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Piatt/Pyatt/Peyatte of all spellings

James White [Parents] was born on 17 Jul 1789 in ,Guilford,North Carolina. He married Elizabeth Matlock.

Other marriages:
McSwain, Polly


Elizabeth Matlock was born on 8 Dec 1806 in Nashville, TN. She married James White.

John Woollege.John married Hepzibah Hull.

Hepzibah Hull [Parents] was born in 1675/1703. She died in 1681/1786. She married John Woollege.

Levi West.Levi married Emeline Parnecy (Piatt).

Emeline Parnecy (Piatt) [Parents] was born in 1847. She married Levi West.

Jesse Roy (Piatt) [Parents] was born on 26 Jun 1903 in Cherryville, Missouri. He died on 16 Nov 1972 in St. Louis, Missouri. He married Judy Elizabeth "Lizzie" Harris on 23 Feb 1921. He had other parents.

Judy Elizabeth "Lizzie" Harris was born on 3 Mar 1903 in Cherryville, Missouri. She died on 23 Apr 1983 in Rolla, Missouri. She married Jesse Roy (Piatt) on 23 Feb 1921.

They had the following children:

  M i Dwight (Piatt)
  F ii Mary Alice (Piatt)
  F iii Geneva (Piatt)
  F iv Imogene (Piatt)
  M v Haskell R. (Piatt)
  F vi Alta (Piatt)
  M vii Leroy Calvin (Piatt) was born on 6 May 1928 in Davisville, Missouri. He died on 26 Mar 1989 in Steelville, Missouri. [Notes]
  F viii Ruby M. (Piatt)

Daphene (Piatt) [Parents]

Other marriages:
Sellers, Carl Monroe

She had the following children:

  F i Virginia (Piatt)
  M ii James (Piatt)

Milton Isaiah Oxier [Parents] was born on 7 Mar 1853 in Kanawha County, Va. He died on 14 Aug 1929 in White Sulphur Springs, Wv. He married Mary Francis Armstead on 25 Oct 1874.

Mary Francis Armstead was born in Dec 1853 in Roane County, Va. She died on 1 May 1936 in Greeenbrier County, Wv. She married Milton Isaiah Oxier on 25 Oct 1874.

They had the following children:

  F i Josephine Oxier
  M ii Clayton Buchanon Oxier was born in Dec 1877 in Dixie, Nicholas Co., W.V.. [Notes]
  F iii Arra A Oxier
  F iv Louvrean Oxier was born in 1882.
  M v Willie Burton Oxier was born on 18 Jan 1884. He died in Aug 1968 in Dixie, Nicholas Co., W.V..
  M vi Militas Isaias Oxier
  M vii Kester Graydon Oxier was born on 20 Jun 1888 in Dixie, Nicholas Co., W.V.. He died in 1959.
  M viii Otis Vernon Oxier
  M ix Lesley Earl Oxier

Thomas Z Riley

Mary Cornelia Wheeler [Parents]

They had the following children:

  M i Neal Piatt Riley

Howard M Rigler was born in 1892 in ,,Oregon. He married Clara Ruth (Piatt) on 15 Oct 1919 in Portland,Multnomah,Oregon. The marriage ended in divorce.


Clara Ruth (Piatt) [Parents]

Elisha Norton Armstead was born in 1851 in Kanawa Co., West Virginia. He died in 1888. He married Irena Alice Auxier on 26 Nov 1874 in Roane, W.V..

Irena Alice Auxier [Parents] was born in Feb 1860 in Boone County (W.)V.. She married Elisha Norton Armstead on 26 Nov 1874 in Roane, W.V..

They had the following children:

  F i Leola Armstead.
  M ii John W Armstead.
  F iii Minnie Lanier Armstead.

Lee Ranson was born in Nov 1870 in Va. He married Josephine Oxier on 19 Dec 1894 in Roane County, Wv.


Josephine Oxier [Parents] was born in Mar 1876 in Dixie, Nicholas County, Wv. She married Lee Ranson on 19 Dec 1894 in Roane County, Wv.


They had the following children:

  M i Homer Ranson was born in Aug 1889 in Wv.
  F ii Cora Ranson was born in Jul 1895 in Wv.
  M iii George Ranson was born in Mar 1897 in Wv.
  M iv Roy Ranson

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