Montgomery family genealogy


John Montgomery ( - 1795, NC; of PA and NC)
-> Samuel Montgomery (ABOUT 1761 - AFTER 1830 ; of NC and TN)
    -> James Montgomery (1802/3, TN - AFTER 1860; of TN and IN)
        -> Isaac Montgomery (1839, TN - 1914, IN; of TN, IN, IL, and IN)

I made major updates to this website August 28, 2005 after my discovery of firm links between Samuel Montgomery and his father, John. My update of October 28, 2008 included a major review of DNA analysis. A significant step, discovering that the wife of John was named Isabell, caused the update of December 11, 2008. The update of September 2, 2014 ties a knot on my pursuit of a DNA connection.

    Contents (and Navigation):
John Montgomery and Mecklenburg County, North Carolina
          A map of the northern part of Mecklenburg Co., NC.
The Family of Samuel Montgomery and Knox County, Tennessee
          A map of (East) Tennessee Country as of 1775 What is now Tennessee was part of North Carolina until the state was formed in 1796.
          A map of Tennessee, 1786-96, east of Knoxville This shows the area around Shook's Creek.
Descendants of Isaac W. Montgomery
          A photo of Isaac
The Associate Presbyterian (Seceder) Church and its connection with this line

This part of the site is devoted to finding the origins of John Montgomery (work in progress).
The approach through DNA, summarized here, was last updated July 2012.
Here are leads and strategy for John updated Sptember 2014.

The rest of this is material Not Useful to Me Any More. This web site retains it for the use of others.
A summary of other connections and other Samuel Montgomerys who might be confused with ours
Samuel and John Montgomerys in the federal census of 1790
Here are other Samuels in Tennessee.
Here are other Samuel Montgomerys in VA, NC, and SC.
The questionable relevance of Greene County, Tennessee

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