1910, at the age of 21, Rudolph migrated to the United States and on to North Dakota. There he met and was united in marriage to Christina (Helm) Eisenbeisz in 1915. She was born in 1895 to John and Christine Helm in Russia. She attended country school.

After their marriage, they homesteaded in New Germantown Township. In 1930, they moved to the farm's present location in Berlin Township.

They had seven children: Fred, deceased; Tina (Adam), Fullerton; Lydia )Pfeifer), Tioga; Alfred, Denver, Colo.; John, Denver; Reinhold, Martin; and Leona, deceased.

In 1951, they moved into Ananoose. Rudolph passed away in 1963. Christine makes her home on the farm with her son, Reinhold.

Growing with Pride The Harvey, N.D. Area...Her History...Her People page 389


i Fred Eisenbeisz #15690.

ii Tina Eisenbeisz #15691.

iii Lydia Eisenbeisz #15692.

iv Alfred A. Eisenbeisz #15693 b. 17 Jun 1924, Ananoose, ND, m. 21 Dec 1951, in Reno, NV, Lena R. terHorst #15697, b. 1932, Alamosa, Colo. Alfred died 17 Jan 1990, buried: St. John Lutheran Cemetery, rural Martin. FN US Navy Korea Alfred A. Eisenbeisz Family

Alfred A. Eisenbeisz was born in Anamoose June 17, 1924 to Rudolph and Christine Eisenbeisz. He married Lena R. terHorst December 21, 1951, at Reno, Nev. Lena was born at Alamosa, Colo., (date removed for privacy) 1932 to William and Ethel Mae terHorst. They lived in Berlin Township for a short time on the Emanuel Schauer farm.

They have five children: RaeAnn Mae, born in Bismarck; Glenn Lee, born in Harvey; Donnita Christine, born in Harvey; and Roy Alfred, born in Denver, Colo. They now live at Commerce City, Colo.

v John Eisenbeisz #15694.

vi Reinhold Eisenbeisz #15695 b. 16 Aug 1929, m. 1956, Irene Haas #15703. Reinhold died 16 Jul 1997, buried: St. John Lutheran Cemetery, rural Martin. CPL US Army Korea Reinhold and Irene Eisenbeisz

Reinhold Eisenbeisz was born August 16, 1929, the sixth child of Rudolph and Christine (Helm) Eisenbeisz. He with his parents on the farm south of Martin in Berlin Township. He attended Berlin No. 3 country school, completing the eighth grade in 1943. He attended high school in Harvey. In 1951, he entered the military service and served with the Army Corp of Engineers in Korea. In 1956, he married Irene Haas, daughter of Otto and Julia Haas of Annamoose. They lived at Tioga, where Reiny was employed as a carpenter and Irene taught country school.

In 1957, they returned to his parents' farm, where they now have a dairy and grain farm operation. They had five sons: Randall married Rosemary Stephen of Fingal on August 18, 1979. They live in Bloomington, Minn., where Randall is an electrical engineer and Rosemary is a computer programmer; Steve, a surevryor with the Bureau of Reclamation in Harvey; Mark, deceased; Todd and Dale, both at home.

vii Leona Eisenbeisz #15696 b. 5 Jan 1937, d. 15 Feb 1939, buried: St. John Lutheran Cemetery, rural Martin.

17. Friedrich George Helm #4063 (9.Georg3, 3.Ludwig2, 1.George1) b. 12 Oct 1896, Tyndall, Yankton Co., SD, occupation Farmer/ND StateLegislator, m. 1928, in Harvey, Sheridan Co., ND, Bertha Sprenger #15548. Friedrich died Mar 1970, Denhoff, Sheridan Co., ND, buried: Lincoln Dale Cemetery, Lincoln Valley. Descending information from Richard Helm. Bertha: Daughter of Jacob Sprenger and Salomea Stroh.


i Floyd Frederick Helm #15549 b. 1929, Denhoff, Sheridan Co., ND, occupation Farmer/Bus Driver/Mover, m. abt 1968, in Minot, Ward Co., ND, Rose Ann Black #15557, buried: Jan 1977, Rose Hill Cemetery, Minot, ND. Floyd married Unknown in 1949. Military SVC: 1950-1953, Korean War; US Army Rose: Daughter of Frank Black and Mary Harmon.

