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Mathij Jansen Van Keulen

Principal Partner, Lord-Director of The Dutch West Indies Company at age 20(3 Jun 1621). Sent to Brazil in 1632, to become supreme commander of the Dutch forces there. By 1634, Mathij had taken the entire Brazillian coast region from the Portugese. The last Portugese stronghold in Brazil, Reis Magos(at the mouth of the Rio Grande River), was taken in December, 1634 and renamed VanKeulensFoort. Upon returning to Amsterdam a war hero, Mathij received Patroonship of Zawaanendaal in 1635. He came to America between 1635 and 1639. Power of attorney places him in Amsterdam in May of 1635, and the Raven manifest places him in the colony in August of 1639. Van Rennsalaer's Journal lists his death as between 13 and 16 Oct, 1648, at Fort Orange. He developed a Bouwerie at Manhattan, Patens for same confirmed in 1646. After the British takeover in 1664, the Manhattan land was denied Mathij's heirs and retitled to "Squatters". His descendants were still trying to recover the land as late as 1701.

Katryn Matthyssen

Jan Jansen Van Amesfoort was exiled in 1668 for physically abusing his wife and mother-in-law. His children all bore the surname Van Steenberghen, probably changed as a result of said legal action. It is uncertain where the Van Steenberghen name came from, or why they began using it.