Cedarhurst Cemetery

Updated May 24, 2003

Cedarhurst Cemetery

NAME OF CEMETERY: Cedarhurst Cemetery
LOCATION: La Porte, Harris County, Texas, USA. From state highway 146, go east on Fairmont Parkway. Turn right (south) on South 4th Street and drive until the street dead ends at the wastewater treatment facility. There is a hole in the woods on the right (west) side of the road that leads to the cemetery. This cemetery is on the east side of Little Cedar Bayou. The La Porte Cemetery is on the opposite side of the bayou from Cedarhurst. USGS/NGIS Map (closest point)
HISTORY: The City of La Porte was incorporated in 1892. In the early years, there was no public cemetery, but in 1896, plans were set in motion to establish one. That said, it was still several years before the first burial took place. In La Porte Chronicle obituaries of the period, the cemetery didn't seem to have a name. It is called usually called "the new cemetery" or "the new cemetery southwest of town."
In 1907, the Cedarhurst Cemetery Association was formed, and grand plans were published in the La Porte Chronicle. Much work was done to expand and beautify the existing cemetery. However, the Cedarhurst plots were apparently too expensive for many in La Porte. In 1907, a new public cemetery was established, the La Porte Cemetery, just across Little Cedar Bayou from Cedarhurst.

Cedarhurst has since fallen into a deplorable state of neglect. Burials in the cemetery ceased long ago, and nature has largely taken back what was hers before the cemetery was laid out. To make matters worse, erosion into the bayou threatens the cemetery. Some graves near the bayou are already gone.

The land where the few remaining markers are found is now in private hands.

Entrance to Cedarhurst Cemetery 

NUMBER OF BURIALS IDENTIFIED: 40 (+1 removal) as of July 10, 2002.
SOURCE OF INFORMATION: (1) Visual inspection of grave markers, June 30, 2002. Inscriptions read, transcribed and photographed by Bruce Compton, (2) Obituaries and death notices found in the La Porte Chronicle, and (3) An earlier survey by Lorine Brinley.
COMPLETENESS: All markers found on June 30, 2002 have been read, transcribed and photographed and are presented here. A few markers from Brinley's survey were not found. Rumor has it that there are some markers in the woods on the west side of Little Cedar Bayou, but a cursory inspection failed to find any.
EARLIER SURVEY: Unpublished survey by Lorine Brinley, held by the La Porte/Bay Area Heritage Society.
EARLIER SURVEY: See George Wolf's survey of the Cedarhurst Cemetery at his web site, Cemeteries and History of Harris County, Texas.

List of Marked Graves

List of Unmarked Graves

List of Removals

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