ii Marvin Helm #15550 b. 22 Jan 1932, Denhoff, Sheridan Co., ND, m. Beatrice #15561. Marvin died May 1974, Denhoff, Sheridan Co., ND.

iii Milton F. Helm #15551 b. Denhoff, Sheridan Co., ND, m. Mary #15564.

iv Donald W. Helm #15552 b. Denhoff, Sheridan Co., ND. Married Beverly ______ .

v Gloria Helm #15553 b. Denhoff, Sheridan Co., ND. Gloria married Pete Miller.

vi Lila Helm #15554 b. Denhoff, Sheridan Co., ND, m. Richard Achelson #15566.

vii Chester Helm #15555 b. Denhoff, Sheridan Co., ND, d. Denhoff, Sheridan Co., ND.

viii Ralph Helm #15556 b. Denhoff, Sheridan Co., ND, d. Denhoff, Sheridan Co., ND.

18. Emma Helm #4068 (9.Georg3, 3.Ludwig2, 1.George1) b. abt 1900, Lincoln Valley, Sheridan Co., ND, m. Adam Dockter #4071.


i Eddie Dockter #4075.

19. Katharine "Katie" Helm #4070 (9.Georg3, 3.Ludwig2, 1.George1) b. 1903, Lincoln Valley, Sheridan Co., ND, m. William "Will" Wagner #4073, b. 5 Dec 1899, Selby, SD.


i Alvina Wagner #15355 b. 1928, Lincoln Valley, Sheridan Co., ND.

ii LeRoy Wagner #4077 b. 1930, Lincoln Valley, ND.

iii Arley "Skip" Wagner #15356 b. 1932, Lincoln Valley, ND, m. Elsie #15363.

iv William Wagner #15357 b. 1933, Lincoln Valley, ND.

v Leona Wagner #15358 b. 1935.

vi Alvin Wagner #15359 b. 1937.

vii Alice Wagner #15360 b. 1939, Lincoln Valley, ND.

viii Douglas Wagner #15361 b. 1941, Lincoln Valley, ND.

ix Terri Wagner #15362 b. 1945, Denhoff, ND.

20. Ida Helm #4069 (9.Georg3, 3.Ludwig2, 1.George1) b. abt 1906, m. Wilbur Vollmer #4072.


i Kenneth Vollmer #4076.

21. Jacob Karl Schauer #2157 (11.Carolina3, 4.Jacob2, 1.George1) b. 17 Jun 1877, Neudorf, Odessa Co., South Russia, m. 8 Feb 1900, in Neudorf, Russia, 20 Jan 1900, Karoline Hoffer #2159, b. 30 Nov 1877, Neudorf, Odessa Co., South Russia, (daughter of Theobald Hoffer #2360 and Anna Marie Eberhardt #2361) d. 23 Mar 1934, Regent, ND, USA, buried: Tepee Butte Cem., ND. Jacob died 8 Mar 1948, buried: Amboy, Lee Co., IL, USA. Arrived in USA 29 Dec. 1907 at New York on the vessel Blucker. Certificate No. 332849 St. Petersburg records give marriage date as 20 Jan 1900, Neudorf.


i Jacob Schauer #2184 b. 21 Nov 1900, Neudorf, Odessa Co., South Russia, m. 22 Mar 1925, in Havelock, ND, Louisa (Zimmermann) Dill #2192, b. 14 Jul 1902, Grunnidall, South Russia, (daughter of Carl Dill #13878 and Marie Zink #13879) d. 25 Nov 1987, Hettinger, ND, USA, buried: 28 Nov 1987, Regent, ND. Jacob died 4 Sep 1952, Corning, AR, USA. Louisa:

Mott Pioneer Press 7 Dec. 1987

Funeral services for Louisa Schauer, 85, longtime south Regent homemaker and farmer were held on Saturday, November 28, 1987 at 2:00 p.m. from regent High School Gymnasium. Pastor Dave Lang officiated and interment was made in the Regent Cemetery. A family service was held at 11:00 a.m. at the Assembly of God Church in Mott which she attended. Casketbearers included Clarence Krough, David Anderson, Harvey Pekas, Monte Strand, Curtis Olson, and Gregg Rogers with all friends considered honorary bearers. Special music was provided by Mr. And Mrs. Henry Zimmerman and Chris Zimmerman who sang "My God and I" and "Jeasus Breaks the Morning", and Deb Lang who sang "We Shall Behold Him". The congregation also sang "Amazing Grace". A memorial has been established.

