The Family Butcher (Ho ho ho...)

..and in the beginning...
Davids part has some excellent guides to help you recognise different 2CV vans and Citroen Traction Avants.
This forms the core of the page, but there is also a section on the trials of owning a travant plus some useful bits about 2CV's.
David's Homepage
Trevor & Ania's part contains many things like the city of Lublin (Poland), cats, buses, learning Polish, Lomax's, Scamps, buses, trolley buses, travelling and an ever expanding range of other things, but is still under construction (cos' it's ever expanding)
Trevor's Homepage
Kevins part has yet to be written...

So a link will go in here when he creates his page
Peter and Valeries part has also yet to be written

So another link will go here as and when!
Try below for maps of the sites that are fully click navigable
Dave's Map
Trevor & Ania's Map
Kevin's Map
The Butcher/Brickenden Family Tree
The Grzesiuk/Kulczynski Family Tree