Seabrook Cemetery

Updated February 27, 2003

Seabrook Cemetery

NAME OF CEMETERY: Seabrook Cemetery
LOCATION: Seabrook, Harris County, Texas, USA. The cemetery is located on the south side of Pine Gully Road, east of Todville Road. USGS GNIS/Google Map
HISTORY: The Seabrook Cemetery was established in 1912 and is located on the site of the former Seureau-Kellett family cemetery. This private cemetery is managed by the Seabrook Cemetery Association and is still in operation.
NUMBER OF BURIALS IDENTIFIED: 473 (+ 3 removals) as of August 6, 2002.
SOURCE OF INFORMATION: (1) Visual inspection of grave markers, May 25-29, 2002. Inscriptions read and transcribed by Bruce Compton. Photographs by Dave, Ginger and Bruce Compton, and (2) Obituaries and death notices found in the La Porte Liberal.
COMPLETENESS: All markers that existed on May 29, 2002 have been read, transcribed and photographed and are presented here.
EARLIER SURVEY: Published serially in v. 4-5 of The Living Tree News. Quoted with permission.

Alphabetical List of Marked Graves

Alphabetical List of Unmarked Graves

Alphabetical List of Removals

Map of Graves

The section names and grave numbers are purely arbitrary and do not appear anywhere in the cemetery or its records

Western Section, Northern Part (WN) Center Section, Northern Part (CN) Eastern Section, Northern Part (EN)
Western Section, Middle Part (WM) Center Section, Middle Part (CM) Eastern Section, Middle Part (EM)
Western Section, Southern Part (WS) Center Section, Southern Part (CS) Eastern Section, Southern Part (ES)

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