Louisa Dill was born on July 14, 1902 at Grunnidall, South Dakota to Carl and Marie (Zink) Dill. Her father passed away when she was 3 months old and in 1910 she accompanied her mother and step-father, George Zimmerman, to the United States. In 1912 the family homesteaded in Perkins Counts, South Dakota near Bison, and later moved to a farm near Hettinger. She attended a rural school and grew to young womanhood in the Hettinger area. On March 22, 1925 she was united in marriage to Jacob Schauer at his parents farm home south of Havelock, North Dakota. They began farming 13 1/2 miles southwest of Regent and in 1928 purchased a farm 4 miles south of Regent. Thirteen children were born to Jacob and Louisa.

Mr. Schauer passed away on September 4, 1952 and Louisa was left with 9 children at home, limited formal education, a poor farm economy, but kept the family together and the farm operating. Though she was not concerned with civic organizations, she was still a source of respect and admiration to her family and community. She was continually busy with her family, home, garden and spent much time in later years with her plants and fancy work. Louisa was a strong person who expressed her love through strong discipline and taught her family hard work. But above all, she wanted to leave a spiritual legacy to her children and grandchildren. She prayed they would recognize the importance of a spiritual commitment to her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and each one would make that choice and follow it to the end. The family grew up knowing Louisa as a prayer warrior that prayed for each one of them. She will be missed very much, was an anchor for the family and they are happy with the many special memories they have and for the inspiration she provided. Mrs. Schauer passed away on Wednesday morning, November 25, 1987 at the Hettinger Community Memorial Hospital after being stricken by a stroke on Sunday, November 22.

She is survived by 7 sons: Edwin of Mesa, Arizona, Carl of Dupree, South Dakota; Jake of Faith, south Dakota; David, Russell and Ronald all of Regent; 4 daughters: Mrs. Emma Schaible of Mott, Mrs. Elizabeth Colgrove and Mrs. Frank "Karolina" Nible both of Buffalo, South Dakota; and Mrs. Kenneth "Linda" Kouba of Regent, 33 grandchildren, 19 great-grandchildren, 4 half-brothers: Peter Zimmerman of Spokane, Washington; John Zimmerman of Puyallup, Washington; Edwin Zimmerman of Hettinger and Bennie Zimmerman of Tacoma, Washington; 4 half-sisters: Elizabeth Schauer of Hettinger; Mary Knollenberger of Idaho; Elsie Duxbury of Opportunity, Montana; and Esther Underland of Federal Way, Washington. In addition to her husband, she was preceded in death by 1 son, Otto, 1 infant daughter, 2 grandchildren and 15 half and step brothers and sisters.

ii Friedrich Schauer #2185 b. 17 Aug 1902, Neudorf, Odessa Co., South Russia, m. 21 Apr 1929, in Hettinger, Adams Co., ND, Elizabeth Zimmermann #2260, b. 1908, (daughter of George Zimmerman #13880 and Marie Zink #13879). Friedrich died 10 May 1975, Hettinger, ND, buried: 13 May 1975, Lutheran Church.

Fred Schauer Sr., 73, Hettinger, died Tuesday at the Hettinger Community Memorial Hospital.

Born in Russia, Mr. Schauer came to Ashley as a child, farmed in the Mott, Regent and Hettinger area until 1955, and worked for the City of Hettinger until 1961. He married Elizabeth Zimmerman at Hettinger, April 21, 1929.

Besides his wife in Hettinger, he leaves sons, William, Hettinger, and Freddy Jr., Billings, Mont.; daughters, Mrs. Dwight (Ramona) Roll, Roseau, Minn., and Mrs. Tom (Delores) Gorman Jr., Hill City, S.D.; 10 grandchildren; brothers, Adolph, Bismarck, and Albert, Newcastle, Wyo.; sisters, Mrs. Paul Steder, Pawpaw, Ill.; Mrs. Jack Wolf, Minneapolis, Minn., and Mrs. Ted Stremick, Broadhead, Wis.

