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Piatt/Pyatt/Peyatte of all spellings

Udell L Hughes

Kelly Jo Walsh [Parents]

They had the following children:

  M i Udell Nathan Hughes

Nicolas V Danse [Parents] was born in 1651. He died on 20 Oct 1729. He married Catherine Lefèbre on 23 Feb 1688.

Catherine Lefèbre died in 1729. She married Nicolas V Danse on 23 Feb 1688.

They had the following children:

  F i Jeanne III Danse was born on 28 Apr 1689.
  M ii Nicolas VIII Danse was born on 26 Nov 1690.
  F iii Catherine II Danse was born in 1692.
  M iv Louis I Danse was born on 20 Oct 1694.
  M v Pierre X Danse was born on 17 Nov 1695.
  M vi Claude IV Danse
  F vii Pierre II Danse was born on 29 Oct 1697. She died in 1697.
  M viii Pierre III Danse was born in 1698.
  M ix Pierre IV Danse was born on 24 Jul 1699.
  M x Pierre V Danse was born on 4 Sep 1701. He died on 22 Mar 1769.

Peter Krayenbull [Parents] died on 31 May 1767 in Montbeliard,,25,F. He married Elisabeth Krayenbull.

Elisabeth Krayenbull.Elisabeth married Peter Krayenbull.

They had the following children:

  M i Hans Kraibuhl
  M ii Peter Krayenbuhl was christened on 11 May 1779. He died on 3 Sep 1813 in Montbeliard,,25,F.
  F iii Catherine Kraihbuhl

George Cadwalter.George married Susannah Farver.

Susannah Farver [Parents] was born on 9 Nov 1826 in Columbia Co, Pennsylvania. She died on 2 Mar 1895 in Ashton, Lee Co, Illinois. She was buried in Ashton, Lee Co, Illinois. She married George Cadwalter.

Other marriages:
(Piatt), Johnston

John (Piatt) [Parents] was born on 14 Oct 1831 in Woodsfield, Monroe Co Oh. He died on 19 May 1906 in St Clairsville, Belmont Co Oh. He married Nancy Coleman.

Other marriages:
Cummings, Mary
Hayslip, Eliza Jane
Mott, Mary
, Lucinda

Nancy Coleman.Nancy married John (Piatt).

Robert Fredrick Forgey [Parents]

Other marriages:
Hetrick, Evelyn
Gray, Mabel Brown

Blanche Algers Arvidson

She had the following children:

  F i Nancy M Wolfe was born about 1837 in , Allen, Kentucky. She had other parents.
  M ii Joseph Wolfe was born in Aug 1829 in , Kentucky. He had other parents. [Notes]
  F iii Emilia Wolfe was born about 1828 in , Kentucky.
  F iv Elizabeth Wolfe was born about 1827 in , Kentucky.
  M v James C Wolfe was born about 1825 in , Allen, Kentucky.
  M vi William A Wolfe was born about 1833 in , Kentucky. He died on 1 Aug 1856 in , Allen, Kentucky.
  F vii Martha J Wolfe was born on 30 Mar 1842 in , Kentucky. She died on 5 Jan 1921. She was buried in , Allen, Kentucky.
  F viii R E. Wolfe was born about 1838 in , Kentucky.
  M ix Sidney W Wolf was born in Nov 1845 in , Allen, Kentucky. He was buried in Mt. Carmel Cem., Allen, Kentucky.

Louis Clair Larsen

Marie (Piatt)

Jacob McAtee.Jacob married Catherine Hamrick on 1 May 1901.


Catherine Hamrick [Parents] was born on 26 Sep 1868 in Whitaker Falls, Blue Springs, Va. She died on 12 Dec 1944. She married Jacob McAtee on 1 May 1901.

Other marriages:
Hamrick, William Grant "Bearskin Bill"
Hamrick, William Jackson


Benjamin (Piatt) [Parents] was born in 1820. He married Eliza.

Eliza.Eliza married Benjamin (Piatt).

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