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Mary N Mandrell

There are two death records for a Pollie Tuttle, in 1910 State of Tenn.
Died 5 May 1910, Age 80, Married, Lived Sugar Grove, Cause Old Age,
Born Sumner Co. #88427
Died 20 Jun 1910, Age 84, Married, Lived Turner's Station, Cause Old age, Born Sumner Co. #88435
Known as 'Polly'.
Cemetery shows birth as 1824, and death as 1910. Name as 'pollie'.
Mary 'Polly' Mandrell

Margaret Louisa Mandrell

1870 Census: Sumner Co. Tn. Age 25
Elihu remarried 1878, last child 1880 Census, Mary Tom born 1872.
Known as 'Lavonia'.

H Marshall Morris

MARRIAGE:Miller, Lois N.;Marriages of Washington County,
Arkansas;Fayetteville, Ark.;Washington Co. Hist. Soc.;1980-;Call# US/CAN
976.714 V2m.

Mary Jane White

BIRTH:Approximated from census record;1860--Vineyard Twp.;Washington County,

MARRIAGE:Miller, Lois N.;Marriages of Washington County,
Arkansas;Fayetteville, Ark.;Washington Co. Hist. Soc.;1980-;Call# US/CAN
976.714 V2m.

Charles Carroll (Piatt)

Left Cooperstown, ND in 1886

Angelo Manganiello

CHANGED SPELLING OF NAME TO MANGANELLO. Rumor has it that he had been married before. The marriage was annulled because the woman was a cousin. Aunt Rose reports this rumor to be incorrect. On 26 Aug 94 Chuck and Wendy went to the Luzerne County Courthouse in Wilkes-Barre, Pa and found the marriage record to Nellie in Volume 37, #69419. According to the marriage application Angelo was the applicant and was 27 years old (This would indicate he was born in 1887 not 1885) . He was born in Italy, occupation was
Moulder and that he had been married before and was divorced June 16, 1910. He was not related by blood or marriage to Nellie, he had no transmissable disease his fathers name was John and Mother's name was Tomasina Bonietto. Father was white, mother was white and both parents of Angelo lived in West Pittston, Pa. Rose said 171 Salem St Father's occupation was a farmer and mother was a domestic. Both mother and father were born in Italy. Is applicant an imbecile, epileptic, of unsound mind or under guardianship as a person of unsound mind or under the influence of any intoxicating liquor or narcotic drug NOT. Has applicant within five years been an inmate of any County Asylum or home for indigent persons NOT. Is applicant physically able to support a family YES. Worked for the Glen Alden Co. Was member of the Italian Citizens Club and 1st Meth Church. Service at the home of Rev George S. Howe. Uncle John says Angelo was a policeman in Italy. Before the Glen Alden Shops he worked for Charlie Bennett, a home building contractor. Also worked for the WPA when Bennett's work declined. The arrival records for the port of New York show he arrived aboard the S/S Tartar Prince on May 9, 1899 accompanied by his father, Giovanni. He was 13 years old (born 1885) and his father indicated they were going to Carmine Manganiello's home in Wilkes Barre, PA. A note in dad's family files indicated he was born 24 Dec 1886, and came to US with father in 1899. Wendy and I believe we found where he was married once before Nellie. On the Lackawanna County (Scranton), PA marriage license docket, pg 415, #2859 (761), in the year 1907 Angelo Manganiello married Maria Ronzullo (Renzullo?). The application appears to be dated 29 May 1907, the marriage performed in Pittston, PA on 9 Jun 1907 (actual church record indicates 2 June 1907), and returned to the court on 20 June 1907. The marriage was in Pittston, PA by the reverend William Gislon. On the application Angelo was 21 (had not yet turned 22) and the woman, Maria, was 22. Both lived in West Pittston and neither had been married before. Angelo's occupation was a moulder and Maria's was at home. The signatures were both by a 'X' mark.

This part needs to be restricted: Since Angelo was served divorce papers in the Eastern District prison at Philadelphia we wanted to search more. We apppear to have found a 20 year old moulder, Charles Manganillo (Sp), who was 20 years old (22), born Dec 25, 1882 (85) that was an inmate in the prison. The sheet number was B. 4346. The record indicates Charles was sentenced 20 June 1908 ( had been married 1 year!) for a 10 year sentence for statutory rape. The court sentencing was the Luzerne (Wilkes-Barre) O.J. 2.S. June term. Charles was received at the prison on 26 Jun 1908. Fine was $500. Term expires by commutation November 20, 1914 (6 years).(O.D. 6/20/18-10 yrs). Paroled 31 Oct 1913, by Judge Lynch. (Served 64 months). The record also shows he read and wrote imperfectly, had attended 3 years of public school and left school at age 11. His father and mother were living. He was 5'5 3/4" tall, wore a size 10 shoe and weighed 123 pounds. He was dark complected had brown eyes and black hair.