Services will be held at 2 p.m. Friday from Hettinger Lutheran Church. (Walby Funeral Home, Hettinger).

iii Lydia Schauer #2186 b. 28 Nov 1904, Neudorf, Odessa Co., South Russia, m. 13 Jun 1925, in Lodgepole, Perkins Co., SD, Jacob Kirschmann #2367, b. 28 Aug 1893, Neudorf, Odessa Co., South Russia, (son of Jacob K. Sr. Kirschmann #2364 and Katherina Hofer #2363) occupation Farmer/Builder, d. 20 Dec 1978, Missoula, MT, buried: 26 Dec 1978, Sunset Mem Gard, Missoula, MT. Lydia died 6 Apr 1951, Missoula, MT, USA, buried: Missoula Cemetery. Jacob: Immigrated from Bremen, Germany 8 May 1911 arrived at the Port of New York 16 May 1911 on the ship Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse.

iv Eva Schauer #2187 b. 10 Jul 1907, Neudorf, Odessa Co., South Russia, m. 27 Nov 1926, in Mott, ND, Jake Wolf #2226, b. 5 Jun 1902, Gackle, ND, d. 18 Dec 1971, Bellvue, WA. Eva died 3 Apr 1988, Hettinger, ND, buried: Teepee Butte Cem, Rural Regent, ND. Obit on file.

v Emma Schauer #2188 b. 31 Mar 1909, Havelock, ND, m. 9 Oct 1935, Theodore Wesley Stremick #4607, b. 19 Aug 1911, Amidon, ND, USA, d. 25 Oct 1979, Prairie Repose, Amboy, IL, USA. Emma died 19 Jan 1981, Prairie Repose, Amboy, IL, USA. Theodore: Card # A50-3

vi Albert Schauer #2189 b. 26 Sep 1911, Havelock, Pearson, ND, m. Hanna Metzger #5591. Albert died 21 Nov 1994, Sturgis, SD, buried: 28 Nov 1994, Black Hills National Cemetery, Sturgis. Death date from SSDI. Casket Bearers: Carl Schauer, Jake Schauer, Ron Schauer, David Schauer and Russ Schauer.

vii Adolph Schauer #2193 b. 14 Dec 1913, Havelock, ND, m. 7 Jun 1937, in Regent, North Dakota, USA, Frieda Riegel #2194, b. 1917. Adolph died 14 Mar 1991, Bismarck, ND, buried: Sunset Mem., Bismarck, ND. Bismarck Tribune - March 16 1991

Adolph Schauer, 77, 1902 N. Washington St., died March 14, 1991, in a Bismarck hospital. Services will be held at 1 p.m. Monday at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Bismarck, with the Rev. Marvin Korman officiating. Burial will be in Sunset Memorial Gardens, Bismarck.

Visitation begins at 3 p.m. today at Nickisch-Ressler Funeral Home, Bismarck.

Mr. Schauer was born Dec. 14, 1913, on the family farm near Havelock. He was raised and attended rural schools near Havelock. He farmed near Havelock until 1940, when he moved to Regent. He was self-employed as a carpenter in Regent. He moved to Bismarck in 1965, where he worked for Lewis and Clark Job Corp. as a masonry instructor. He later began working as a carpenter again, until 1982 when he began working for Pride Industries. He married Frieda Riegel on June 7, 1937, at Regent.

He is survived by his wife; two sons and daughters-in-law, Lester and Kathy Ann, Burke, VA., and Norman and Jean, Aurora, Colo.; two daughters and sons-in-law, Roger and Virginia McDonald, Leonard, and Grace and Robert Breezee, Park Rapids, Minn.; one brother, Albert, Rapid City, SD.; and nine grandchildren.

viii Pauline Schauer #5025 d. Jul 1916, buried: Amboy, IL.

ix Pauline Schauer #2190 b. 1 Jun 1917, m. 13 Jan 1943, Paul William Steder #2213, b. 23 Sep 1923, d. 7 Feb 1976. Pauline died 2 May 1981.

x John Schauer #2191 b. 18 Apr 1919, Havelock, ND, USA, m. (1) 23 Feb 1943, Kathryn Mae Fowler #5024, b. 23 Mar 1923, Amboy, IL, USA, d. 8 Jan 1959, buried: Amboy, IL, m. (2) 22 Mar 1960, Eula Taylor #5341, b. 20 Mar 1920. John died 30 Aug 1960, buried: 3 Sep 1960, Prairie Repose, Amboy, IL.

