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Piatt/Pyatt/Peyatte of all spellings

Robert Elliot Long [Parents] was born on 13 Mar 1868. He died in 1947. He married Mattie Dobbins.

Other marriages:
Dobbins, Cecelia

Mattie Dobbins.Mattie married Robert Elliot Long.

Sidney Johnson Long [Parents] was born on 10 Sep 1870. He died in 1944. He married Margaret Jane Keener.

Margaret Jane Keener.Margaret married Sidney Johnson Long.

Norman-Henry Patnaude was born on 22 Jul 1936 in New Bedford, Ma. He died on 25 May 1985 in New Bedford, Ma. He married Jacqueline-Doris (Piatt).

Jacqueline-Doris (Piatt) [Parents]

They had the following children:

  M i Michael-Norman Patnaude
  F ii Janine Marie Patnaude

Oscar Lawrence Given [Parents] was born on 12 Mar 1875. He died on 24 Oct 1926. He married Etta Frame on 19 May 1905 in Braxton County, Wv.

Etta Frame was born in 1885 in Wv. She married Oscar Lawrence Given on 19 May 1905 in Braxton County, Wv.

They had the following children:

  M i Roy Edward Given
  M ii Ermine Eldon Given
  F iii Almira Louise Given
  M iv Addison Bessell Given
  F v Mabel Elizabeth Given
  M vi William Henry Given
  F vii Martha Ellen Given was born on 26 Mar 1920. She died on 5 Oct 1929.
  F viii Beulah Pearl Given

Adam Albertis Given [Parents] was born on 21 Oct 1877. He died on 3 Mar 1930. He married Belinda Melinda.

Belinda Melinda.Belinda married Adam Albertis Given.

Charlie Hollister.Charlie married Jennie C Given.

Jennie C Given [Parents] was born on 23 Apr 1879. She married Charlie Hollister.

Clay Hanna.Clay married Blemie L Given.

Blemie L Given [Parents] was born on 7 Oct 1882. She married Clay Hanna.

Mathew Hanna

Almeda Jane Rose [Parents]

Sidney J Frame

Maria Rose [Parents]

Emery Rose [Parents]

Emma Brock

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