In Honor Of Cadet John Isham Dorsey And His Fellow Georgia Military Institute Cadets
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In Honor Of

Cadet John Isham Dorsey

And His Fellow

Georgia Military Institute Cadets

"I cannot speak too highly of these youths, who go into a fight

as cheerfully as they would enter a ball-room, and with the cadence

and steadiness of veterans." Major General Henry C. Wayne, CSA

Georgia Military Institute

Reproduction of Painting of Georgia Military Institute
Original Hanging at Alexander H. Stephens State Historic Park, Crawfordville, Georgia

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Georgia Military Institute

The Georgia Military Institute (GMI) was located in Marietta, Georgia, and began classes in 1851. By 1861, 150 Cadets -- all younger than 18 -- were commanded by Maj. Francis W. Capers. On May 13, 1864, they left for active duty in the service of the Confederate army.

GMI school buildings were used by Sherman's men during the Atlanta Campaign, who subsequently burned them.

GMI Cannon

Two bronze cannon of GMI are now located on the north steps of the Georgia Capitol.

GMI Canton

Only the Canton of their First National Flag remains, and is on display with the Georgia State Capitol Confederate Flag Collection.

Cadet Robert L. Rodgers presented a copy of the roster that he prepared in 1905 to each surviving Cadet and Officer. The following transcript is from a photocopy of an original roster given to my great grandfather, John Isham Dorsey, who is listed as Cadet J. Dorsey.

I have made every effort to ensure accuracy, but I would appreciate any corrections or omissions being brought to my attention.

BulletRoster, Casualties and History

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