22. Magdalene Schauer #4649 (11.Carolina3, 4.Jacob2, 1.George1) b. 28 Jan 1882, Neudorf, Odessa, South Russia, m. Johann Will #4650, b. 24 Jun 1882, Neudorf, Odessa, South Russia, (son of Johann Peter Will #4651 and Christina Eberhardt #4652). Personalblatt - Berlin Document Center - on file. St. Petersburg Records gives birthdate as 1 Apr 1882.


i Johann Will #4454 b. 15 Jul 1906, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia, m. 11 Feb 1930, in Neudorf, Russia, Karoline Schauer #4451, b. 13 Mar 1907, Neudorf, Odessa Co, South Russia, (daughter of Johann Schauer #759 and Karolina Eberhard #760) d. 2 Jun 1972, Duschanbe, (Asien). Johann died 1945, (Asien). Karoline: Info from Johann Schauer.

23. John Karl Schauer #2158 (11.Carolina3, 4.Jacob2, 1.George1) b. 1 Oct 1889, Neudorf, Odessa Co., South Russia, occupation Farmer, m. 12 Feb 1912, in Selby, SD, USA, Christina Wagner #2160, b. 31 Jul 1890, Borodino, Bessarabia, South Russia, (daughter of Johann I Wagner #4931 and Christina Reule #4932) d. 8 Jul 1973, Selby, Walworth Co., ND. John died 7 Nov 1967, Selby, SD, USA.

John Karl Schauer was born at Neudorf, Russia on October 1, 1889, the son of Karl Schauer an his wife Carolina Helm. He left Liverpool, England, on March 13, 1909, on the commercial liner, Laxonia, and arrived at Boston on March 18, 1909. One brother, Jacob Schauer, preceded him to the United States and made homestead entry near Hettinger, North Dakota. This was young John's destination upon arrival in this country. Schauer's parents were very poor but his father had managed to save enough money with which to purchase John's passage to this country and that was about all.

When John arrived at his brother's farm, he had only $2.50 with which he purchased a pair of shoes. Schauer spent his first summer at his brother's farm and then went to Ashley, North Dakota, to live with his uncle, Jacob Schauer. He remained there until the summer of 1910 and then again returned to Hettinger where he farmed with his brother until the winter of 1912.

During this time he made several trips to the Java vicinity to visit his uncles, Fred Helm, Ludwig Helm and Christ Helm. During these visits he became acquainted with Christine Wagner, the daughter of Johan Wagner, another Selby pioneer, and they were married at Selby on February 12, 1912. Mrs. Schauer was born at Borodino, Bessarabia, in South Russia, on July 31, 1890 and came to the United States in 1894 with her parents. The family first lived near Bowdle and later acquired a farm two miles south of Selby.

Mr. and Mrs. Schauer spent the first year of their married life farming near Hettinger, and then sold their holdings and moved to the Selby vicinity and continued farming. They lived on the Gottfried Wagner farm, now occupied by Emil Wagner, for six years and then lived on the Johann Dupper farm for two years, before purchasing their present farm home from Emanuel Baer in 1920. In 1946, the Schauers purchased the two quarter sections formerly owned by Johann Dupper and in 1948 they purchased the old Johan Wagner farm, consisting of two quarter sections, from Adolf Stang. The Schauers now own five quarters of land as one farming unit.

The Schauers have three children; Gerhardt Schauer born in September, 1914, who now lives at Aberdeen, South Dakota, and is prominent in Boy Scout work, and is employed by the Nelson Auto Electric company; Milton Schauer, born in March, 1919, who lives at home and farms with his parents; and Irma Steder, born in January, 1922, who lives with her husband on the old Johann Wagner farm purchased by the Schauers in 1948. The life itinerary of the Schauer family is typical of other families who settled in the Selby vicinity during 1912, or that approximate date. Some years, crops and prices were good and some years crops were good and prices were low. Some years crops were poor and prices were low. Those were the worst years. Schauer recalls 1921, 1933 and 1934 as being the worst years of his farming operations. The years during and immediately after World War ll were the best years.

