La Porte Chronicle, March 14, 1907, p. 1

New Cemetery Grounds

The Improvements Have Been Practically Completed

Lot Buyers are Stockholders

List of Officers and Directors for the First Year

Improvements at the new Cedarhurst Cemetery have practically been completed with the exception of the gate to be erected at the entrance, located at K and Third streets. The grounds have been fenced in, including the property purchased on the West Side of Little Cedar Bayou. The cemetery has been surveyed and platted, driveways have been established and graded and a perfected system of drainage has been provided.

The grounds have been thoroughly cleaned by removing all the rubbish and undergrowth, and the place presents a marked contrast with its former wild appearance. Particular attention has been paid to that portion of the cemetery along the bayou, and with the combined efforts of owners of the lots already occupied, the suroundings [sic] have been made exceedingly attractive. Shrubbery and flowers will be added to further beautify the grounds, and it is to be the policy of the new association owning and controlling the grounds to keep Cedarhurst up to a high standard of cleanliness and attractiveness.

The cemetery association has completed its organization. It has a capital stock of $25,000 and the following officers have been selected: President, I. R. Holmes; Vice President, A. O. Blackwell; Secretary, H. Benne Henton; Treasurer, A. N. McKay. These with J. Lobit, of Galveston, compose the board of directors. Provision has been made that each purchaser of a lot becomes a stockholder in the association, entitled to vote at the annual meetings, and then have a voice in the selection of those who shall manage the company. While the association is chartered as a corporation for profit, it will be the policy of the present officers to devote the revenues to the cost.