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Piatt/Pyatt/Peyatte of all spellings

Ths M. Stephens.

He had the following children:

  F i Mary E Stephens

Peter Runyon [Parents] was born on 1 Jul 1680 in Nj. He died on 1 Oct 1755. He married Providence Blackford on 12 Oct 1704.

Providence Blackford [Parents] was born in 1683 in Nj. She died in 1760. She married Peter Runyon on 12 Oct 1704.

They had the following children:

  M i John Runyon was born on 15 Aug 1705. He died in 1706/1795.
  F ii Grace Runyon was born about 1707. She died in 1708/1801.
  M iii Vincent Runyon was born in 1708. He died in 1709/1798.
  M iv Joseph Runyon was born about 1710. He died in 1711/1800.
  F v Rosannah Runyon was born on 6 Nov 1712. She died in 1713/1806.
  M vi Peter Runyon was born about 1714. He died in 1715/1804.
  M vii Richard Runyon was born about 1716. He died in 1717/1806.
  F viii Rachel Runyon was born about 1718. She died in 1719/1812.
  F ix Anne Runyon was born about 1720. She died in 1721/1814.
  F x Providence Runyon was born on 10 Apr 1723. She died in 1724/1817.
  F xi Sarah Runyon was born on 12 Dec 1725. She died in 1726/1819.
  M xii Benjamin Runyon
  F xiii Elizabeth Runyon was born in 1731. She died in 1732/1825.
  M xiv Samuel Runyon was born about 1733. He died in 1734/1823.

Elias Van Court was born on 12 May 1691 in Germany. He died on 28 Jul 1750 in Nj. He married Ann Cooper in 1726.

Ann Cooper was born in 1686/1710. She died in 1733/1798. She married Elias Van Court in 1726.

They had the following children:

  F i Anna Van Court

Luther Welty [Parents].Luther married Lumme Brown.

Lumme Brown

They had the following children:

  F i Lottie Welty
  F ii Dorothy Welty

Vincent Runyon was born in 1643 in Poitou, France. He died in Nov 1713 in Piscataway Nj. He married Ann Boutcher on 17 Jul 1668.

Ann Boutcher [Parents] was born in 1650 in England. She died in 1689 in Piscataway Nj. She married Vincent Runyon on 17 Jul 1668.

They had the following children:

  M i John Runyon was born in 1669. He died on 9 Nov 1744.
  M ii Vincent Runyon was born in 1670 in Piscataway Nj. He died on 23 Mar in Nj.
  M iii Derrick Runyon was born in 1672. He died in 1673/1762.
  M iv Joseph Runyon was born in 1674. He died in 1675/1764.
  M v Reune Runyon was born in 1675. He died in 1676/1765.
  M vi Ephraim Runyon was born in 1676. He died in 1677/1766.
  F vii Mary Runyon was born on 2 Jul 1677. She died in 1745.
  M viii Thomas Runyon was born in 1678. He died in 1753.
  M ix Peter Runyon
  F x Jane Runyon was born in 1683. She died in 1684/1777.
  F xi Anne Runyon was born in 1684. She died in 1685/1778.
  F xii Sarah Runyon was born on 30 Oct 1686. She died in 1687/1780.

Samuel Blackford was born in 1632/1661. He died in 1686/1746. He married Anne Smalley in 1673/1705.

Anne Smalley was born in 1641/1664. She died in 1686/1752. She married Samuel Blackford in 1673/1705.

They had the following children:

  F i Providence Blackford

Stephen (Piatt) [Parents] was born in 1835 in Nc. He died in 1865 in Nc. He married Elvira Hester on 17 Oct 1858 in Nc.

Elvira Hester.Elvira married Stephen (Piatt) on 17 Oct 1858 in Nc.

John Tice Smith [Parents] was born on 6 Apr 1891. He died on 8 Nov 1983 in Clarksburg, Wv. He married Stella Cummings on 8 Nov 1929.

Stella Cummings was born in 1904. She died in 1937. She married John Tice Smith on 8 Nov 1929.

John Boutcher was born in 1599/1628. He died in 1653/1713.

He had the following children:

  F i Ann Boutcher

Leonard Chester Gibbs [Parents] was born on 20 Oct 1919 in New Mexico. He died on 6 May 1991 in Mohave County, Arizona. He married Jean Elizabeth Faber Private.

Jean Elizabeth Faber

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