John Schauer's parents both died in Russia during the early thirties. One brother, Fred Schauer, came to the United States in 1914. He was killed in France during World War l and the American Legion post at Selby is named in his honor. Two sisters also came to the United States but four sisters remained in Russia.

John Schauer and his family are happy in their farm life. They contuine to be active on the farm and enjoy their children and grandchildren. Selby is proud of this typical farm family. Taken from the Jubilee book.

Christina: Note: SSDI gives birth date as 30 July, 1890.


i Gerhart John Schauer #2161 b. 11 Sep 1914, Selby, SD, USA, occupation Auto Parts Salesman, m. 18 Jun 1939, in Pierpoint,, Cora Williamson #13610, b. 29 Aug 1916, Day County, ND, d. 15 Mar 1987, Sioux Falls, Minnehaha Co., SD. Gerhart died 22 Feb 1987, Souix Falls, Minnehaha Co., SD. Gerhart Schauer

Gerhart Schauer, 72, of 412 S. West Ave., died Sunday from injuries received in an automobile accident.

Mr. Schauer was born Sept. 11, 1914, in Selby. He grew up in Selby and was graduated from Selby High School.

He married Cora Williamson June 18, 1939, in Pierpont. They lived for a short time in Aberdeen and Youngstown, Ohio. During World War ll, they lived and worked in Omaha, Neb., and later returned to Aberdeen where he was employed in the automotive parts business.

They moved to Mitchell in 1954 and came to Souix Falls in 1957, where Mr. Schauer continued his employment in auto parts. He retired from Automotive Machine in 1979 and had recently joined their staff.

Survivers include his wife; a son, Paul, Ankeny, Iowa; a daughter, Mrs. Bob (Gayle) Sagmoe, Souix Falls; eight grandchildren; a brother, Milton, Selby; and a sister, Irma Steder, Selby.

Services will begin at 10:30 a.m. Friday in First Assembly of God Church.

Burial will be in Hills of Rest Memorial Park.

The family requests that expressions of sympathy take the form of donations to First Assembly of God Church.

George Boom Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.


Cora Schauer

Cora Schauer, 70, of 412 S. West Ave. died Saturday in Sioux Valley Hospital from injuries because of an auto accident Feb. 22.

Cora Williamson was born Aug. 29, 1916, in Day County, where she grew up and attended rural schools. As a young lady she moved to Aberdeen.

She married Gerhart Schauer, June 18, 1939, in Pierpont.

They lived a short time in Aberdeen and Youngstown, Ohio. During World War ll they lived and worked in Omaha, Neb. And later returned to Aberdeen. They moved to Mitchell in 1954 and came to Sioux Falls in 1957. She was employed by Lewis Drug Store and Triangle School Supply until retiring in 1979.

Her husband died Feb. 22.

Survivors include a son: Paul, Ankeny, Iowa; a daughter: Mrs. Bob (Gayle) Sagmoe, Sioux Falls; eight grandchildren; two brothers: Joel, Pierpont; Clifford, Sioux Falls; and two sisters: Ellen Williamson, Webster; and Mrs. Violet Hudkins, Alemeda, Calif.

Services will be 1 p.m. Tuesday in the First Assembly of God Christian Center, with burial in Hills of Rest Memorial Park.

Visitation will begin at 4 p.m. today in the George Boom Funeral Home.

ii Milton Fredrick Schauer #2162 b. 25 Mar 1920, Selby, SD, USA, 6 Jun 1920, St. John Lutheran Church, Selby, SD, occupation Farmer callsign WB0YDG, d. 12 Jul 1996, Selby, SD.

iii Irma Christina Schauer #2163 b. 13 Jan 1922, Selby, SD, m. 21 Apr 1946, John Raymond Steder #2164, b. 6 Aug 1919, Amboy, IL, d. 24 Jun 1976. Irma died 21 Feb 1993. John: Son of Charls and Minnie (Schamberger) Steder.


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