Nazarena Nellie Sicchia

The SOUNDEX for the name SICCHIA is S200. Have found the name spelled SICCHIA, SECHIA, SICHIA

Lived at 408 Montgomery Ave, W Pittston First name , Nazzarena, was extracted
from her son Gene's cert. of babtism. On the 1 June 1900 census she was
living with her parents at 236 Richardson Street in Brooklyn NY. She
was shown to be eight years old indicating born in 1882 or 1893 (the census
showed Mar 1892). The 1900 census indicated she arrived in the US in 1892. Per the 1910 census she came to the US in 1894 at the age of one. This means born in 1893. This does not jive with info on marriage certificate, which stated 1895. Sister Carmella Carrozza, according to George, was born in Tocco, Italy and last name was spelled SECHIA. I have also seen spelling of SICHIA. In marriage records last name was spelled SICCHIA. Found marriage record Vol.37, #69419, in Luzerne County, Pa courthouse. According to the marriage application first name was spelled Nazarena . Born in Italy and was 19 (if born in Nov 1895 she would have been 18 at application) when she applied for marriage. The application was issued 16 July 1914 with the consent of her mother, Maria. According to the record she was married to Angelo on Aug 2, 1914 by Rev. T. J. Dickinson in West Pittston, Pa. Her fathers name was Steve and mother's name was Maria Marulli. She did not know residence of father but her mother lived in West Pittston, PA. Her father was a shoemaker and her mother was a domestic. Both parents were born in Italy. The application indicated both of her parents were white. She had no transmissable disease. Her occupation was a millhand. She was not an imbecile, epiletic, of unsound mind or under guardianship. Buried at West Pittston Cemetery, William Lawrence clergyman. It is reported that prior to moving to PA she is reported to have lived in Rome, NY. On 30 Aug 1994, Clara told me that she remembers addressing X-Mass cards for gram to SICCHIA's in Detroit, MI. Aunt Mary says there were alot because she received crochet presents from several. In Sep 1915 we know she lived at 6th & Tunkhannock (359 Baltimore). Lived with Hall family at 227 Wyoming Ave in Apr 1910 where the census showed her to be a servant (Last name spelled SICHIA). Her children said she was a nannie for the Hall children.

On 15 Nov 1994, using the Windcrest Mormon Church stake's CD of Social Security Death Index it was determined that Nellie's SS # was 175-50-0920. This record showed she was born 25 Nov 1892.

Letters at Aunt Clara's show mailings from city of Toco Casauria, in the provence of Pescara.

She arrived in the US aboard the SS BURGUNDIA on 31 December 1894 with her mother and 1/2 sister Carmela. Nazarena was 2 yo (born 1892).

John Angelo Manganello

Uncle John says he was born along the RR tracks at 6th and Tunkhannock Ave
(359 Baltimore, W Pittston). Photos were taken on 30 Aug 1994. His birth
#D-233504-15, his father was shown to be a laborer living in West Pittston. His
mother was shown to be Nellie Sicchia, a house wife, born in Italy and living
in West Pittston.

Cwo4 Cwo4 Theodore Angelo Manganello Usaf, Ret Usaf, Ret

Birthdate may be 7 August. Marriage information Vol. 119 No. E 944 of Luzerne County showed occupation to be soldier U.S. Army and age 24, residence 408 Montgomery Ave, West Pittston, Pa. Mothers last name "Sichia". Marriage License issued August 7, 1941. Married by Rev. Rudolph Barojogno in Pittston,Pa. His certificate of babtism shows him born 2 Aug 1917, Babtised 25 Nov 1917. His godparents were Mr and Mrs Louis Pinola at the Immaculate Conception church in West Pittston, PA. His certificate of birth shows he was born 7 Aug 1917. Both records show him with the middle initial "A." for Angelo.

Rose Martha Manganello


Mary Manganello

Married in Mt Carmel Church-Pittston.

Rev. Jonathon Dunham Jr

Reared Piscataway,NJ. Soldier in Revolution.

BIRTH: Microfilm # 16,576. Drake, Lewis Lincoln. Piscataway, NJ Town Register from 1668 to 1805. Made from a copy in the library of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania; presented to the New Jersey Historical Society. 1906. p.24.

12/18/99 See notes for Tabitha Dunham, wife of Lambert Merrell.