Descendants of James Beazley: First Generation

First Generation

1. James1 Beazley was born on an unknown date. He died August 12, 1803 in Orange Co., Virginia.(1)

James married Ann Reynolds on an unknown date.(2) The first mention of Ann as the wife of James Beazley was recorded in an Orange Co, Virginia deed dated November 23, 1758 (Deed book 12, p. 485-586).

Ann was born between 1716 and 1734.(3) SAR national application no. 36053 states that Ann was in fact "Mary Ann Anderson." No documentation has been found to support this assertion, and the linkage between Ann and the Reynolds family is largely circumstantial. Ann was the daughter of Cornelius Reynolds and Martha Margaret Beazley.

She died February 27, 1810.(4) She probably died in Orange Co., Virginia.

He is alleged to have settled in Swift Run Gap in Orange Co., Virginia in 1740.(5) James Walker Allen's SAR application indicates that "The Beazleys attended Swift Run Baptist Church in Orange County, Va...." In his treatise on the McMullan family, W.L. Davenport speaks of "James and Ann Beasley, who came over with the Scots-Irish during the 'Religious persecution...'" As the Reynolds family can be traced back to Essex County, and as James Beazley is likely related to the Beazleys of Caroline and Essex Counties, this statement seems unlikely.

James Beazley was in the road crew of John Blackey on November 26, 1747 in Orange Co., Virginia.(6) He purchased land from Thomas Chew on November 7, 1748 in Orange Co., Virginia.(7) "Indenture 7 Nov 1748 between THOMAS CHEW, Gent., and JAMES BEAZLEY, both of Parish of St. Thomas, Orange County .. for twenty six pounds .. deeds of lease and release .. for 300 acres .. by the Goose Pond Mountain .. Fork of Swift Run .. Thomas Wood's Plantation. . . ." This is the first recorded land transaction of James Beazley in Orange County.

He made a will December 12, 1798 in Orange Co., Virginia.(8) The text of James Beazley's will:

James's will was probated October 24, 1803 in Orange Co., Virginia.(9) His estate was inventoried July 13, 1804 in Orange Co., Virginia.(10) According to The Family of Early, Robert Sanford Beazley, great-grandson of James Beazley was "of English ancestry, a descendant of Robert Beazley who was a Burgess from Isle of Wight county in 1655."

James Beazley and Ann Reynolds had the following children:

child + 2 i. John2 Beazley.

child + 3 ii. Ann Beazley.

child 4 iii. Edmund Beazley.(11) Edmund married Nancy Moore by marriage bond on September 26, 1787 in Wilkes Co., North Carolina.(12)

Edmund Beazley was a witness to a land transaction between Russell Jones and William Dunham on May 21, 1786 in Wilkes Co., North Carolina. The name of the witness is recorded as Edward Beazley, but this is believed to be Edmund Beazley.(13) Edmund Beazley was a witness to a bill of sale where Randolph Holbrooks sold goods to Russel Jones on May 25, 1797 in Franklin Co., Georgia.(14) Edmund Beazley entered the Georgia land lottery of 1805, but did not receive any land. He was a resident of Franklin County, Georgia at the time of the lottery. In The Heritage of Wilkes County, Edward R. Dittmer asserts that Edmund Beazley may have gone to Kentucky. He may or may not have gone to Kentucky, but it would appear that he went to Georgia. As his brother-in-law, Russell Jones, migrated from Wilkes County, North Carolina to Franklin County, Georgia, Edmund may have preceded him in his move or migrated with him.

child + 5 iv. Theodocia Beazley was born June 16, 1757.

child + 6 v. Elizabeth Beazley.

child + 7 vi. James Beazley was born August 10, 1760.

child 8 vii. Sarah Beazley.(15) According to different sources, Sarah allegedly married Jeremiah Beazley, but no evidence has been found to support this assertion. Jeremiah was thought to have been the son of Bennett Beazley, whose will was probated in 1758 in Orange County, Virginia.

child + 9 viii. Mildred Beazley was born in 1765.

child + 10 ix. Charles Beazley was born April 16, 1770.

child + 11 x. Catherine Beazley was born July 13, 1772.

child + 12 xi. William Beazley.

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